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Self-assessment on behaviors, skills and knowledge

From the self-assessment I realized that I have effective management abilities including influencing, problem solving, motivation, negotiating capabilities. Moreover I have effective team management abilities, communication skills, listening and engagement skills. However, I need to improve my time management, creativity and employee engagement abilities. As being an HR professional, such abilities remains crucial wherein, it shall help me to further enhance my professional abilities.

Figure 4: CPD model

Source: (Le and Thao, 2021)

Model has 2 core areas- insights, strategies and solutions and leading HR

Insights, strategy and solutions- it includes supporting the members by giving them actionable insights. I realized that I have specialist knowledge and that has helped to solve certain issues. With my knowledge I have improved relation with the employees. I have included certain strategies that increased the communication within the team and expanded the employee’s performances. I released that I have effective talent management capabilities.

Leading HR- Effective leadership is required to lead a team; the leader shall be a role model too. The person requires supporting the members under any circumstances. I realized that I have effective managed abilities according to my core behavior (Elrayah, 202!). I have included ethical practices such as I have not discriminated them members based on caste, creed, and gender and have only highlighted members based on merit and skills. I have effectively influenced the members to solve the issues within the organization. I have also noticed that I have effective decision making and problem solving capabilities. I also had effective project management techniques. However, I further need to gain time-management skills. Moreover, I could further enhance my creativity as it remains extremely important for HR professionals to main the team and to increase the productivity.

Professional development needs

There are certain professional development needs including improving job performance and having further skill based training. I shall improve my employee engagement and employee relation in order to lead the team more effectively. Moreover, I shall improve creative and time management skills

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Objectives of development

I desire to further increase my practical knowledge base and to improve my leadership abilities. I desire to improve my time management skills and to increase employee’s relation and engagement. As I believe that having a united team and open communication helps to solve various issues within the organization. I already have effective communication and listening skills further adding effective time management and creative skills could enhance the employee engagement and my team could reflect better productivity.

Related activities

I shall initially increase my practical experience by working as a HR professional in renowned organizations. As researchers have reported that practical experience gives immense knowledge of the job role thus, acquiring more experience shall enrich me. Moreover, I shall take support from senior managers and involve myself in online training facilities to improve my time management skills. I shall involve myself in brain storming activities to further increase my creativity and innovative knowledge bases.

How the activities could meet the needs

Experience shall give practical knowledge related to business operations. Senior managers have more experience thus; they could further recommend methods to increase employee’s engagement. Moreover, they could suggest time management methods (People and Zhang, 2021). Furthermore, engaging myself in effective training and development facilities shall help to strengthen my knowledge base.

Performance till now

The theoretical and practical knowledge has helped me to identify my skills and to further improve them. Skills such as communication, engagement, listening, decision making has got improved. I have gained vast knowledge relate to team management, conflict management. I have significant management capabilities too.

CPD Plan

What shall I achieve? What shall I have to do? Required resource Start date Review dates Completion date Expected outcome
I shall increase my time management skill. I shall take training from online courses and advices from the senior managers Internet source, related books and journals and senior managers 1.8.2021 1.10.2021 1.12.2021 Effective time management skills
I shall improve the employee engagement capabilities I shall engage them in better conversations and use my listening and communication skills Need skilled and dedicated employees 1.9.2021 1.11.2021 1.2.2022 Improved employee management capabilities
I shall improve my creativity skills Involve myself in brain storming activities Puzzles, online quizzes 1.10.2021 2.2.2022 4.5.2022 Improved creativity

Table 1: CPD plan

Reflection on the performance

As already I have gained certain knowledge such as communication, listening and engagement skills and in-depth knowledge related to talent management from the course of my studies, it further requires guidance of the professors and information base to increase my knowledge. However, I understood that I need to improve my abilities to progress in employee’s relation as it is an important aspect for my future employability opportunities. I shall require practical knowledge and guidance to achieve such objectives.

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