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Explain a range of decision-making approaches that could be used to identify possible solutions to a specific issue relating to people practice

The workplace issue is about harassment or discrimination which usually affects the workplace environment. Usually not much evidence or information is available around this issue as this affects the respect of the victim (Sun, 2020). Thus, the confession of the victim is the only source of information along with few evidences given and collected via periodic analysis.

3 ways in which proper decision can be taken around this issue are as follows:

  1. The management must make the complainant comfortable so that they can be able to fight their case against harassment.
  2. The next step is to gather more evidences and information about the particular event
  3. The last step will be to confront the person who harassed to accept their fault.

3 decision making approaches

  • Brainstorming
  • Force field analysis
  • De Bono’s 6 thinking hats

The following table highlights and compares their ways for providing solution:

Brainstorming Brainstorming is a well-known method of creating new ideas in groups. It is common for a topic or question to be laid forth before the group is asked to brainstorm ideas in a round-robin method. Every member of the team has access to the ideas that are written down.
Force field analysis Analyzing forces in an environment or organisation may help us figure out what variables are pushing us in the direction we want to go, and what ones are working against us. These may be used to make changes more acceptable by analysing them.
De Bono’s 6 thinking hats The use of six distinct hats to represent many points of view while making decisions is a very effective decision-making method. Using this strategy and approach, emotions and scepticism are allowed to enter what would otherwise be a strictly logical process, allowing for more innovative decision-making.

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As a worked example to illustrate the points made in 2.3, take this same people practice issue, explain the relevant evidence that you have reviewed, and use one or more decision- making tools to determine a recommended course of action

Root Cause Analysis

In order to come up with the best possible solution to an issue, rationale analysis is used. RCA believes that preventing andresolving core problems is much more successful than treating ad hoc indicators and stamping out individual flames. It is possible to discover the root causes of events or trend using a variety of ideas, approaches and methodologies. RCA can reveal the root causes of a problem by looking beyond the surface causes and effects (Barisone, 2018). It is the primary objective of problem analysis to identify the fundamental cause of the issue or incident. If there are any underlying difficulties inside the root cause, the second aim is to thoroughly grasp how to address them. Lastly, we want to use this information to avoid future problems or duplicate triumphs. Research is only as effective as for what you do with it, therefore RCA’s third purpose is critical. We can also utilise RCA to change key system and process concerns in a manner that avoids future difficulties.

Rather than treating symptoms, root cause analysis can recommend that football players wear helmets to prevent future concussions. There is a sense of accomplishment in focusing on a single symptom’s treatment. It seems that progress is being made by addressing a wide variety of issues. However, if the true source of a problem is not identified, one will be encountering the same issue over and over again. Instead of just correcting every instance of an Oxford comma omission, a news editor may help to avoid future problems by teaching their writers how to correctly use commas in all future tasks. Effective root cause assessment is guided by a few basic concepts, some of which is obvious. Additionally, the analyst will be able to earn the confidence and support of stakeholders, customers, or patients via the use of these tools.

  • Instead of only treating the symptoms, pay attention to the underlying reasons.
  • Treating symptoms for short-term alleviation is important.
  • Understanding that there may be and often are several sources of a problem.
  • One should focus on the why and how of a situation, not on who was responsible (Timmins, 2018).
  • Being careful and meticulous in search process for facts to support statements about the core causes of a problem.
  • Making sure one has enough knowledge to make an informed decision on how to proceed.
  • Asking oneself what can be done in the future to avoid or reproduce a root cause of an issue.

The data gathered from the workplace issue described in section 2.3 are via the interviews and periodic feedback collected from each department. The interviews were taken confidentially and the feedbacks were also kept confidential. Thus, it was a good way to help the complainant to prove their point. The data showed that the cases of harassment and discrimination were quite common among the staff. This was especially found among the new joiners and was done by the senior staff. This was quite surprising as they were supposed to make the environment hospitable for the juniors.

This is directly affecting the workplace environment and this is against CIPD professional directives. As per CIPD regulations, every individual must be treated with dignity and respect with the workplace despite of their background. Thus, this issue is quite debilitating for the staff within the workplace.

After these, the management should give specific training to all the staff in order to stay relevant towards people coming from diverse background (Jiang, 2020). The seniors should also make the environment comfortable for the new joiners so that they can discuss about any workplace issue. Workshops and seminars can also have positive response towards tackling this situation. The use of force field analysis helped in analyzing the pros and cons of the situation. On the basis of that the workplace harassment issue has been resolved.

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