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Methods of recording and storing HR data and benefits

In order to record and store HR data, certain methods are to be taken into consideration. One of the majorly important methods of storing and recording data can be manual paper-based storage. As per the views of He et al. (2019), paper-based storage generally stores information with the use of paper. For storing these data, manual writing as well as illustrating the stored data is often crucial. Storing HR data in paper-based records is the low cost of implementing technology. Data can be presented in a physical form, which improves the ease of use in a familiar format. Moreover, if paper records are kept in a secured document storage facility, the personal information of employees and their performance can last for decades.

Additionally, another important method of storing HR data can be Clouse storage. As per Abdullah et al. (2020), in cloud storage, data is stored from an offsite to ensure that they can be accessed later with a private network or public internet. One of the main advantages of cloud storage is the convenient sharing of files. The cloud storages provide cross-platform sharing options. Moreover, synchronisation of data is comparatively easy for data stored in cloud storage as there is no need of copying data, whereas, good internet connection is needed to access files. Therefore, employee performance records can be accessed at any point in time.

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Essential items of UK legislation related to recording, storing and accessing HR data

In the UK, HR data is usually protected by the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. GDPR is a legal framework that provides guidelines required for the collection and processing of private information living in the EU (GDPR.eu, 2021). Under this legislation, certain essential items are directly related to recording, storing as well as accessing HR data. One of the items can be the Data Protection Act 1988. This act has been designed for protecting the personal information of people (Legislation.gov.uk, 2021). This law also sheds light on the individuals who can access personal data, the challenges regarding misusing these data and finally legal consequences of the misuse. For employee data as well, this will play a major role. Another item can be the Freedom of Information Act 2000. This act suggests that public access to information should be held by the public authorities (Legislation.gov.uk, 2021). Hence, for HR data recording, this law can be highly effective.

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