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Samara comprises of hierarchical org structure which has chain of command direct starting from upper and moving towards downward. All the crucial decisions are made by the upper management that is passed via the secondary administration extents. When some at the down side of the org pyramid desires to make a choice then they request towards change of command for acceptance for that decision would ultimately be resumed (Raj & Kothai, 2014). This structure works exceptionally as there are few services given in bulk amount hence it offer with tight regulation to be kept on the quality, design, distribution and manufacturing of services. There are mainly four departments in the company HR, finance and accounting, operations management and marketing. The HR department is responsible for people management. The HR department performs the procedure of discovering the right individuals for provided role. Thus, the department of finance and accounting is engaged in gathering, record, presenting and assessment of fiscal information. It consists of handling accounts for executives of the company to observe on usual basis.

Finance department handles the way finance comes and goes into the firm. This becomes crucial to handle and balance flows. The firm gets in the risk of liquidation when there is too much out flow of cash. The department of marketing is engaged in creating set of approaches which assist in selling services. It depicts on the rates of services, promotion, nature and channels of distribution for service. The operation department emphasis on the productions and it is the clearest department among all. Although in marketing department there is greater than production. The operations department helps in providing information about facility design, the finest service location, and the approach of production as well as the equipment’s needed. It focuses on the services quality is critical in case the image of company is needed to be kept and increased. The division is also responsible for the distribution of services to the customers via different channels such as e-commerce or directly.

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Different functions work together to optimise performance

The first and foremost important department in Samara Company is the department of HR. It focuses on recruitment for all departments’ promotion of job vacancies, choosing applicants for interview, handling employment agreement, job descriptions and others. Mostly the HR department works with finance department to offer the finance staff with training related to particular software and helps the staff enhance their skills. Also, the HR department works with marketing department to give them training related to customer service as they are more close to the customers. Moreover, HR department sets payroll, incentives, bonuses, pension and others for the staff of each department. In concern with employee welfare and relations it consist of salary negotiations with staff, complaints of staff, disciplinary process also safety and health.

Also, the department of finance and accounting is responsible for managing the concerns associated with money and how it flows over the firm and between customers and firms (Katou & Budhwar, 2010). Additionally, the finance department works with HR department to set the payroll budget for staff. Further the department of finance works with marketing department to settle budget for promotions and advertising. It also performs the duty of providing funds needed for all corporate processes plus making decisions over the way finance should be spent. Finance department provides the company choices related about most accurate finance means for every task.

Marketing department is observed as greater than selling as it is a wider notion. The department of marketing works with the finance department to get budget for doing market research. The funds are required for discovering prospects of market, observing the prospective customers and their nature, realizing the target market for products and services, examining the response of customers towards services. For the development of new services the marketing also works with operations department for developing new services. Besides, the division will be involved in testing in case there is market for service, recognize the aspects which the service needs also could perform the testing introduces the services in growth of complete service introduction.

The operations department works with marketing department for the development of new service. In order to do the research and development for specific new service the department of operation works with finance department to get the funds for research. Also for doing research the department works with marketing division for doing sequential examination and the results of it better services and procedures. The operations department takes

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