Generic, Corporate and International Strategies Of Xerox Corporation-Strategy Assignment Sample


Company :: Xerox


1.1. Generic strategies:

Generic strategies are: cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategy, focused cost leadership strategy, focused differentiation strategy, and hybrid strategy

1.2. Corporate strategies:

Corporate strategies are: Single-business strategy, vertical integration strategy, related diversification strategy, and unrelated diversification strategy

1.3. International strategies:

There are two types of international strategies: international entry strategies, and international competitive strategies:

– International entry strategies are: exporting, licensing, franchising, joint venture, and wholly-owned subsidiary

– International competitive strategies are: home replication strategy, global strategy, multi-domestic strategy, transnational strategy.



2.1. Generic strategy:

– Give the name of the dominant business. If your company has several core businesses, then choose ONE. Within that dominant business, give the name of ONE brand (if the brand has several models, then choose ONE model) your analysis focuses on.

– Give the name of the generic strategy your company has adopted for that brand (or model). Explain your answer by addressing both the value sought and the scope of the market target for the brand or model.

2.2. Corporate strategy:

– Give the name of ONE corporate strategy your company has adopted.

– Explain your answer with specifics (several large companies tend to use more than one corporate strategy, but please name ONE corporate strategy you will focus on)

3.3. International strategies:

– Give the name of ONE international entry strategy your company has used to enter foreign markets (MNEs tend to use more than one international entry strategy, but please give the name of ONE). Explain your answer with specifics (including at least one country your company used that entry strategy)

– Give the name of ONE international competitive strategy your company has used to compete in foreign markets (MNEs tend to use more than one international competitive strategy, but please give the name of ONE). Explain your answer with specifics (including at least one country your company used that international competitive strategy).


3.1. Problem:

– State ONE problem your company is facing.

– Give the name of ONE factor that has caused the problem you have stated. NOTE: the factor that has caused the problem must come from your analysis (Section 2 above)

3.2. Solution:

– Propose ONE solution to the problem.

– Explain how your solution will resolve the problem





The company that we will talk about here is Xerox and specifically about Xerox Printers and copiers because Xerox through its multiple ventures in domains related to electronics has created a niche for itself which has made it into a truly global company. The strategies that it follows are given under


Generic Strategy

Xerox in its strategy to become a global leader of the world has followed a focused cost leadership strategy part of which it has become the company to provide copier machine at not only the most efficient prices but also made itself easily available throughout the world to the extent that Xerox nowadays has become a synonym to copier machines


Corporate Strategy

Any big companies follow multiple corporate strategies in its bid to become the biggest player there is in the industry. Xerox too follows multiple strategies ranging from the related diversification strategy where it has forayed deep into the printing market bringing out multiple products ranging from the printing press to copier, but it has also used its prowess in vertical integration. We will talk about related diversification in this scenario. Xerox by increasing its copier industry to various avenues of near similar products like fax machines printers, color printers has increased its breadth from being a copier company to a company that tackles the length and breadth of the printing industry. It has moved on to create a name for it in the digital documents too thus keeping a huge avenue open for future diversification


International Strategy

Xerox in its international forays quickly moved on from its home location to various other markets to make and cement their name across the globe. They generally used Joint ventures to really make a mark in the countries that they are venturing into . Starting from giving a controlling stake to the Fuji Industries in its Asia Pacific business to jointly entering in India by allying with Modi it has shown that whilst in its international expenditure JV is something that it prefers most

In the avenue of international competitive strategy, they went ahead to create a global strategy that would try to tackle each aspect of the business across the world. Their only aim was to make their product a well-known name across the world. They did not create any specially customized product for each country rather depended on a strong distribution network and also a strong sales structure to really take their message home



One of the problems that the company has been facing recently is due to the fast-changing landscape in the printing industry it has become more and more difficult to be at the top of the industry for a long range of time. Also, with the renewed importance given to the sustainability of each resource, it has also become a very troublesome and bleak future for the paper and printing industry. As the global strategy that they have generally applied circles around their strong copier industry and the diversification also stems from it, this has created a less than hopeful future outcome for the company



The only solution that I believe Xerox can do is to start slowly to move out of the core industry and to move solely into the digital space. On doing that the company will able to trim their losses and will still have enough time to liquidate their assets to be completely used during the transition phase. It will also move on to a new niche segment and will be able to do a related transition to its core competency



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