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Develop a job description and person specification for an identified role

Job Description
  • Job title: HR generalist (Administrative office)
  • Organization Name: Saudi Telecom company
  • Reporting Authority: HR head
  • Job location: Riyadh
  • Basic Salary: SAR 30000- 35000
  • Type of contract: Permanent
Tasks to be performed
  • Skillful execution of all the administrative roles, which would enable for better management in the organization.
  • Supervision of the usage of the office equipments and ensuring that the records of the organization are entirely up to date. This is in addition to ensuring efficient administration of the management practices.
Basic Duties
  • Advising on various aspects pertaining to the processes and strategies.
  • Ensuring appropriate execution of the human resource programs and structures.
  • Overseeing various functions such as staffing, by designing job descriptions. This would also include a keen supervision of the recruitment function.
  • Creation of plans and carrying out supporting roles in on boarding efforts of the company.
  • Supervising various training programs and initiatives of the company and providing support to the same.
  • Ensuring that the organization is compliant with all the legal requirements of workforce management.
  • Managing employee records by following all the requirements and the compliance conditions.
  • Dealing with the disciplinary issues and protests by the employees
  • Performance management practices are also among the important duties of the HR generalist.
  • Sunday to Tuesday 8 AM to 4 PM
  • Must be prepared to be placed in any region as per the company‚Äôs requirements.
Reporting Requirements
  • Monthly achievement report
  • Things which have not been achieved
  • Checklist
Person Specifications
Preferred Skills
  • Qualifications in HRM, which may include CIPD training or SHRM
  • Excellent capabilities for management
  • Knowledge related to HR skills and technologies
  • Good skills of record keeping and abilities to create reports
Characteristics of the person applying
  • Interpersonal skills are important
  • Good team work skills
  • Leadership skills and problem solving ability
  • Ability to manage and lead change in the organization
Qualifications required Degree in Human Resource management
Language proficiency required
  • Arabic
  • English

Important and desirable aspects

Criteria Essential Desirable Understood by
Qualifications, experience and knowledge Formal education which includes GCSE

English and mathematics is essential till level 2

Qualifications in CIPD or any other relevant experience in HRM
  • Prompt review of all the qualifications
  • Analytics
Planning Implementation skills

Experience in HRIS

Experiences in DBS Skills in the use of planning or organization tools
Initiative taking and problem solving The skills and capability to work independently to provide resolution to various problems Capability to address the issues in the HR database. Problem solving in workflows and business objectives Being able to furnish an example whereby the employee was able to address an actual HR related challenge and provide effective resolution to the same.
Teamwork and Management The candidate must be able to handle critical and confidential information. This would also necessitate maintenance of confidentiality. The candidate should be able to work under pressure. Skills at conflict resolution

Skills to chair meetings and address the attendees.

Documents showing participation in team work activities
Influencing and Communication skills
  • The candidate must have a very good written and oral communication skill
  • Skills of customer care
  • Confident nature
  • Comprehension capabilities
This can be understood by facial expressions, body language and soft skills
Other important skills
  • Flexibility and capability to work beyond stipulated requirements
  • Ability to meet the various deadlines
  • Excellent data processing skills
General conduct and meticulousness in preparing CV.
  • Time management skills
  • Interaction skills
  • Learning determination
  • Proficiency in language
  • Management skills
  • Ability to handle workforce
  • References and citations
  • Flexibility with regards to the hours of work
  • During interview

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Select an appropriate recruitment channel(s) and draft material to attract talented individuals for an identified role

Job Advert
Selected channel for recruitment The medium which has been used for communicating to the candidates about the vacancy is Linkedin.
Company Details (STC) Saudi telecom company is one of the largest and most established companies in the nation. The company provides telecom services along with digital solutions and internet connectivity facilities to a large portfolio of customers. Company provides excellent growth and career advancement opportunities to the employees and provides support for holistic growth and development.
Job Posting: HR generalist officer The position provides an opportunity for the candidates to be a part of the HR function of STC. The employees in this position develop direct contact with all the business stakeholders.

  • Position: HR generalist officer
  • Employment contract type: Permanent
  • Work Hours: Full time but flexible
  • Salary: SAR 30,000- 35,000
  • Location: Saudi Arabia
  • Closing date for application: 20th May, 2021
About the role HR generalist officers are expected to be proficient in all aspects pertaining to HRM. This is essential in order to provide support to various HR functions. The generalist officer is required to take charge in coordinating various global functions and practices. Further the HR generalist officer would be required to prepare reports pertaining to the various HR functions and deliver the same within stipulated timeline. We shall recruit employees with the skills and capabilities in the aforementioned areas. We require an HR generalist with a keen sense of the field and who would be able to contribute to the company by developing a strong human resource base. A clear understanding of the business environment and the competitors is also important so that this knowledge may be applied to the practices.
About you You would need to have a basic qualification in GCSE English and Mathematics which is essential till level 2. Equivalent qualifications are also acceptable. The knowledge regarding HRM which is gained through training and experience would also be important. You should also be able to prioritize workload and meet the given deadlines.
How to apply
  • Provide a detailed explanation of your qualification, skills and experience. (This should be in addition to the professional resume)
  • Make a professional video explaining your professional experience
  • A professionals Resume

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