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Evaluation of talent management strategies

In each and every organisation, an appropriate set of talented working persons is highly required in order to retain the employees and enhance the overall productivity of the business association. According to the idea of Al Aina and Atan, (2020) it has been assessed that the strategies of talent management and several other programs in the hotel chain would act as an aid to uplift the organisational values and ethical norms. Other than that, staffing and culture of the organisation would enhance administration of the performance of the working employees. Other than that, as opined by Pantouvakis and Karakasnaki, (2019) finding the right person for the right position in the company would tend to amplify the scale of operations. This is because the personnel are hired according to the qualifications and expertise of the employees.

Further, it would be imperative to mention that if the right person is employed for the right job then the overheads or the recruitment cost would be reduced. For illustration, Amazon tends to conduct a recruitment program every year in order to facilitate the company with fresh talents for enhancing productivity (Mupepi, 2017). Similarly, Microsoft even does the same kind of strategy that is known as the recruitment strategy. Referring to the concept of Goestjahjanti et al., (2020) it has been assessed that staffing must be done in such a way that it must meet peak workloads of the business enterprise. This results in inefficiencies during non-peak hours, affecting sales and profits. In addition to this, some other option is to hire technically talented construction companies on retainers, which primarily allows the hotel chain to use them only when difficult questions require someone with a level of expertise that it cannot decide to employ. This combination of government employees can be desirable because expert level expertise is only compensated when it is required.


The techniques to execute powerful enlistment standards in the public market are to make a solid brand presence, work on the site of the organisations, select through inbound procedure, and empower contenders to meet their partners, create chat bots for consistent criticism and keep up with straightforwardness (Hariyanto and Said, 2020). Building a solid brand empowers the directors of worldwide organisations to draw in the new alumni to apply in their firm. This will build the brand name of the hotel chain in the public grounds that will empower the managers to extend the business activities in the global market and recruit new individuals from various nations to deal with a comprehensive work culture (Hosen et al., 2018). As influenced by the concept of Abdullahi et al., (2020) it has been evaluated that setting up suitable rewards would perform well as a management strategy in order to boost the confidence among employees and it aids in administering talent management in the association. For example, big business entities like Tesco and Primark tend to set aside a specific amount for the employee who works at its best as a reward. This basically tends to enhance the involvement and participation of the employees in the business organisation of Tesco and Primark.

As displayed in the figure 3, it can be understood that from the month of September to November of the year 2020, the UK was blooming with the highest employment rate which was specifically 78.7%. The supervisors can execute inbound procedures for a powerful enrolment in which the chiefs get the notice of the outsiders through their sites and social stages and make them the guests of the page (Shahi et al., 2020). Then, at that point, use them as prompts the getting out the word and improvement of the organisation to the others in various nations. Besides, they give amazing opportunities to the guests of the hotel chain to interface with the inside partners of the organisation so they get all the data and remain roused with the association. Restricting the sites from buffering is critical to keep up with the convergence of the competitors; subsequently the supervisors should focus on refreshing the product and innovation to deal with the engaging quality of the page from which a wide scope of individuals will get to be aware of the association. Hence, this is termed as performance management strategy.

The primary advantage of viable resourcing is that it helps the work of effective staff to support the business development of the hotel chain in the competitive market. According to the perspective on Roberts and Lacchia (2019), market investigation is vital for the enlistment cycle of the association as it helps the contribution of focused, qualified specialists for an organisation. For example, the new patterns and financial variables have impacted the work design of H&M when it is assessed on account of the UK. Moreover, the ability of the executives methodologies followed by various hotel chain in the UK have been assessed as far as organisation of enrolment, work related promotions and ability chase programs. By contrasting and the worldwide advertising patterns for enrolling position searchers, the ability supervisory groups of the associations can carry out new techniques. The financial variables adding to business can be assessed as far as getting the most extreme achievement.

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Strategies in recruitment

The strategies to implement effective recruitment principles in the national market are to create a strong brand presence, improve the website of the companies, recruit through inbound methodology, and enable candidates to meet their colleagues, develop chat-bots for constant feedback and maintain transparency within the concerned hospitality chain company (Dhiman et al., 2020). Recruiting talented employees being one of the key responsibilities of the HR managers of the case study organisation, the company must focus on ensuring inclusion of the talented employees by establishing themselves as an employer brand. This will enable the managers of the hotel chain to expand the business operations in the international market and hire new people from different countries to manage an inclusive work culture (Tan et al., 2019).

The managers of the company can implement inbound methodology for an effective recruitment in which the managers grab the attention of the strangers through their websites and social platforms and make them the visitors of the page (Williams et al., 2020). Then use them as leads to the spreading the news and development of the company to the other people in different countries. Secondly, they provide opportunities to the visitors to connect with the internal stakeholders of the company so that they get all the information and stay engaged with the organisation. This helps in addressing the job candidates as brand promoters who increase the traffic in the digital platforms (Mansfield et al., 2022). Moreover, in terms of the case study organisation, opting for these strategies can be helpful for the UK-based hotel chain in resolving their issues associated to employee turnover and lack of talented employees within the organisation.

The managers should allow the new candidates to meet the existing employees and get a knowledge about the working principle and environment that is maintained by the authorities. Communication with an experienced professional leads to the increase in trust and loyalty of the new candidates (Ingrassia, 2018). This, in turn, will be beneficial for the hotel chain to retain newly recruited employees as they will join after understanding the work principle of the company. Due to the sudden outbreak of the Covid situation, it has led to the layoffs and burn out of the employees from their current organisation of the hospitality industry. This has resulted in affecting the operational efficiency of the organisations in UK-hospitality industry.From the statistics, it is clear that the number of vacancies spiked up during the pandemic situation (Cho, 2020).


The managers must emphasise more on internal hiring principle to maintain the performance and productivity rates of the company. This will also help them to maintain the motivation level of the employees who were feeling frustrated and anxious with the current working conditions in the organisation and leaving jobs for that (Soto-Vásquezet al., 2021). Due to the increasing unemployment rate in certain countries in the international labour market, the managers of multinational companies got opportunities to hire professionals with fresh ideas and perspectives in the organisation who can help with the current business operations amidst the pandemic situation. For example, the managers of Infosys have implemented a virtual hiring process to implement new talents in the organisation (Brouwer and Hessels, 2019). Hence, amidst the pandemic situation, the hotel chain should also focus on hiring new candidates in the organisation and retain them with efficient strategies to increase the productivity rate.

The chat-bots enable the new candidates from both national and international markets to gather knowledge about the working principles of the companies and get their query solved by the experts of the firm (O’Neil and Richards, 2018). The managers can easily address the concerns and demands of the employees related with the working in the organisation and even they could send feedback to the workers about their performance rate in the firm. This will help the new candidates to know about the working principle beforehand and enhance their performance rate that will enable them to secure a respectable position in the organisation (Saunders et al., 2021). Hence, the managers can implement these strategies amidst the pandemic period to hire new candidates from national and international borders


The managers should prepare a test process before hiring the candidate directly into the organisation because there is a high chance they can choose the wrong people in the hotel chain. They receive a pool of applications in the virtual recruitment sites which increases the human error and selection of the wrong person for the particular job role (Vecchiet al., 2021). Hence, the managers make a list of skills and knowledge that are required to become the part of their hotel chain and while selecting the candidate. They should practise several tests that will help them understand whether the person is right for the hospitality industry job role or not.

The managers should implement the transformational leadership principles to manage the workforce and production at the same time. Transformational leadership principles will prepare the employees to accept changes and implement innovative ideas and technologies that will be beneficial for them as well as for organisation (Taylor, 2021). Moreover, it can also the in keeping the employees satisfied and motivated towards work.

Additionally, they should implement a reward system amidst the pandemic period to maintain the dedication of the employees in both national and international borders. This will also set examples for the new people to give their best and promote the brand name of the company in different countries due to their contribution in managing employee numbers in the organization. This can help the leaders of the company in retaining their employees and improve their turnover rates.

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