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Use one analytical tool to review the two datasetst or reveal any themes, patterns and trends

It is observed from the case studies that the behaviour and attitude of the supervisors is not upto the mark and more than 50% of the employees are dissatisfied with the dictatorial leadership qualities of the leaders. They are demanding that the employees are dominated by the supervisors rather than guided by him. According to them the supervisors do not have the quality to maintain a team by motivating them to increase their interpersonal skills. Moon over their valuable efforts is not appreciated if we were and they are majorly dominated by them while making any decisions for implementing the decided plan in the project works. According to the feedback collected from the clients the service of department a has both the favourable and unfavourable feedback. It is found that 101 consumers are feeling that the service of the department’s is excellent while they are providing remuneration to get the services. The consumers are satisfied with the packing and delivery services and it is visually perfect while they are delivering it to their family or friends(Li et al., 2018). On the other hand, some of the consumers have shown their dissatisfaction about the delivery of the products because of delay. The consumers are getting the home delivery facilities from the activities of department A and if they are getting the required product lately it does not serve the purpose of their purchase. Looking at the mixed opinion of the consumers the organisation has to rectify a major part of the employees’ services because the 100% productivity is not coming out of the production department and logistic unit. As the consumers are the most important external stakeholders of the organisation the satisfaction factor of the consumers need to be full filled and that is why the the organisation need to bring out a huge amount of changes in the work culture in order to to keep the attention of the consumers that they do not switch their purchase habits to other contemporary organisations (Dahlke, Hunter, and Negrin, 2019). It is very necessary to ensure proper communication between the employees and the hierarchy and the supervisors, team leaders and managers acts as a bridge of communication between these two parts of an organisation. If any communication gap takes place between these two parties it can be derogatory to ensure the productivity of an organisation (Akamaet al, 2019). The gap in productivity is highly responsible for consumer satisfaction because the imbalance in the demands of the market and the supply of the organisation disturbs the sustainability of an organisation

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Use one analytical tool to review the two datasetst or reveal any themes, patterns and trends

Using people analytics, it is possible to determine whether one or more factors can accurately predict another. To achieve this, we develop a prediction model using quantitative and/or qualitative data. The strength of a correlation may be expressed numerically if the model’s predictions are accurate. However, correlation does not indicate causality.

The term “quantitative data” refers to information that can be measured and categorised. In terms of numbers, it may be described. As an example, the number of staff members, average age, and compensation range.

In qualitative data, the attributes noticed by someone are described and are thus susceptible to interpretation. It’s a helpful tool for figuring out the “what,” “why,” and “how” of a situation. Performance evaluations, exit interviews, and other qualitative data are examples. Data that is qualitative may be transformed into data that is quantitative. A performance rating, for example, may be used to summarise a performance evaluation.

The quantitative data which can be used by the people professionals include interviews and survey responses (Li et al., 2018). These are used as quantitative data since it focuses on the quantity or numerical values obtained from the dataset. On the other hand, the two ways to measure qualitative dataset include the performance of the employee and the engagement data (Dahlke, Hunter, and Negrin, 2019).

The following table explains the key systems namely HRIS and LMS.


Employee information and HR-related regulations and procedures may be stored and processed in a human resources information system (HRIS). A human resources information system (HRIS) combines human resources and information technology. Human resources, payroll, and accounting data may be entered, tracked, and managed with its help.


Using a learning management system (LMS) is an online hub that offers a big and essential collection of capabilities to support educational activities such as classroom learning and remote education. Training and development programmes are managed by a software system. Documentation, tracking, analysis and automation are just a few of the functions that an LMS provides for training programmes. There are HRIS systems that already have LMS capabilities built in. Others may need a separate LMS integration.

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