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Carver  Consulting  Inc.  needs  an  online  system  to  help  analyze  documents  for  classification  purposes and to meet the technical publication needs of our clients.    A database and a database  administrator will be required.  The administrator needs capabilities to add or delete documents  to the database.    Our  clients  want  us  to  provide  an  overview  of  the  major  concepts  found  in  documents  by  providing a summary of the words that are used the most frequently in any single document and  by  helping  the  clients  to easily  locate  those words in  the  document.   To meet  this  need,  the  system should have the capability to find the top ten words, in rank order, that are found in an  individual document.  These words could be used to help define index terms for a document or  to help determine the words, that should be considered for a glossary.  Not all words should be  included, given that the words may be used as index terms and/or as part of a glossary.  These  top  ten words  should be highlighted in  the  relevant document using a color  scheme  that is a  different color for each of the top ten occurring terms.   Our clients also would like to see a Word  Cloud constructed from these ten words.  A second need of our clients is the ability for the client to interact with the database to search  for papers on a specific topic(s).   Clients should be able to interact with the system to search for  relevant papers using keywords.    They may use a maximum of four keywords in the search.  The  online system should return the titles of the top five documents that match the search keywords  , in  rank  order,  that are  contained in  the  database. For  cases where  the  client  searches with  multiple keywords, the five documents are the documents with the highest combination of all  keywords used in the search. These keywords should be highlighted in the relevant documents  using a color scheme that consists of a different color for each of the terms based on their rank  order,  but  individual  words  should  remain  the  same  color  across  all  documents  found  in  the  search.    A client needs  the capability  to  request  the addition of a document(s)  to  the database.   The  database administrator will respond to the customer whether the administrator agrees to take  the action requested to either add or delete documents.    The database administrator needs reqular administrative reports containing information about  the  use  of  the  system,  including  number  of  individual  users  per  day,  number  of  successful  searches per day, number of unsuccessful searches per day, and  a listing of titles added and/or  deleted weekly to the database.    The online system will not be a public side.  Users must register in order to access.  They need an  option to have their password emailed to them should they forget their password




Following are the screenshots of the online application that is required.

First page of which is for the login of the admin and the client.

In this page if the email id and password matches to admin then it is redirected to admin panel, otherwise it is redirected to client panel.

In admin panel the first thing that the user will see is the list of all the documents in which he can see their status as well. He/she can also approve or deny, which is up to him.

He can choose any of the approved document and can have a look on it. After the document is loaded it will be contain some colored words, which are actually one that acts as the identifier. These words are the most frequently used words and background code that runs behind them takes the top 1 words that have repeated most frequently.

Algorithm for which is:

  1. Create an empty array.

  2. Read the document word by word.

  3. If the current word is not found in the array then insert it into the array

  4. Else continue

Then there comes the search status link. Here the users searches are recorded and displayed to the administrator. From where he can look for the searches made on that day with the listing, whether it was a successful or unsuccessful search.

Now comes the client panel. Clients work is limited. Client can search and view the documents present in the site.

Client can also see the most frequently used and various other factors that which makes the user to have a look on the work and how the frequency varies.

Client can also look for the others document and can also sell some the stuffs.

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