Do Environmental Regulations are Necessary to Decrease this Particulate atter?



With the burning of fossil fuels comes the release of many pollutants tha tcause health concerns such as the release of particulate matter on the respiratory system. Cases of asthma and COPD are on the rise. Do you think more  environmental regulations are necessary to decrease this particulate matter?Why, or why not? Reflect on if you think there is a balance between reducingemissions and keeping costs down for industry.  


There is a simple fact about pollution(air pollution)that it is just not harmful but causes dangerous health problems like Asthama, coughing, lung cancer, emphysema, COPD(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)which causes breathing problems.. Also environment pollution due to industries has a cumulative effect on the health of just not humans but every living beings on earth. Also they pose a serious threat to biodiversity ,and also is rapidly destroying the integrity of humans.


As far as the thing goes about the implementing more regulations. Yes it is one of the most important steps that should be taken in order to decrease pollution due to burning of fossil fuels. Because if strict regulations are not implemented now then it would become more difficult or say impossible to control the pollution, which may effect the living of humans and many more species on the earth in the future badly .Also the implementation of the regulations should be strictly followed by the industries by limiting the use of fossil fuels on the regular basis in order to reduce pollution and help in creating a healthy environment for the humans and other species to breathe and be disease free.

NO I don’t think there is currently any balance between reducing emissions and keeping costs down for industries, though there should be a related balance between them.  Keeping cost down for industries allows  them to freely buy and use the fossil fuels in order to increase productivity and there profit. So in order to reduce pollution due to fossil fuels there must be a balance between them , and if not then we may be in a very serious touble.


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