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Potato contain more water percent as compared to sucrose solution and majority of weight gained by potatoes is due to water in it. So due to osmosis phenomenon the water in potato will leave to become equilbrium with sucrose solution. If concentration of sucrose will be low in the solution then potatoes mass will change less as it has more water in potato but if the concentration of sucrose will be high in the solution the potatoes mass will decrease as the water being in potato leaves it due to osmosis.


As the concentration of the sucrose solution decreases, the more the potato’s mass increases. This is due to the solution being hypertonic. So as the solute concentration gets lower the potato’s water concentration will get higher and therfore more water particles from the solution will absorbed by the potato. Some changes very little in mass because the concentration of the water molecules in the potato and outside the potato were equal. This euality in concentration is called isotonic.

As to keep the solution isotonic or into the same osmotic pressure the concentration of sucrose outside the potato and the concentration of potato’s water must be or approximately be equal.


When submerged in 1.0 M sucrose solution, potato cells lose water due to osmosis. If 1.0 M of NaCl solution would draw more water from potato cells as ionization factor of NaCl is 2 and that of sucrose is 1 therefore NaCl has more ionization factor and will draw more water from potato cells to be in equillibrium.

Sucrose is a large disaccharide whose diffusion into the potato cells is limited by size. Chloride and Sodium ions, being much smaller are more likely to diffuse into the potato cells than the sucrose, making the potato cells less hypotonic to the bathing solution.


If the concentration of the sucrose decreases the weight of potato’s mass increases,as the solution is the solute concentration decreases,the water concentration increases.The potato is naturally very low in sugars.although a potato contains three types of sugars;sucrose,fructose and glucose.Then also an average potato is less than one percent of sugar. water in a baked potato a large potato about 3-4 inches in diameter weighs about 299 grams.The water content for this size potato is 224 grams.That means,a baked potato has 75% of water content.


Salt makes the keaves hypotonic, rducing the turgor cellular pressure hich gives them support and ability to tranfer nutrients. Salt is use on some commericial plants to selectively kills weeds. Leaving the salt tolerant asaparagus for instance a Mediterranean native relatively intact. Salt poisons the soil the antidote is water which also leeches other nutrients and therefor weeds does not get a lot of nutrients to grow and nurrish and therefor salts are used as weed killer.


It is distilled water that keeps the vegetable crisp. Vegetable remain crisp because their cell walls are filled with water(turgidity)they become limp when dehydrated.Hydrating vegetable reduces dehydration,also plants can still uptake water even when removed from the soil for a long time.logically,the osmotic pressure will be reduced in distilled water,however unless comparing tap water with distilled water in keepung the vegetables fresh makes a little difference.


When chemicals are added into the human body intravenously(directly into the bloodstream), they are added in solution. It is important that this solution be of the same concentration as that of blood plasma(liquid portion of the blood) because if the concentraion of the liquid will be more or less than the blood water concentration may get affected and due to which the human in which blood is transfered can get affected. If the concentraion of the solution is more than the blood than water from the blood passes into the solution and blood become less hydrated and if blood concentration is higher than solution in which blood is kept than in blood concentraion may get increase.


As this osmosis is processed on the phenomenon of osmosis,and since osmosis refers to the moment of water molecules across a memberane trying to achieve equilibrium.Because there are no salts in distilled water,there is a higher concentration of water molecules in the distilled water compared to inside the potato.Therefore water moves into the potato.


The reason for changing the concentration is to se the effect it has on the potato piece when placed in a sucrose solution of different molarities. Dependent or responding Variable are those what I will be masuring during the osmosis experiment, which will be the change in mass and length of each potato piece.And manipulative variables are those which could influence the dependent variables. Firstly, the solution into which the potato pieces are placed is going to be an independent variable i.e sucrose, distilled water. Secondly, another independent variable could be starting wright of potato pieces.


The experiment confimred that as the concentration of the sucrose become more diluted the potatoes will become more heavier in comparison to their prior firm this is because molecules of solvent pass through semipermeable membarne from a less concentarted solution into a more concentarted one as the osmosis defination says.


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