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Planning of job analysis

Stages of job analysis



Stage 1: Understand the job and requirement of the organisation 

Requirement and need of the job analysis is important to understand the performance evaluation and productivity development in the initial stage.

Examining the existing job description is also important. Role of HR manager is to enhance the productivity and performance of the organisation.

10 days

Stage 2: Purpose 

For the purpose of analysis information and data related to employees is necessary. In this regard observation methods can be beneficial to implement collective management according to the needs of the organisation and its activity.

2 days

Stage 3: Priority

Priority of the change has to be identified according to the current job description and organisational structure (Golabchi et al. 2015). Person specification is significant to promote the best attempts of the job analysis process.


Stage 4: Job-related data

For collecting authentic and real-time data an HR manager has to focus on the activity of the employee base by collecting tangible data through the observational method as it is related to the employee performance and employee turnover in the organisation.

8 days

Stage 5: Collected data

With the help of observation method data can be collected by considering the issue and organisational objective for associating the purpose of job analysis.

Interviewing can be considered as the excellent method for the data collection purpose as it is realistic and logical.

18 days

Stage 6: The process of data collection 

Documentation and structured data is important for identification of collected samples and associated information in terms of job specification and current performance of an organisation in the process of job analysis.

12 days

Stage 7: The process of data use

In this method the data of the employees are collected according to the requirement of the job analysis. For this purpose real-time can be accurate.

Communication and interview with the post holder can emphasise the purpose of the job analysis.

5 days

Step 8: Job description

Job description is an important step of the job analysis for implementing responsibility and authenticity of the overall process as it relates to the management base. The power and characteristics of the job according to the requirement is essential for success in the project activity and employee satisfaction procedure.

Speaking with the line manager can precise the role of the post holder regarding the requirement of the job analysis.

8 days

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Plan implementation

For implementing the stages of a job analysis it is important for developing appropriate plans by considering the role of the HR manager. This study has been focusing on the direct observation approach for collecting information and data from the organisational activity and working criteria. The purpose is also associated with the implementation of knowledge and skills of the HR manager for educating organisational issues in terms of inappropriate work life balance, gender discrimination in the workplace, confliction, lack of employee satisfaction, inappropriate organisation of communication and others. Additionally, inappropriate employee motivation and a high turnover rate are some additional issues. This activity has the capability to enhance the accuracy of talent management by implementing strategic and structured recruitment and hiring processes. From that current technological consideration can provide an additional dimension for technological tools and their appropriate application in the recruitment and hiring process. This study has discussed eight steps process of the job analysis for enhancing organisational productivity and performance. For undertaking the process of job analysis this discussion has included additional process to emphasize its purpose in terms of email exchange, notes and developing questioners for the activity of interview. Developing questionnaires by focusing on the requirement of the job analysis process is important for the purpose of data collection. It is also significant for the process of recruitment by considering the criteria and talent specification of the HR manager role. For conducting job analysis the requirement of the essential qualification and characteristics of the candidate have to be successfully described. The reason for the hiring process and expectation from the role holder is important. Effective communication plays an important part in the job analysis approaches for developing assertive relation between the employee and the management.

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