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What are some control hazards that are commonly used at workplaces? If you were the safety officer at a facility with high exposures to gases and vapors, which control method from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) hierarchy of controls would you recommend as a primary control? In addition, discuss how well you feel the material presented in this course has prepared you for the workplace.

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.





There are mainly four main control hazards that are commonly used at workplaces. These methods are also called the “hierarchy of control”.

  1. Personal Protective Equipment – It is the bottom of the pyramid, and it requires worker/employees to wear something. Ex – Respirators
  2. Administrative & Work Practice Controls – It requires worker or employer to do something, and maintain work timing, policies, and work practice.
  3. Engineering Controls – It requires a physical change at the workplace.
  4. Elimination (Including substitution) – It eliminates or substitute the possible exposure before it can even occur.

If I were the safety officer at a facility with high exposures to gases and vapors, my primary control method would be to provide respirators to the workers as protective equipment. Gases and vapors are highly toxic in nature, and hence, protection from breathing contaminated air is the most important equipment. Under the Engineering controls, proper ventilation system would be provided for controlling the temperature and humidity of the environment. Under the Administrative & Work Practice controls, I would have used rotation-wise working schedules for reducing the exposure time amount. Not every employee or worker would be provided access to the gases and vapors exposure zone, only the trained individuals would be allowed to enter the area.


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