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Appropriate training techniques and methods for open an L&D activity

According to Galetska et al. (2019), learning is a practice of an individual where someone gains not only the knowledge but also enriched with experiences which can be reflected as concrete experiences as suggested in Kolb reflective cycle. According to Galetska et al. (2019), concrete experience is known as a new involvement of an individual whereas reflective observation is known as the capacity of an individual to differentiate between understanding and experience. This is the most important observation that I noted during my training. In order to ensure that the training is done well and I could get the optimum experience and understanding from it I tried to adjust with the varying conditions. I tried to emphasize in each of the activities such as operating the machines, interacting with the employees of different departments to understand their working strategies. The HR manager trained us in different ways, due to the impact of the pandemic, sometimes they asked for e-learning, mobile learning or sometimes it is hands-on training, instructor led training. Practicing in different environments made us train ourselves to act on diverse situations, face the challenges and also to analyse the issues that might emerge in the above mentioned conditions. This would initiate the leadership qualities of the individuals. 

According to Ezoji and Matta (2018), the learning process of each phase is required to be supported by both the employees and employers and this ensures the efficiency of an active learner. Learning and development can be divided into four stages, experiencing new challenges, observation towards new challenges, developing a new thought, and demonstrating new strategies as stated by Osher et al. (2020). I took the initiative to introduce myself to the team members. I saw that I was actively participating in various types of training and developing the capability to cope with the issues of new situations. The more significantly, in important to maintain that the activities are completed appropriately, even in on-line format, I built a healthy team cooperation and engagement. I am aim to be in constant communication and converse throughout to perform the jobs well. Although it appeared a bit difficult to determine the thoughts and feelings of the other persons via telephonic conduct, through continuous communication and application of appropriate knowledge and theories in different situations helped a lot to learn and develop during training. I have opened my learning and development activity by compare ‘actual’ with ‘required’ to identify the gaps in my work. These are my development needs. The HR manager also emphasized on developing the team spirit of each of the individuals and I observed myself to be a good communicator, good learner and a good team member while pursuing the technical and leadership skill training.

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Training techniques used to achieve the objectives

Referring to the article of Sudolska et al. (2020), it has been understood that the instructional system is designed in a way so that the trainees get involved in all sorts of learning methods which are essential, binding and operative. The training is always provided with certain objectives which allow the learners as well as the guides to maintain the coherence, strictness and discipline in the training schedule. Therefore, this training activity had the objective of developing the trainees on the grounds of technology as well as in the leadership skills. In pursuing the objectives or the learning outcomes of the training a number of activities are designed in the training which include group discussion, team activity for completing any task, activities to involve analytical thinking capability of the individuals,  training on operating different instruments, explaining about the pros and cons of the instruments and so on.  The details on the range of training techniques and methods which I have used on my learning and development activity are job shadowing, lecture, mentoring and apprenticeship and programmed instruction. As per the analysis of Burnett and Lisk (2019) it has been comprehended that jod shadowing, mentoring and apprenticeship and lectures are the best training techniques

It is extremely essential that the training is carried out in systematic approaches so that the trainees could learn them effectively. The training techniques and methods which I have used to engage learners and address learning objectives from my own L&D presentation are training Virtually, E-Learning, Mobile Learning and Blended Learning. The training continued by on-job training to find out the practical or technological skills and by off-job training to analyse the theoretical and analytical concepts of the individuals along with their leadership qualities. Therefore, I analysed myself to be good in learning and executing all the on-job and off-job activities, though improvements are required in hands-on efficiency of the instruments, in critical thinking and definitely with time management. I noticed that when working with multiple activities I could not complete them at the perfect time.

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