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Training and learning resources that are used to engage the learners and address objectives

During the analysis of the learning and development program I focused on the objectives of practicing new challenges related to the training goals of the organisation. Apart from focussing on learning the appropriate methods and implementing those methods carefully in practical; life, I also developed other soft skills for becoming an ideal professional. The training design is made according to the company’s aim, vision and mission. Further, the manager developed the setup according to the skills of the employees and with the needs of the organisation as it has been explained in the article of Ezoji and Matta (2018). I found that  organizations primarily approach daily basis training to their employees to fulfil organizations demands. The training is conducted by on-job and off-job methods.  The on job training required to boost the practical skills of the employees. In such cases, the trainees directly benefit the organisations by working for the organisation, utilizing their resources and participating in the development of the organisation.

According to Ezoji and Matta (2018),  in on-job training an employee performs a number of tasks or job activities in order to understand a better insight of the company’s requirements and standards to meet the objective. I have also found that the HR manager initiated a proper grooming course for us in order to flourish their professional life. Furthermore, in accordance with the article of Burnett and Lisk (2019), it is understood that the individual after going through the training program finds oneself upgraded both professionally and personally. I have done surveillance tests content of the curriculum, awareness, participation in several activities and analyses are carried out on a regular basis. In addition to this, instructional evaluation was also done by me.  The training and learning resources which I have used from my own L&D presentation consists of the training materials (curriculum, lesson plans, videos, self paced packages  and the physical environment for the delivery of formal training. These mentioned training materials are also supported by the notion of Drewniak and Posadzinska (2020). Therefore, it has been observed that the company provided all sorts of required resources such as the equipment, place, lab materials and all other physical necessities or raw materials along with continuous guidance to the interns which helped them in pursuing the training and also in developing themselves professionally. These resources are used properly by us so that there is no wastage and we can utilise the whole process for the betterment of self.

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Monitoring individual learner during the L&D activity

This is another important observation for me during the training is to evaluate myself as a team member or involving myself during working in groups (Burnett and Lisk 2019). Referring to the article of Sit et al. (2017), it has been noted that while working in different organisations, it requires the individuals to develop the habit of adjustments, especially when one is working in a diverse cultural environment. It is observed that I am quite adaptive in nature.  The steps or actions which I have done to monitor individual learning and learner engagement of the participants or employees from my own L&D presentation comprises curriculum based testing, observation and interaction, frequent evaluations and eventually taking formative assessment. At times, when there was any issue like quarrels or other misunderstandings, I have observed myself to take the initiative to resolve the issues. In fact, in case of bullying and other misconduct I used to control the emotions and interact effectively so that the matter gets resolved. 

Other than that, all reactions are recorded in order to properly process my learning experience and track my development. According to Sudolska et al. (2020), the HR is necessary to compensate for trainees, document their performance through continual encounters and experiences, or by adopting soldering equipment that really can record criticism and other processes so that personal surveillance may be done. Therefore, I noted all the observations regarding my learning activities while performing the tasks and after that I used to interact regarding those with my respective guide to understand about my skills in team involvement and engagement, interactions, responses and activeness with the different activities. I did monitoring by observation and interaction, Frequent evaluations and Formative assessment

Continuous interactions helped a lot in monitoring the issues and improving them. This made me realise that I am a good communicator and can be involved in group activities due to being active and capability of adjusting with the diverse environments.

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