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Factors Involved in the Change Process

  • Leadership- Change process requires strong leadership that effectively will assess the need for the change, a vision for the assessed change, bringing in the members of the organization to manage the change and leading the change (Kotter, 1996).
  • Vision- The needed change need to be first envisioned and must be set up clearly before the change process begins and it need to be articulated on the basis of the need and it must be definitive in terms of what it wants (Kotter, 1996).
  • Accountability- It is important for the people to be involved in the change process to show accountability and hence, it is the duty of the change leader to set accountability for every person involved in the change process (Kotter, 1996).
  • Communication- It effectively is the most vital factor in the change process where the vision, the process and every move need to be communicated in a proper manner to all the members of the organization (Kotter, 1996).

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Different Approaches for Managing Change

Apple Inc. can effectively use the following three change management approaches for managing change within its organization:

  • Kotter’s Change management process
  • Lewin’s Change Approach
  • ADKAR Change Model
Change Model Kotter’s Lewin’s ADKAR
Steps It is an eight step change process base on the needs, process and institutionalization of the change. It is a three step change model which are unfreezing, change and refreezing. It is a Five step change model which focuses on individuals.
Process Leaders envision the change and the need for it and communicate the same to all and brings in the change using the process. Change leader brings in inputs for the change It focuses on individuals and from there on it is implied all over the organization.
Benefits It helps in breaking the old habits and institutionalize the new ones. It assist business organizations to develop new norms and culture. It changes the individual’s work process which effectively brings in change at organizational level.

Source: Moran and Brightman, 2000.

Learning Process and Conclusion

This assignment helped me in learning about the importance of change as I was completely unaware of the change processes and its importance for an organization. I knew that any changes at organizational level faces resistance from the employees and hence, it is important to support the employees during and after the change process so to make them equipped to the change. This is what I learned during the module

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