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The reduction in labour costs to promote flexibility and the jobs of the workers is one of the main concepts of employee preparation. It is a successful approach that helps the business to have healthy staff with satisfied staff. However, employers who require resources have a hard time reducing their pay and providing them with a flexible job schedule. It is an established approach and several emerging companies utilize this technology to ensure workers have a healthy balance of work and life. For example, in 2015, Google had provided its staff with a flexible working plan in order to ensure a proper balance between work and life. While, through this effort, Google never lowered the pay of its workers and staff. Google quickly realized that due to this many workers are unable to have a regular schedule thus it has to stop providing flexible schedules to its employees (Asamani, Christmals, and Reitsma, 2021).Target inefficiencies would be the most beneficial theory of employee strategy. In this theory, workers should work regularly without having some sort of time limit or deadlines pressured. According to statistics, most workers cannot operate under pressure. This means that it is the easiest way to lower the employee’s pressure and to enable them to do their job free of charge. It benefits workers that they don’t need a time limit so they can concentrate on their assignments that enhance their accuracy.

Each corporation has always faced difficulty in identifying consumer needs. Most businesses overestimate requirements and offer more than consumers never would have liked. A business must have a staff who understands the customers’ expectations until buyers can realize their desires. As an example, when there was no need for a smartphone apple launched its iPhone and quickly it became a necessity for people. Management and managers can use a more versatile technique with workforce resources, for example, recruitment bonuses, to decide whether they are to be properly utilized to maintain consistency, justice and responsibility using the organization’s procedures. It is also important to provide employees with information about how the organization utilizes human resource independence and workers’ privileges to avoid confusion and talented duties (Willis, Cave, and Kunc, 2018).

Clear and coherent guidelines on the use of specific flexibilities and responsibility for supervisors and supervisors are essential for the successful implementation of the employee’s strategy. 1) provide clear and established policy requirements to allow flexibility and assist in ensuring that flexibility is consistently implemented; 2) reduce potential resistance to flexibility by raising fears that workers may view flexibilities improperly without guidance (Squires et al., 2017). This would mitigate the resistance of managers and subordinates. A success assessment scheme can also be used to improve managers’ accountability for implementing human resources strategies. In October 2002, the OPM modified the rules to, inter alia, allow divisions to determine managerial performance by comparing the organizational results with areas such as the employee’s experience. The researcher focused on the success of some departmental activities and sought examples for senior management leaders of a range of balanced performance expectations. 23 Examples of the requirements were “to assist the recruitment and retention of qualified personnel” and “to ensure the skills of workers are consistent with the departmental objectives.”

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A professional improvement strategy helps the person define his/her work and personal ambitions and helps the person to evaluate success and choose a course of action in the future. A personal development plan involves targets, priority priorities, establishing deadlines, identifying personal development opportunities and risks, improvement in expertise and knowledge, and evaluating success. A personal development plan includes in order to set the objectives, the region of focus must be identified and realistic targets set in the area involved. Goals must still be demanding; a person may learn knowledge and skills by the challenging goals (Ballaro, and Polk, 2017). The aims of your job or your interests should be given priority. Priority objectives allow us to realise how important the priorities are and what priority can first be reached. Deadlines contribute to the prioritisation of the objectives; with this, a person can establish and effectively accomplish short- and long-term deadlines.

The establishment of objectives and career-oriented activities allow a person to achieve a better place in a company. By developing a career growth strategy, you can quickly reach higher corporate roles. The PDP can be quickly integrated into an organization’s competence structure. This enables a person to gain a comparative edge which encourages a person to add to the business. The maintenance of a PDP often offers an opportunity to achieve corporate objectives. The attainment of expectations and targets allows an individual to contribute to the company’s development process.

An individual must develop plans for the future if he is to grow himself. Personal growth and succession planning in an organisation makes an individual mature quickly. Many companies have been taking steps in recent years to improve employee morale. A person needs to establish targets for the future, and the entity needs to be easy and easier to achieve. An individual may be effective and helpful for an organisation by establishing short-term targets (Webb, Wells, and Jeffs, 2017). A person must achieve and meet the priorities and short objectives in succession planning. Succession preparation aims to improve workers’ productivity, enthusiasm and performance. When talking to higher authorities or joining in the competence-enhancing initiative, anyone will conveniently use succession plans to expand their careers. The achievements and shortcomings of the person and their professional growth strategy must be understood. Individuals normally produce a professional growth strategy. As the qualities and shortcomings of each employee are un-monitorable for an organisation at the same time. Individuals themselves therefore ought to recognise negative and positive features and prepare for personal growth (Oduwusi, 2018). In the context of personal improvement planning, drawbacks must be focused and disadvantage solutions should be developed. It is vital to assess all disadvantaged aspects of personal growth plans first, and then you have to consider the drawbacks that are most beneficial and then a client can work to overcome these disadvantages.

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