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This is the story of Rajan. Rajan is a simple Indian poultry farmer whose family runs on the earning from the produces. His age is 38 years. In his family, he has his parents, his wife Smita and two children Sajan and Sonali. His life was going fine with an increase in production due to better monsoon and good pesticides and insecticides used. Progress in technology in agriculture has helped millions of farmers in India like Rajan. He preferred to spend most of the time in the field so that he can stay close and take care of them. This made him go in direct contact with the chemicals. Smita has warned Rajan several times to not go in direct contact with the chemicals. But Rajan did not take them very seriously. This doomed Rajan’s life unknowingly. One day suddenly he had a high fever, and he fainted in the field. The village doctor could not understand the exact reason and suggested to take him to the city hospital where he was diagnosed for several days. After that, the doctors could understand from the symptoms and from the conversation they had with Smita and Rajan’s parents. The exact reason for the disease is increased exposure to Coumaphos.

Coumaphos is a bug spray utilized for control of a wide assortment of domesticated animals creepy crawlies, including cows grubs, screw-worms, lice, scabies, flies, and ticks. It is utilized against ectoparasites, which are creepy crawlies that live outwardly of host creatures, for example, sheep, goats, steeds, pigs, and poultry. According to Hayes 1990, It is added to dairy cattle and poultry feed to control the improvement of fly hatchlings that breed in excrement. It is likewise utilized as a residue, plunge, or shower to control mange, horn flies, and face flies of dairy cattle. By the opinion of Tucker 1970, Coumaphos is viewed as a particular bug spray since it murders explicit bug species while saving other nontarget life forms. Coumaphos is a type of pesticides alluded to as organophosphates. These synthetic compounds act by meddling with the movement of normally happening chemicals called cholinesterases. Cholinesterases are fundamental for the best possible working of the sensory systems in the assortments of the two people and creepy crawlies. If it’s not too much trouble allude to the Toxicology Information Brief on cholinesterase-hindrance for an increasingly nitty gritty dialog of this compound.

By the opinion of Tucker 1970, Coumaphos is exceedingly poisonous by inward breath and ingestion, and modestly lethal by dermal retention. Likewise, with all organophosphates, coumaphos is promptly ingested through the skin. Skin which has interacted with this material ought to be washed promptly with cleanser and water and all debased attire ought to be expelled. Skin and eye to eye connection with this bug spray may cause a gentle disturbance, just as cholinesterase-hindrance. Coumaphos does not cause skin refinement hypersensitivities. Harmful side effects in people are generally brought about by the hindrance of cholinesterase. People with respiratory diseases, disabled cholinesterase generation, or with liver glitch might be at expanded hazard from presentation to coumaphos. Rajan was exposed to this chemical directly by the continued use of it. The chemical mainly traveled through the respiratory pathway and thus directly affected the blood and mixed in the bloodstream also. The lungs and the brain were the most effected organ parts. According to Hayes 1990, Rehashed or delayed presentation to organophosphates may result in indistinguishable impacts from intense introduction including the postponed side effects. Different impacts announced in laborers over and over uncovered incorporate impeded memory and focus, bewilderment, extreme miseries, fractiousness, perplexity, migraine, discourse challenges, postponed response times, bad dreams, sleepwalking and laziness or a sleeping disorder. The flu like condition with cerebral pain, queasiness, shortcoming, loss of hunger, and discomfort has likewise been accounted for. The effect would have been more on a child.

Regulated usage is required to avoid the direct effect of the chemical. Rajan was diagnosed early luckily and thus was cured after prolonged treatment.References:

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