Health Risks and/or Environmental Issues Involved in the Aftermath of the Storms


Think back to a natural disaster, such as Hurricane Matthew in 2016 or Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Which two specialized fields of toxicology do you think would be involved in assessing some of the health risks and/or environmental issues involved in the aftermath of the storms. Why? What do you think would be their main concerns?

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words


I believe Clinical and Environment toxicology would be specialized fields to be involved in assessing the health risk or environmental issues associated with the aftermath of storms or natural calamity.

Clinical toxicology is the study of the harmful effects of different drugs in the human body and is also concerned with proper treatment and prevention of drug toxicity. (Richard R. Rediske, n.d.). Often it is seen that water logging, as well as the carcass, provides the best source of bacterial growth. Despite having drugs for a specific ailment, it might be a case particular bacteria or virus unexpectedly reacts with the body and the medications taken to cure other diseases helps and works like a catalyst. So, in this case, clinical toxicology can help by providing preemptive measures.

Environment toxicology is concerned with the study of harmful attributes of chemicals be it natural or human-made and in particular their impact on living beings. (Alesia McManus, 2016). After calamity water contamination is a prime area of concern. Sewage leakage from household to Chemical leak it is essential that people are made aware of basic survival tactics. Anthropogenic chemicals along with natural compounds can hurt living beings if proper guidance is not provided and steps are not taken as suggested by the environmental toxicologist.

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