Artificial Intelligence and Human Judgement Assignment Solution Sample



The aim of this task is to familiarise students with the academic literature which examines various aspects of managerial problem solving and decision making and to enhance critical analysis and referencing skills.

The critical review will be based upon three academic articles

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3





1.0 Introduction

1.1 Identification of topic

The articles all talk about the imminent threat that many people are led to believe about the advent of artificial intelligence and how they may not only reduce a huge amount of job but may result in a lesser world that what it started out to be. There are a huge number of statements on both sides of this hypothesis, and these articles are just some excerpts or viewpoints that would try to look into a somewhat different perspective of the scenario to get an understanding whether it all is really worth it

1.2 Importance of the problem

This problem is very important due to the sheer fact of the huge revolution that it is bringing into the world. It is important because the advent of robots and other artificial machines as such will result in the removal of a huge percentage of human jobs has been done by independent study. And so, with so much in the stake if the complete evaluation and thus the necessary repercussions as well as precautions are not taken in place this whole revolution may turn into a nightmare that will not only be heavily resisted but will also fail to take care to truly better the work scenario as well as the economic scenario of this planet that it had set out to do

2.0 Analysis

As part of the analysis, we will look into three separate documents supported by 3 other documents to look and get an understanding of the various aspects that might have been ignored while debating on the issues of Artificial Intelligence and its implications

2.1 Article 1: A Critical Analysis

This article tries to take us on a journey where the substitution or the complementary effect of the artificially intelligent machines are analysed in the most earnest. It brings about a very special argument where an example of credit card fraud is shown to prove the fact that even though the artificially intelligent machines will be truly able to predict or have been predicting better than humans of the card transactions that are genuine and the ones that might be fraudulent still such mechanized approach still lack a very important factor which is still unique to the humans and that is judgement. The judgement to understand even with a given data whether the step thus advised should be taken and what will be the far-fetched effect of the same is still only a human-specific capability and thus when the artificial intelligence software does take over this sort of jobs the human will only transcend to a job where these predictions will be fed to them to give a perfect judgement (Ajay Agarwal, Joshua Gans (2017)) . This is also supported by the supporting document by pointing to the fact that everything of real importance in the normal human world starting from the task of correctly giving a decision to being able to take care of the needs and aspiration as well as the problems of the subordinates are generally clouded by the sheer amount of menial and monotonous work that needs to be done before that (Deidre Paknad (2017)) . Starting from the heavy burden of the administration formalities to data collection that needs to be done before any sort of decision making to the lack of correct and timely update about the situation of the subordinates to really be a good manager and have a positive impact in their work and productivity when they most need can be easily taken over by the machines without affecting the job pyramid at all. However, it should also be thought that all this are said with the understanding and reference of the present-day machines that are incapable of giving intelligent judgement. The article also takes us through a reward mechanism that can only be controlled by users in order to truly reward the machines on a job well done not just because the end result was reached which as shown in an example of a game can very easily be reached by machines by using ethical yet unfair means. These examples in these articles bring us to the topic that the inherent quality of the machines might not be as harmful as they are generally touted to be and if worked in true tandem with them can actually work wonders to not only increase the productivity and efficiency but also make the workplace environment much more conducive for all

2.2 Article 2: A Critical Analysis

This article, on the other hand, tries to portray a little bit grimmer picture on the gap that we presume that there is between humans and robots might not actually be there so much. It starts with trying to point out to one factor where the artificial intelligent systems still can’t perform and needs the guiding hand of their human supervisors. It is the field of strategy. It very beautifully clarifies that even though the data collection and interpretation can be solely left in the hand of the machines, it is still too early for them to integrate into an end to end system and create a strategy out of those interpretations as strategizing needs to take a lot of factors even beyond data to finalize. It brings about an example of the car marketing campaign which no matter is supported by the data collected by the machines will at the end depend on humans to take the final decisions. It however also tries to portray that though this is still a unique feature that only human can do thus implementing and cementing their supremacy over the machine that doesn’t mean that we are very ahead in it. Not only do we the human in a huge number of cases fail to create the right strategy but there has been a multitude of cases nowadays where the machines are even taking over creating smaller strategies. However, the fact still remains that the AI systems are yet to be strong enough to understand the big picture, but they might not be very far away from it (Thomas Davenport (2017)). The supporting article banks on this concept to give a direct warning to the humans that though even now they do enjoy unbridled supremacy with their judgement and deduction schemes but if they decide to ignore it try to resist the machines and fail to integrate them into their systems as well as create a complete ecosystem around them to truly make the full use of it , it will only lead them to fall further behind to their competitors in being efficient and also using the machines as a complement to truly take the company to a different height. In summarized version what this article is trying to portray is that we should not take the machines of today as the reference and keep laid back thinking that the jobs and functions that humans do are quite secure (Lee Schlenkar (2018)) . The rate that the machines are improving a laid-back attitude may soon see you become expandable or even replaceable

2.3 Article 3: A Critical Analysis

The third with its support from the supporting article that tried to bring in equations to show the difference between judgement and prediction tried to bring about multiple avenues where the artificial intelligent systems would actually be helpful in the near future. Starting from taking up over the various administrative works that regularly plague the various managers and thus take over a huge amount of time that they could have otherwise used in a much more constructive as well as efficient way to bring about the possibility of a manager designer who will not only be able to help their teams in their every day schedules but will also result into a more creative atmosphere that will thoroughly supported by its machine counterpart and will thus result in a much more conducive as well as creative environment inside the office (Richard Amico (2016)). It suggests the managers to look towards the machines more of a colleague rather than as competitors as though the computers and the machines will take up many of the jobs that were previously done by humans but that is only to make the people target much high ending jobs, and that will require a much larger amount of creativity as well as brain activities so that this numerous chop shops, as well as humans drilling on with monotonous works, become a thing in the past. However, it also brings about a much brighter picture of things that can never be taken by a machine from a human. The primary among them as has been talked about earlier in the process of judgement which no matter how much a machine is able to predict out of the data it is incapable of looking at the bigger picture and create an all-compassing judgement, and also about the communication skills and the social skills that are only unique to the humans and can actually work miracles in various management situation where the understanding as well the conversation between two people may make or break a deal. However, all these are done taking only the present state and capabilities of the machines in mind which might very well change in the near future

3.0 Conclusion

Though it is still too early to really put the finger on the state as well as the future of the Artificial Intelligent machines and how it will truly affect the humankind it can easily be deciphered that the makers and the users should make up their minds whether they would want resist it or use it as a support to make their jobs more efficient and easier. The choice that they will thus make and the steps that they will take in that direction will effectively shape the industry


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