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Theories of organizational and employee benefit based on the Harvard model

In addition to the previous section, this part will be focused on the Harvard model which is mainly covering up with the employees’ benefit within the organisation. Majorly the Harvard model focuses on the dealing practices with the core people of the specific organisation. Therefore, the Harvard model of the organisation also focuses on the policy practices of the positive people. Moreover, it will also be focused on the positive management based outcomes which will be gained by the positive management outcomes. Finally, it can be said that the Harvard model majorly deals with the policies of the organisation.   

 Impactful solution for addressing feedback and engaging employees

There are basic three points which have the impactful solutions within the terms of addressing the feedback and engaging the employees. The points are included within the terms of establishing the proper feedback system as well as deals with the identification, analysing and the addressing of the issues. In addition to the previous section, it can be said that the mentioned strategy would ensure the sustainable success of the organisation.  

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Evaluating the outcomes of the solution

The specific topic majorly focuses on the evaluation of the outcome of the solutions by based on the three different factors within the terms of the employees’ survey session, evaluation as well as the comparison of the previous information and the observing the changes in organisational performance

Identification of the time frame for the each objectives along with the particular recognising strategy of the mistakes

There are four particular objectives which are: 

  • Continuous personal growth of the organisational business ethics: Here the time frame should be the continuous process of around 6 months  
  • Increasing potential for attaining the success: 4 to 6 months   
  • Focusing on the raising of the funding’s or the capitalisation : Continuous process of 2 months. 
  • Proper implementation of planning, learning and actions: 3 months 

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