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There are certain factors which are identified as the principal drivers of employee engagement (Bedarkar and Pandita, 2014). The factors which drive engagement in workplaces are job design, organizational culture and climate, personality, leadership and management. Studies have highlighted the key “enablers” in the context of employee engagement, which are leadership, organizational integrity, line managers and voice of employees.

Leadership and engagement are closely related to one another. The way leaders encourage and motivate their employees and the way their engagement qualities are relayed onto wider groups are key determinants of employee engagement. A leader’s engagement with his or her team should entail certain primary qualities such as trust, alignment of systems, clarity of purpose and the freedom to innovate and improvise and use their own unique talent. Organizational integrity also impact engagement in a way that a sense of trust and integrity develops among employees when the firm complies with its mission and values. When an organization has a well-built and authentic set of values, there is evidence that there is a ubiquitous sense of mutual respect, trust and fairness where promises and commitments made by individuals are fulfilled and delivered. The attitude and conduct of line managers directly affects the varying levels of employee engagement in a workplace. Line managers and supervisors can hold candid conversations with employees besides coaching and directing them to ensure employees are engaged at every level. Furthermore, employees are empowered when their voices are heard and their ideas and opinions are considered.

Better employee engagement can lead to improved customer service and satisfaction, offer a better brand experience, thus making the organization focus more on the customer. Engaged employees care about their brand and make efforts towards ensuring customers have a good experience, they are pleased with the products the company offers and their needs are met. Employee engagement results in better health, increased safety, increased employee satisfaction and ultimately happier employees. When the managers and the employers are concerned about the overall well-being of their employees, it positively impacts the physical and mental state of employees. Managers are also benefitted from better employee engagement because when employees are engaged, they are committed to provide better customer service, help enhance productivity and profitability and are in general, more loyal towards their managers and organizations.

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Job Design: It may be observed that the ob design has an important role to play in employee engagement and as a result it is important to ensure that this design is made in a proper way. There are many jobs which offer higher level of engagement to the employees as there are factors such as variety, challenge and responsibility (Tims and Bakker, 2014). If the jobs include factors such as task identity, skill variety, autonomy, task significance, job feedback.

Discretionary behavior: The employees often perform discretionary activities and have such a behavior when they feel that they are engaged with the job. The level of engagement and the commitment leads to motivation of the employees. The employees, in this way, take on ill-defined tasks, which many others would not. While motivation plays a significant role in this, the level to which the employee is engaged to the job is equally important.

Autonomy: This basically means giving the responsibility of micro management to the employees. This is important as these causes the employees to feel more engaged and valued in the organization. This also displays the trust of the management on the skills and capabilities of the employee and as a result is an important factor which must be considered.

Organizational citizenship: This is an important factor in the organizational psychology, and may be used to define the positive employee actions and behaviors which may not be a part of written job description. This leads to creation of a psychological attachment to the company and therefore contributes to the employee engagement.

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The learning in this area would be pivotal to the professional efficiency, as I have learnt significantly about the employee engagement and the various factors which help increase the employee engagement. The principal dimensions and components have allowed for a holistic understanding of this area and I shall implement the same appropriately. I have further learnt the reason it is essential to align the employee engagement activities, with various corporate components such as mission of the organization. I shall aim to ensure that I apply these activities in practice, and be successful.

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