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Concept of Mentoring and the Nature of the Relationship between Mentor and Mentee

The concept of mentoring is more or less like coaching where an individual is assisted for their learning and development. However, in mentoring, the relationship is more personal and is generally one-to-one training process. In here an experienced or a person with deep knowledge about a particular course or things is assigned to act as an advisor, guide or counsellor to an amateur or junior trainee. The mentor, in here, is responsible for providing support to ad feedback on the person in their charge (Alred, et al. 1998).

Mentoring is more like a relationship and it involves two significant parties referred to as ‘mentor’ and ‘mentee’, where mentor is the person providing the learning and mentee is the person receiving that learning. This mentoring process is unique considering it provides development opportunities for both the involved parties as they seek to learn from each other in different ways. Mentoring is essentially directive in nature where the mentor is a senior or experienced person that gives guidance and advice to its mentee and it effectively is a long-term process. The mentor shares their experience with the people that comes to them for advice and guidance and in the process develops a relationship which effectively builds over a longer course of time (Alred, et al. 1998).

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Typical Mentoring Process and Roles of Mentor and Mentee

Clutterbuck (2004) provides five phases for a typical mentoring process:

  • Rapport Building- In here, both mentor and the mentee decides whether they want to work together and negotiates on the expectations
  • Direction Setting- In here, both achieves clarity regarding what they want to achieve.
  • Progress Making- In here, the mentor after knowing the mentee’s goals guides and provides the support to the mentee.
  • Winding Down- In here, when the desired goals are achieved, the mentee outgrows the mentor.
  • Moving On- In here, both mentor and mentee moves from a professional relationship to a less committed and casual relationship.

The mentors’ role is to provide guidance, emotional support, motivation and role modelling for the mentee by using their own experience and knowledge.

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