Bible a Source of Truth -Theology Essay Sample Solution



Explain what makes the bible a source of truth and compare this to a view that does not accept the bible as a source of infallible truth.


You are required to demonstrate the following abilities in this formative essay and ensure you meet all the guidelines set out below in your argument.

*Demonstrate the ability to select citations that support their argument

*Demonstrate an ability to consider alternative viewpoints

*Articulate their ideas and those and critique them in the light of evidence

*Compare and contrast their views with those that support or contradict their view.



write a review of a book on church planting which includes three short sections:

a) one that explains who the author is and what experience they have of church planting,

b) what the most important lessons were that you learnt from the book,

c) what you will try to apply from what you learnt to your own placement context.

the chosen book for this review is: Robinson, M.(2009). Planting Mission-Shaped Churches today. Oxford: Monarch.


you are required to demonstrate the following abilities in this easy and ensure you meet all the guidelines set out below in your argument.

*Demonstrate effective written communication skills

Demonstrate that the use of referencing and proper citation.

Articulate their ideas clearly

Demonstrate the use of Research skills

Demonstrate succinct use of English grammar and syntax.



Explain your church’s ( or missional organisation’s) doctrine of salvation and compare it to a different understanding of salvation held by another Christian group ( or sectarian group, for example, such as the Mormon or Jehovah witnesses understanding.


you are required to demonstrate the following abilities in this essay and ensure you meet all the guidelines set out below in your argument.

*Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the key beliefs, practices and values of the Christian faith

*Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of facets of at least one other belief system

notes: My church name is Redeemed Christian church of GOD popularly called( RCCG).




Bible, a source of truth and comparison of Bible with the views that do not accept it as a source of truth


This report is based on the discussion on the truth of Bible. Man wants to know the truth and he has been trying to find the truth since he was created. In this report, there will be mainly two parts of discussion. The first part will prove that bible is a source of truth and the second part will demonstrate some views of controversies that do not accept the bible as an infallible truth. In this way, the subject will be reviewed.

Bible- a source of truth

The wise men in the world want to know the truth and also the source of truth where they step forward. God has shared his word in a written form. We call the written word of God ‘Bible’. In Bible, every word is true that the God has wanted men to know (Arnold and Arnold, 2015). The holy men in the world who belonged to God spoke what their Holy Spirit told them. Through studying Bible, one can learn the truths of God and not just the opinion of men. God’s truth is for changing us and for improving our lives. All the Holy Writings are by given the God. God helps man by teaching him with his Holy Words. God’s truth says to a man what is right and what is wrong. God teaches how to be right with the God. It teaches man the ways of leading life. A man is blessed when he is right with God and when he is wrong within God, he is punished. The only way in which a man can be right is the way of sacrificing his life to God. To know the truth, a man should read Bible (, 2019).

Without the Bible a man will be able to listen everything but he will never be able to understand the truth. It is wrong to depend upon other sources except Bible to know the truth. All the philosophers, scholars, great men and religious leaders depend upon the Bible. According to them, God is true and not believing God will be going against God and truth.

There is still one proof that proves that Bible is the sign of truth. Satan, the God’s enemy has tried to destroy the world and God is the saviour of this world. So we have found the truth in this world. According to H. L. Hastings, “Infidels have been throwing this book for over eighteen hundred years and still this book stands as a rock. Its distribution has been increased and it is more loved and read now than before. The infidels have attacked this book with their assaults as a man does with hammer on the pyramids of Egypt. Had the book not been the book of God, men would have destroyed the book long ago. Emperors, Popes, Kings, Priests and the rulers, all have tried on the book with their own hands. They have died and the book is still alive.” All the above quotations have proved that Bible is a sign of truth (, 2019).

God’s book is still alive. God, with his mighty hands has saved Bible from the hands of its enemies. More proof is also there is that Bible is in No 1 among all other books. No other book in the world has printed more, quoted more and has been so effective. The Bible has been the greatest of all. Prophecy is what God tells for future. Only God knows the things to be happened in future. Sometimes, in Bible, it was told what would happen before the event happened. Bible contains the prophecy that will happen soon. Through Bible and through studying God’s words, we can know what will take place in the near future. God, through his words, wants to let us know such facts so that we can be prepared for them (, 2019). By accepting the truth of God we have been the proof of the world, “Bible is the sign of truth”. Men, by abiding by the gospel of Jesus Christ, in Holy Writings, have changed their lives. When the other men see that the lives of some men have changed, they began to believe that Bible is true. The scientists are also sometimes amazed by how correct the Bible is without any error.

Comparison of Bible with the views that do not accept Bible as a source of infallible truth

There are certain controversies on the truth of Bible and a group of people in society do not believe in the truth of Bible. Wisdom can be mentioned as the first controversy in this regard (Lössl, 2016). Most Christians welcome the advances in science and technology but they fear to welcome advances of religion. This close-minded faith in the minds of the Christians prevent them from becoming actually wise and this makes their beliefs difficult to make a close relationship with God. The Christians are taking the full advantage of science and technologies and with this they still believe that the world is five thousand years old in which Adam and Eve lived and the story of Adam and Eve is mentioned in the Bible (Haraburda, 2013). The same Christian mindset is based on the old world while science and technology has made advanced the Christians. Some of people say that God is dead and other people agree with them. All the Christians should cultivate their wisdom to know the truth of God. To be a wise Christian, persons must cultivate their wisdom to understand their religion well.

The close minded attitude is the other problem for which there has been arisen a controversy. Cruel behaviour is created from close mind attitudes. Religion members demanded the death of Socrates by allegating him to a wrongdoer and for not believing in the Athenian gods. Some Christians tortured and murdered some reformers. It is a shame of word that those close-minded Christian leaders became the barriers in the path of human progress and persons like Bruno, Galileo and others were tortured by them.

It is known to all that there are a lot of books written on Christianity and many of those books are contradicting to one another. Religious leaders and religious writers have written a lot on those books (Goren and Chapp, 2017). On the one hand, many of those leaders and writers have advised us to come to traditional Biblical family values. On the other way, some others have remarked that Bible has remarked as a property. They say that women are forced into marriage without their consent. For these types of remarks, some contradictions have been created in Bible and the truth of Bible has not been accepted (Haraburda, 2013).

There are some sections in Bible, for example, the No.7 in the Bible has only number and the numbers do not mean anything by themselves. The data carriers no meaning and value. For becoming those data meaningful in Bible, the data must be interpreted and meaningful to provide some meaning for the understanding of the readers. Again, the data and information in the Bible must have some value i.e. it must be accurate, practical and relevant for the reader. For being accurate, the data and information should be reliable. The data that is related directly to factors will be considered as valid data.

Again the author, Scott Haraburda, in his article, Christian Controversies: Seeking the Truth’ has mentioned that sometimes Bible has been criticised because Bible provides a personae with knowledge but not with any additional knowledge (Walvoord and Zuck, 2018). For example, long ago it was told that eggs increase the cholesterol in human body but at present, the health experts are saying that eggs do not increase cholesterol. This type of ideas is not modified in Bible and that is why Bible’s truth has been in question among many people. According to some people n the society, reading Bible is equal to memorizing some scriptures. There is a difference between reading and understanding Bible. Both are completely different (Haraburda, 2013).

Finally, according to some Christian leaders, Bible is accurate as it is written through divine intervention. Further, the leaders say that they will try to explain the words mentioned in Bible with some theories. But the author suggests that men have to make their own research on the theories and then they will attempt to understand whether the theories are correct or incorrect (Strenski, 2015). In the above ways, the truth of Bible has been criticised.


There are different types of opinions regarding Bible. On the one hand, a group of people in society believe that Bible is the sign of truth and they obey Bible. On the other hand, some people in the society do not believe that Bible is the sign of truth and hence, there are different controversies on Bible. Wisdom would advise us to accept Bible as truth. To reject the Bible will be to reject its author, the God. God, through Bible, wants to let us know his truth. To accept God’s words is to accept truth and to become free forever. According to God, heaven and earth will pass away but God’s words will never destroy. God’s words are the wonderful key to men forever.

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Planting Mission-Shaped Churches today


This chapter is based on the discussion of church planting. Church planting is the ways of working by the churches of England for the social reform. In the first part of this report, the author’s experience has been shed for church planning. In this section the reader will have some idea regarding the church planting. In the second part, the important lessons from this report will be discussed. The activities of church and the challenges faced by the churches will be discussed here and in the final part, it will be discussed how the church planting will be applied in the society for the good and reform of the society.

Experience of the authors on the church planting

The author has gained a lot of experience through this text. The context highlights some social, spiritual and environmental points (James, 2016). The text expresses how a church is called to be. The various benefits and disadvantages of Anglican expression of church are also highlighted here. The Western society has undergone a massive transition at present. The Church of England wants to be a Church of England for everybody in the country as the Jesus was with people and as Jesus was with people. The church wants to reform and responds in the culture of England (Robinson, 2006). Through the act of the Church people will be able to understand what their culture should be and how they shape their culture and behaviour for the good of the people. Through this text, people can learn how to connect between the church and the gospel with variety of people in England. People will also be able to identify the Christ’s lordship. There will be some social trends through the knowledge of this study. Since 1970, when the population of the UK has started to increase, the households there have also started to increase. The average size of the household has been smaller than before.

In 1971, it was 2.9 and now it has been 2.4. The number of owner occupied dwelling has increased by 38 per cent in between the years 1981 and 2002. People have been more serious regarding their houses than before. Repairs and improvements of the household has been the responsibility of the occupier. There has also been employment change in the society. Now most of the people work outside their homes (Robinson, 2006). In the year 2002, 91.8 per cent men were engaged in their work and 78.1 per cent women were in the same age group as men were. There has been an increase in the number of working women outside their homes. The hours of working and the structure of working have also changed for the result of such reforms of the church planting.

The most important lessons

The main purpose of this chapter is to gain an overall experience regarding the churches in England (Jackson and Wolffe, 2017). After completing this lesson, everybody should ask himself or herself what responsibilities the churches are performing in his or her locality (Johnson, 2018). In what ways the church responses for the good of common people. Each individual should ask himself or herself what changes have brought about over 20 or 30 years in his or her locality. What the changes have come in the life of people of those areas (Robinson, 2006). A list of people who work in that particular area should be made by those individuals. It should be noticed whether the communities in the local areas are being benefitted or not (Lupton and Miller, 2016). If there is any such area or any such people who are not influenced by the activities of church, should be noticed by individuals.

The individuals should also plan what can further be done for those uncovered areas or people. The people in the future can gain knowledge what the responsibilities of the church in each areas (Kim et al., 2015). The faith of local people in religion and the influence of the church regarding the same matter can be understood. The church in the near future should accept some challenges for the common people and the common people should be aware of not only the consumer goods but also of their standard of life. This text will provide a detail idea what the responsibilities the church is performing outside the church area (Robinson, 2006).

Applications of learning

It can be said that the planting can be best done by a man intentionally for the good of the society. Through church planting a lot of experience has been gained and that can be applied in society to reform the culture of the society (Walls, 2015). Jesus has presented a clear picture before us for future seeds. The planting will be applied to society and thus changes will be brought out for social reform (Marris, 2018). The seeds given by Jesus will be planted in the soil to get a real life. The seeds will be maintained by the churches and the culture will be spread in the society for social good. An individual through this learning will be able to understand what the mission will be in the cross-cultural work (Robinson, 2006). In the present days then work done in the society; most of them are cross-cultural work. In this regard, both the old churches and then new ones will come forward to reform the culture in the society. Day by day many churches are coming forward with their varieties of working ways (Kale and Luke, 2017). The modes of expression of those churches are different with different values. In this way, the churches will perform its activities through its planting.


Church planting is a way of social reform. The church has a lot of responsibilities to perform for the good of the society and environment. Through church planting a lot of changes have been brought about in the society. For example, number of houses has been increased and number of employment of people has increased. Thus, the churches in England have performed a lot of activities. The author, through this learning, has highlighted some roles of the churches of England for the future. In future, various social works will have to be performed through various ways for the good of the society.

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Doctrine of Salvation


This report is based on the critical analysis on the doctrine of salivation. The doctrine of salvation will be discussed from the angle of two sections. The first one is from the Christian and the second and the third are from the angle of Mormon and Jehovah. Different topics under the doctrine of salvation will be defined and explained under the three sections. For example, the God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Salvation and some other topics will be discussed in detail to analyse the different opinions under different sections of people. Doctrine means teaching, instruction, education and analysis. A doctrine is a statement that explains specific truth. Doctrine is not a command. Doctrine means to do some acts according to some truthful instructions. Jesus taught doctrine the men to get new light of life. The reader, through this report will be able to understand the theme and inner meaning of Doctrine of salvation.

Brief historical description of RCCG

RCCG was established in the year 1952 by late Rev. J Osiah Olufemi Akindayomi. The RCCG is divided into two models. One is the Classical and the other is the Model. The RCCG conducts monthly programmes that are known as the festival of life. The events conducted by the RCCG are forecast through television, radio in the country to teach people with many lessons. Some Bible colleges and schools of Disciples are run by the church RCCG in United Kingdom and in other countries in Europe. According to Ukah, (2014), the RCCG is the church which is co0nsidered to be the wealthiest church in Europe and which play its role in educating a lot of people in Europe and in other countries in the world.

Doctrine of Salvation

The doctrine of salvation is the most important thing that is taught in scripture. This doctrine also teaches some other scriptural teachings that are mentioned in the Bible. For the example the definition of God, the doctrine of Christ, the doctrine of Holy Spirit, the doctrine of Bible and some others. The doctrine of salvation is a very broad and vast subject, yet it is very simple even for a child to understand the essential truth of it. A man through learning the doctrine of salvation can have confidence in his or her life, he or she can rejoice the benefits and blessings of salvation and he or she can change his or her behaviour or attitude in the society.

Comparison on doctrine of salvation between Mormonism opinion and Christian opinion.


In this section the comparison will be done between the Biblical doctrine and the Mormon doctrine of salvation. The Mormonn doctrine does not agree with the Bible. Mormonism uses some words and terms that are found in the Bible. The terms and word will be discussed elaborately and one can understand the difference between one’s past and present understanding and one can differentiate between the Christina and Mormonism terms and words. Under doctrine of salvation, according to Christian opinion, God is one (Slick, 2008).

God is the only saviour and there is no other saviour besides him. The God will come in all the dangers of his sons and he will save them from all dangers. On the other hand according to Mormon understanding, there was an existence of God as we have ours and sat in the heavens. It is imagined that God is from all eternity. Again according to RCCG under Christian opinion, God is a spirit and he has his existence without flesh and blood and one should worship God with truth (Mason, 2015). On the other hand according to Mormonism opinion, God is in the guise of father and he has flesh, blood and bones. Under Mormonism opinion, God is both in the form of father and son. Each of them has tangible existence with flesh and bones. (This is with reference to the Articels of Faith by James Talmage in page 38)


RCCG says that the word ‘Trinity’ is a term that is used to explain the Christian doctrine under which the God exists in three different forms – father, son and the Holy Spirit. According to the doctrine of Trinity, God exists in the universe and he exists in the eternal three forms and they are father, son and the Holy Spirit respectively (Jemirade, 2017). On the other hand, according to Mormonism opinion, in trinity, there are three forms of Gods. They are the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost (Slick, 2008). They are then three separate entities and they are different from one another. They are demonstrated with the accepted records of divine dealings with man. (This is in the Articles of Faith by James Talmage in page 35)


According to Christians RCCG says that Jesus was born on the lap of Virgin Mary. Hence men will have to bear an image of a virgin with her child. On the other hand, according to Mormon, the saviour was born naturally as our children are born. It happened naturally. The child was with flesh and blood and came from his father as men have come from their father (This is from journal of Disclosures from volume 8 in page 115). Under the opinion of Mormon, the child was begotten from an immortal father as common men have been begotten from their mortal fathers. Again, under the opinion of Christians, Jesus is a son with eternity and he is the second person in the trinity (Slick, 2008). He has two types of nature. One is God with flesh and blood and the other form is the form of a man and he can create all the things in the world for the good of people. In the same way, under Marmonism opinion, Jesus can be said to be the literal spirit of brother of Lucifier (Under Gospel through the ages in page 15 ).

The Holy Spirit

Under RCCG, the Holy Spirit is the third person in trinity. He is not a force, rather he is a man. In the same way, under Mormonism opinion, there is a difference between the Holy Spirit and the Holy ghost. The Holy Ghost is with all the powers divinity and it is not a mere force (Under Articles of Faith by James Talmage in page 144) (Adogame, 2016).


Under the Christian opinion, RCCG says that salvation is the mercy of sin. Through salvation, Jesus saves a sinner from various dangers and delivers a sinner from hell. It is a free reward from the God. Thus with the help of faith, a sinner is saved from sin. Thus, salvation is a mercy from sin and it is not by work. On the other hand, under the opinion of Mormon, salvation has double meaning (Slick, 2008). The first purpose of salvation is to secure the mankind through the exemption of penalty of the fall. Then second purpose of salvation under Mormonism opinion is to secure the mankind is secured with the decrease of personal sins (Under Articles of Faith by James Talmage in page 78-79). With this doctrine of salvation, a man get mercy through the obedience of different laws of the Gospel as sins are performed by the acts of individuals (8th Article of Faith from the Mormon Church) (Davies, 2018).


According to Christian opinion, under Bible, all the scriptures are the gift of God and they are profitable for teaching. Bible is almighty and authoritative everywhere (Slick, 2008). In the belief of Mormon, the Bible is considered to be truth and the word of God as far as it is described correctly (under 8th Article of Faith under the Mormon Church).

The above examples are some under the doctrine of salvation and there are many other differences between the opinions of Christian and Mormon. For example, God can be created and cannot be created, there can be only one God or many Gods at the same time. In trinity, there are three Gods in the guise of three persons. The faith is the main thing with which object it is placed (Slick, 2008). Mormon is the different form and is not like a Biblical version. Both Biblical expression and Mormonism expression have different Gods. According to the Bible, under doctrine of salvation there is an existence of God whereas in Mormonism opinion, under the doctrine of salvation, the God is non-existent (Austin, 2017).

Comparison on doctrine of salvation between Jehovah’s opinion and Christian opinion.

The Jehovah’s witnesses are called the Watchtower Society or Tract Society. These witnesses were officially identified back in 1884. They currently claim the membership of approximately 9 million people across 205 countries. They demand that they are only true whereas the Christians say that the Bible is correct. The Jehovah have faith on their own scriptures.

The Trinity

According to the RCCG, God is one in the whole universe and God exists in three forms. The first is the Father, the second is the son and the third one is Holy Spirit (Kärkkäinen, 2017). According to RCCG, Bible was never created and it is eternal. Neither Jesus nor his sons have been created. Bible believes that God is a spirit and it himself is a God. But according to Jehovah, there is no concept of Trinity. They think that Jesus Christ is St. Micheal the archangel and the Holy Spirit is a force that is impersonal and not actually the source of the God. They believe that Jesus was the God’s first created being. They believe that the Holy Spirit is an active force that is created from the almighty God (Bradley, 2018).

Jesus Christ

According to RCCG and Christians, Jesus himself is a god and he saves men from all types of sins (LORD, 2016). On the other hand, according to Jehovah, Jesus was the son of God with flesh and blood and he came on the earth in the guise of a man to save and deliver a man from sins. According to them, Jesus was died on a cross like a man.

Bodily resurrection of Christ

RCCG according to Bible tells that after the burial of Jesus, he was no longer there in the tomb. Bible tells that the body of Jesus was resurrected after his death and after the death of men they will get a new glorified life (Bradley, 2018). On the other hand, according to Jehovah, Jesus’ life was not resurrected and they believe that the body of Jesus was found even after the three days from his death. They believe that Jesus was annihilated by the God. They believe that after death, Jesus was resurrected as a spirit creature rather than being resurrected by having a glorious life.


The RCCG, according to Bible teaches us that there will be a White Throne Judgement at the end of 1000 year. All the evil-minded and wicked people will have to stand before the Lord for their judgement. According to this verse, whose names have not been written in the Book of Life, will be thrown into the Lake of Fire and the smoke there will ascend forever. On the opposite side according to Jehovah, there is no existence of literal hell where the wicked and unsaved people will be thrown and will suffer eternal torment (Friedson, 2015). They cannot believe that god can create such a horrible place for eternal punishment (Bradley, 2018). According to them, hell is the place where they are buried after death and the wicked and unsaved will cease to exist and will suffer anything like eternal punishment.


Doctrine of salvation contains some spiritual teaching for people in society. Through doctrine of salvation, people learn a lot of things in their life. The doctrine of salvation is a set of some advices on the truth that guide men in the right way and saves from sin. The words of God are written in the doctrine of salvation. A man, through learning the doctrine of salvation, can get confidence and new light in his life. There are different sections in the society like Christians, Mormon, Jehovah and some others who have different opinions on the doctrine of salvation. There are different factors in the doctrine of salvation which have been explained by different sections in the society with different opinions.

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