Clinical Reflection on an OSCE or a Nursing Clinical Lab



It is a 750 words  clinical reflection on an OSCE or a  nursing  clinical Lab assessment. my role was a Circulation nurse all aspects of the circulation nurse was correct and the mistakes i made were: timely administration of antibiotic, i was very slow but trying to do things safely but also time management is needed for the critical situation of the patient. the second mistake was lack of team coordination, we were all dis organized and not listening to each others and talking on top of each others.



Nursing care has always been an important role that I would always have dreamt of performing it and when I was selected for the role of the Airway Nurse within the context of a deteriorating patient simulation scenario of a patient with increased shortness of breath my joy knew no bounds. However, things were not all that easy for me being there for the first time and for that matter I was slow on moving through the things.


The passage of all the information and the details of the patients were smooth but our team was not ready enough to cope up with the information as we were talking more and were listening less about the situation. I hope this experience will make a better nurse of me in near future if I have to handle another patient.


That particular situation of not absorbing all the information in orderly manner has certainly affected my overall performance. Learning a new skill which in turn can be lifesaving is worth learning and that aspect of the taking up nursing as my career choice. Before taking up the course I was very impatient in terms of listening to the details and following the instructions but once got through the course I certainly have developed a better understanding of the situation and became a better listener. My team mates were not readily developed as a listeners that can carry on with the instructions and that certainly had made my job a bit tougher and that is where I too slowed down in giving the antibiotics to the patient. The whole process was a bit messed as compare to my resolve in working under such conditions. I too have learned from that particular incident as it certainly has taught me the significance of acting assertively with my colleagues at work, in more sensitive ways in order to safeguard the well-being of the patients.


Giving away the prescribed medicines and the antibiotics is the most important activity for reducing the pain and any infections and have stated that this is one area that many professionals failed to do it one the prescribed timing (Royal college of nursing, 2005).

Recent guidance published by the department of health have also highlighted the importance of the giving the medicines and the antibiotics on time and have certainly provided new insights on changing the medicinal rights in terms of providing more stability in terms of giving it on time and reducing the risks of errors and also securing the patient safety (Department of Health, 2007). The nursing and midwifery council code of professional conduct states that as an Airway nurse, one must act to identify the risk to clients and the patients and must work accordingly in order to safeguard the patients before anything else (The Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of Professional Conduct, section 8, 2004).

In a nutshell I can say that one must be alert and attentive while listening to the medicinal shifts and must give the medicines to the patients in time in order to avoid any risks.


While looking back at the whole experience, I certainly feel and think that I could have done better in terms of working with people around me and must have listened more as that is one skill that I have learned over the years with so much stress on it but still I missed that important protocol. However, I also feel that this particular experience will make me a better nurse next time when I will be around for same kind of situation. I recognize that I must develop the confidence while working on real cases and must challenge my colleagues if there is something not right going on.

Action Plan

In future, I am aiming towards developing my assertion skills while working in a team and with colleagues in order to ensure that the safeguard of the patients and clients are maintained with highest regards. In my next assignment, I definitely will make this goal of mine for learning and will read on supportive articles and journals on the same. I will also like to meet up with experienced people from the same line and with same sets of skills in order o get a better hold of my own skills. I also am looking forward to take up a class on intrapersonal skills which will help me in listening to my own minds so that I will be better equipped with assertiveness and confidence.


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