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People practice is an approach or process which is used by people in the employee cycle, in order to do the needed analysis, develop people policies, analyse employee data, recruit people and manage grievances. The aim of this research is to analyse the importance of people practices and ethical practices in the organisation. Through the research, the requirements of people professional, several real-life examples, and theories of people professional would be discussed briefly.


People practice allowed an organisation to achieve its goals in an effective manner. In order to maintain effective people practices in the organisation, managers have to use the professional map. The professional map covers the key practices and attached the law and regulations, performance management, workforce planning to enhance working flexibility (CIPD, 2021). According to O’riordan (2017), the main responsibility of the leader of people practice is to ensure that all the employees of the organisation are following all the ethics of the organisation.

Analysis of the definition of the term professional and its requirements

People professionally are an important part of managing the department, which develops a positive relationship with people. According to Smith et al. (2020), the main requirements of people practices motivate employees to maintain the legal practices of the organisation, which enhances the reputation of the organisation in front of its customers. For instance, Amazon used its people practices to motivate or encourage its employees to achieve the vision and mission of the organisation (Amazon, 2021).

Ways of implementation of ethical values in the context of practices

Ethical value is a value, which guides us along a pathway to deal with ethical dilemmas by avoiding those behaviours which do not confirm the sense of people about the right and wrong objectives. The example of three personal values is Integrity, maintenance of transparency in the organisation and maintenance of diversity and equality in the organisation (Ferrell et al. 2019). Unilever integrates practices to enhance the skills of employees and in this case, give equal opportunity to individuals (Unilever, 2021). On the other hand, the renowned organisation Amazon also tries to maintain equality and transparency in the workplace in terms of ethical practices (Amazon, 2021). Aligning this value with personal value, it can be defined that by maintaining equality, and diversity, as well as transparency among the employees, ethical practices can be maintained effectively. This not only satisfied employees but also helped to develop a strong relationship between the employees and people practice leaders.

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Beneficiation of people professional in discussing, influencing and engaging others

Regular communication with employees and conducting the survey are the two most important ways to ensure that the people’s practices are applied accurately. According to Pavlov et al. (2017), in a survey employees can share their feelings and the current activities of the workplace, from which leaders can understand whether the people’s practices are used properly or not. For instance, Amazon conducts a monthly survey in the workplace to collect the feedback of employees about the application of people practices and communicate with employees regularly to analyse their issues (Amazon, 2021). This helps employees to think that the organisation is concerned about them which satisfies them. Hence, it has been found that by using communication strategy and survey collection strategy professionals can ensure the application of people’s practices.

On other hand, with the help of communication, a professional can motivate employees. Furthermore, professionals allow employees to join in the decision making procedure to enhance employee engagement. According to Pavlov et al. (2017), the participation of employees in decision maintenance procedures, not only enhance employee engagement but also influence them to give their best in the workplace. Moreover, by providing rewards and positive feedback once a month a professional can influence employees to give high-quality outcomes in the organisation. In some cases, leaders collect feedback from employees by maintaining confidentiality, which also influences employees (Ferrell et al. 2019). Hence, it has been found that reward distribution and regular communication engage and influence employees.

A major strategy that can be implemented with reference to ensuring that people practices are implemented, I can draw feedback through Google forms. This maintains anonymity, which in turn helps in deriving a genuine response from employees. For effective communication, it is important to “break the ice” with employees. Arranging for a brainstorming session, or a more informal approach such as a team lunch/ picnic can be arranged which would help employees to get to know people on their teams, for better collaboration and productivity (Kharouf et al., 2020).

Concern against the ethical leadership conflicts

The ethical conflict and even the ethical conflicts between the leaders are very common as well as the root cause of the breakdown of the organisational structure. Therefore, the ethical leadership conflicts as well as the internal conflicts within the organisation focuses on the necessity of the concerned leaders. Apart from that, it has also been observed that when ethical leadership conflicts continuously go to the upper section, it should be informed to the higher authority. Finally, it has been established that the ethical leadership conflicts always need to be removed for the sustainable success of the organisation.

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