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You are to develop and write the beginning part of the Concept Development Document (CDD), part of which is dubbed the Problem Understanding. This is the first portion of the Needs Analysis (Title, 1.0 Introduction, 2.1 Operations Analysis, 5 References, Attachments 6.1 and 6.2).

Topic:: Eyedrivomatic Wheelchair





The prime reason for creating or developing a system or any new product should always stem from the fact of how it is really helping a sect or a group of people who have been deprived of some sort of amenities thus the invention or the discovery does not really bring in profits for the company but also results in a true product that is beneficial for the society. In the same way, the eyedrivomatic wheelchair tries to tackle a very common problem that has plagued the quadriplegic people since the wheelchair was introduced and they started to get a brief glimpse of getting out of their bed and moving around. The product that we are talking about the eyedrivomatic wheelchair would actually help the user to move around just by using certain gestures of the eye.There are a set of symbols and gestures; thus the patient will become completely independent in their movement and will no more need the continuous care that he required previously. Though there have been a predecessor of sorts of the same which were a wheelchair with joysticks they do not really tackle the problem of the people who are unable even to move their hands thus becoming completely invalid or irrelevant to some people for which this might matter the most. This wheelchair comes to their rescue by making the chair move only by the gestures of the eye.This is important because a huge number of quadriplegic guys who have gone through a spinal injury have partially or fully lost all functions of the body barring only the face and as any technology to make use of the same were not present before so it went quite unnoticed. However, that is not the case now

Analysis of Project Need

The driving need of the system that we are talking about is the lack of addressing a huge chunk of the possible sector that it currently entails. With a lack of any sort of feature that helps the people with no hand movements to still effectively use the system results in complete removal of the same from the customer base. However a simple addition of software and hardware that is possible now through the newly invented eyedrivomatic it is much easily possible not only to become the only supplier to do so. This will not only drive up sales but will help in effectively ushering in a completely new era of the wheelchair and thus slowly and surely phasing out the old system of the wheelchairs that have nowadays become quite obsolete.



As part of this new project, there are a multitude of stakeholders that will be directly affected by this



What they care about


Quadriplegic with no hand movement

Freedom of self-movement

Victim families

Families of the person requiring device

Happiness and self-sufficient patient

Manufacturing companies

Companies that manufacture and deliver the goods

Profits and new market segments


Patients – Being of the prime importance and the target of this instrument this is the people who are unable to get any use out of the present wheelchair as they are unable even to move their hands. They are thus completely restrained to being dependant on the people whoa their helpers or their families to take them around whenever they need it

Victim Families – This is the people who are related to the patients and thus try to look after the requirements and the needs of the patients. They have to drive the patient around in the wheelchair whenever they need it as they are unable to do so alone. They would love to have a system that will tackle this and help the patient use the system by himself completely

Manufacturing Companies – These are the profit-making businesses that would create and then sell the wheelchair and auxiliary software that will come with it. They would be happy if this new product get them to target a completely are a segment and thus help them to drastically increase their profit margins and their revenues without adding much to their costs and also the research needed for the creation of this device

Now in order to get more in depth of this device and why we are targeting this as a part of our studies, we need to go a little in details about the objectives that we want it to qualify for


Operational Scenarios

Objective #



To Help the patient with no sensation in their hands to able to move around freely with no help needed for their families and caretakers whatsoever


To Help patient with unsynchronized hand movements to be more confident and easier for them to tackle the problem and bypassing their weak spot


To let the families of the patient and the caretakers be completely free of a mundane task and thus only focusing on positively reinforcing the patient


Operational Objectives

The operational objectives go a bit farther and will explain the end results that we want from the system and why do we think that there is a need for the same

Let us first start with the primary target here that is the patient. As has been discussed above there are a huge number of quadriplegic patients who are completely unable to move their hands, and as a result, the present system of the hand moved wheelchairs are completely useless to them, and they have to depend on the caretakers to move them about completely. We expect at the end of this to have a system that the patient can use on his own and move about without the help or the need of anyone else thus giving him the most positive reinforcement as possible.

Next, let us move to the next target segment that is most affected as part of this patient which mainly consists of their next of kin. Having a patient who is unable to move on his own results in a humongous task for these people as the huge amount of time goes behind moving the people around which not only results in a repetition of the mundane task but in many cases actually acts as depressor for the patient who is the reason for it. At the end, we would expect to set them completely free from this mundane task so that they can completely focus on giving the patient support and positive reinforcement

The next in line is the companies . In order to truly make a product possible and viable, we need to make sure the company that makes it has some advantages for producing it. At the end of the exercise, we plan to produce a scenario that is a win-win for both the sides

Objective tree



This whole study should take us one step closer to creating a system that a group of users desperately needs but has not been catered to yet thus making us an unprecedented leader in the same


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