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My three main HR customers and the services that I provide them and explaining how do I prioritize any conflicting customer needs

My main HR customer groups are the organization ABC, the managers of XYZ, and the shareholders of QPR.

The service I provide to organization ABC is that I recruit employees on behalf of the organization and suggest the best of the employees to the organization. The service provided to the managers of XYZ is formulating employee policies and their records on their behalf and helping them in managing their employees. The service provided to the shareholders of QPR is sharing the expected financial business outcomes and results shortly so that they could be aware of whether the company is performing better or not.

When we face conflicting customers we try to reach for their problem and the reason behind it (Ahammad, 2017). Communicating with them helps us to know the base of the problem and resolve it as quickly as possible. We talk to the customers about the actual and main issues that they have been facing recently because of the services and make changes in our policies according to that. We try our best to reach down the root cause of the problem and our responsibilities towards it (Michael, 2019). We also try to make sure that the customer doesn’t face the same problem again.

Three methods of how customers can communicate with me and their advantages and disadvantages for the customers

We try to communicate through our customers verbally, face-to-face, or through emails.

Verbal communication is the most common method where the speaker speaks and the listener perceives.

Advantage: It is the most reliable means of community.

Disadvantage: It does not provide any permanent evidence unless recorded and stored.

Face-to-face means of communication is the method of communicating when a communicator transmits the message to the receiver.

Advantage: Enhances a constructive environment discussion.

Disadvantage: It is ineffective if the group of people is large.

Email means of communication are communicating through emails to the customer(Ramlall and Melton, 2019).

Advantage: It is one of the cheapest and most official means of communicating.

Disadvantages: It may not reach the receiver on time due to some technical issues.

These methods of communication help us to communicate with our customers very effectively and efficiently. This helps us in knowing the problem better or understand the needs of the customer more appropriately and take steps accordingly(Tripathy, 2018). Verbal communication helps us to know the actual needs of the customer. The face-to-face method helps us to have a deeper discussion on the problem with the customer and the email method of communicating helps us and the customer to reach each other as soon as possible.

Description of how to build and maintain a timely and effective service for your customers

We try to maintain effective and timely service for customers by providing regular updates of the air work. Maintaining a healthy and friendly relationship with them. We try to keep our office atmosphere relaxed and productive so that our customers have no problem communicating with us (Batool et al., 2016). We also keep a polite and positive attitude towards them so that they could be comfortable with us and share their reason for needing our service. We try to emphasize the needs of the customer so that we understand the key factors of the issues that they are facing and try tirelessly to resolve them as soon as possible. We use our problem-solving skills to analyze the condition of the service and its quality that has been rendered to the customer and then we try to work according to policies that have been framed to address similar issues (Habtoor and Alharbi, 2020). After every service provided we ask the customers for their feedback and analyze it. If the customer has provided any needs for improvement in the feedback form we try to implement it as soon as possible. This overall helps us maintain the best relationship with our customers and improve our service as an organization unit.

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Be able to reflect on your practice and development needs and maintain a plan for personal development

The concept of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and its importance in practice for an HR/L&D practitioner

Continuing Professional Development is a combination of techniques, approaches, and ideas that helps in managing one’s growth and learning. It is important for an HR practitioner because it opens different roads to career opportunities and improves the overall personality of an HR(Rodriguez and Walters, 2017). enhances personal skills and fills the knowledge gaps in a professional HR practitioner. It also helps in keeping up with the latest qualities and qualifications that are needed. It helps in the rapid growth of the personality of an HR. It enhances the learning process and HR becomes better in its different aspects. It adds value under the professional achievement and growth heading in interviews, covers letters and CV of a professional (Mehra, 2018). It reduces the uncertainty about the changes as CPD develops and the ability to adapt as soon as possible according to the change. It creates a sense of the need of improving one and engaging oneself in future research studies. CPD involves interactive participation-based learning which enables a professional Tu to build technical approaches for understanding and expertising organizational plans. It helps in setting long-term and short-term goals for the professional and helps them to achieve them efficiently (Motyka,2018). This learning bi program guides the professional in improving their professional knowledge skill and background through learning experiences.

Undertaking a self-assessment against selected areas of the CIPD 2018 Profession Map and identify your development needs

The self-assessment that I have taken as a personal development plan is a professional map that would help me in identifying my own personal and developmental needs. After completing this assessment I would be able to evaluate myself based on what I want and why. It would give me an idea of how I would be able to achieve it and what would be the possible resources or support that I would need. After fulfilling this assessment I would be also able to evaluate the success criteria that I will need to meet. Target dates for reviewing and completing the developmental program have also been fixed to evaluate my efficiency in completing a task and the time I would need to learn a specific task. This overall task will help me in improving my existing HR skills and polish the knowledge I have.

During the period of your studies, reflect on your performance against the plan, identify any further development needs and revise your plan accordingly

During my learning program period, I did almost pretty well as I was able to achieve my goals on the target date and improve myself as a better HR professional. I started with communication skills, decision making, problem-solving skills, teamwork, and leadership skills scope of improvement which would help me in improving my all over professional journey and help in interacting with the customers and my fellow employees more effectively. This would help in the overall personality, skill, and knowledge development as a professional. After completing the plan I would be able to handle all the organizational problems more efficiently and effectively.

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