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Appropriate factors for learning environment

It is absolutely necessary to provide an environment that would be safe and healthy for the employees. A safe environment allows the individuals to work actively and also to be satisfied with their roles and activities. Referring to the article of Martinez (2017), it has been observed that in all kinds of professions the individuals seek for safe places. Safe places does not only mean physical safety from bullying or other harassments, it also ensures safety from other psychological issues such as the excessive stress due to high work pressure, organisation politics, not allowing the increments or incentives of any individual or not providing sufficient salary and so on. All these affect the life of an employee. It also affects the learning activity of the individuals.

Physical factors: Referring to the article of Burr and Wyatt (2021), it has been understood that creating safe and healthy spaces is extremely essential that would be free from bullying and harassment. Women are mostly observed to be harassed and bullied sexually in workplaces and therefore, these require to be changed. During the training, it is ensured that no one is hurt personally. It helped in checking our behaviour and approaches. This helped me develop workplace behaviour appropriately and learn the skills on how to deal with bullying activities. The physical features consist of accessibility to productive resources, adaptability, and transparency, the architecture is the result of intensive research and the fundamental standard of excellence.

Psychological factors: Referring to the article of Edmondson (2018), it has been understood that not only physical safety but also psychological safety is essential for learning activity. Excessive workload, stress, pressure impacts psychological wellbeing of the individuals. This needs to be dealt with carefully. During the training we have been given a lot of tasks with deadlines, which generated a lot of stress but we developed certain strategies by interacting with each other. We developed ways to mitigate the issues and planned how to deal with multiple tasks at the same time. This mostly improved my dilemma and decision-making abilities, but that also taught me how to react in difficult conditions. The features of psychological factors a pleasant and safe environment, among pupils a sense of closeness and here between students and the teachers, there is a degree of commitment.

I have prepared the physical environment of my learning and development activity that is safe and healthy for my attendees or participants. One of the major benefits of safe learning environments is that employees like me will begin to take pride in their work and in themselves. From the context of Edelman et al. (2021) I have evaluated that one of the best ways to help me along on this goal is to skip right to the end result and celebrate their achievements as they are happening.

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Communication and training techniques for overcoming individual barriers to learning

Barriers in learning are another important consideration while pursuing something. For instance, in this training we faced a lot of issues while the learning was based on e-learning techniques or mobile learning techniques due to miscommunication or other technical issues as detailed in the article of Octaberlina and Muslimin (2020). Therefore, we tried to develop ways in order to ease the processes and make it interesting so that the task is done. We started interacting with each other dividing and splitting the tasks as per the convenience and then completing it. This activity not only enhanced team integrity but also helped in developing creative minds that could help in dealing with different risk full situations. This made me improve my skills of thinking creatively and also developing good communication skills to keep everyone motivated and activated during the work. I merely being present at workplace am among the simplest strategies to still have great communication. Being pleasant to others.

I urge to listen carefully, make my point apparent and nonverbal communication should be recognized. As opined by Jeske and Linehan, (2020) it has been comprehended that the internships are great for both sides in the organization that is employers and employees. Furthermore, Martinez (2017) states that employers can benefit from the help of employees, while employees like me can benefit from the guidance of and training by employers. Still, in some cases, this can be high-pressured or inconsistent. However, in situations and environments where the I have some base knowledge and the employers are supportive and understanding, this is an excellent training method. Therefore this would eradicate the barriers to learning as per me

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