Primary Duties and Responsibility of a QA Technician- Management Assignment Sample







The experience that I got as part of a QA technician helped me develop a well-rounded experience in the professional world and how they can affect the various critical processes of production as well as development. There were various aspects of the work that helped me learn multiple things. The continuous impetus given to following the production sheet helped me to understand the importance to effectively complying and followed out given standards by becoming more and more efficient but never compromising on the quality. On the other hand, the various laboratory work that I conducted helped me always to keep an open mind and urge towards something new thus effectively avoiding me from diving and getting caught up in a bore or monotonous task. Inspection done by me helped to develop in me the importance of giving attention to the most minute of details. It helped me always to keep quality at the forefront. Not only were the operational procedures and the various learning that are attached to it the only takeaways from work but the constant communications at the end of the shifts or even during the critical phases that we went through with the supervisors helped me to develop a very to the point concise and effective communication pattern. It also made me confident and more assertive. The various safety practices that we followed kept me in constant touch of always bringing the customer first, and no amount of profit is enough to compensate on the safety procedures that are needed to be followed. On a more psychological level, the rotating shifts were imperative in developing a strong bond with my fellow colleagues as it helped to know quite a lot of people also we would adjust between shifts to make sure everyone is comfortable. Being the pioneer of all the rules that are written in the above-mentioned article and also by being the reason that such companies exist and are able to hire technicians like us Cincinnati Food Grants should also be given credit for such tremendous work.

To wrap it all this experience that I have gained through this job has not only helped me to develop professionally but has made me into a stronger and more well rounded human being at the end of it


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