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Article :- Anatomy of Data Breach
Write a 1-page summary of your readings that:

1. Identifies between 3 and 5 – up to a maximum of 5 – key points that stand out to you from the readings. The five points will be the ones that you judge to be the most important ones in the assigned reading. The should be the 3 -5 points of impact that resonated with you most in the reading. In your impact summary you should describe each of the main points you wish to make and provide a defense for each point. That is, you should briefly state why you believe the pint you have observed is an important one. Be careful, subtitles or the hierarchical segmentation in your assigned readings do not necessarily imply importance. Similarly, this is not simply an exercise in
reiterating (summarising and describing) what the author has said. Focus on deciding analysing, evaluating and explaining what resonates with you most in a reading. Don’t simply describe the article back to your tutor, explain what counts in the article most for you.

2. In addition: develop and write up to a maximum two critical questions you have from the assigned reading/s. Develop 2 critical questions about the reading: A critical question is a written, open-ended query that emanates from your critique,  analysis and evaluation of the assigned readings, and when asked in class, initiates critical thinking/discussion among the class. Questions will explore ideas you consider worthy of further exploration after reading the initial paper, gaps, challenges or issues that require further exploration after reading the paper.





1. Key ideas

Security Audit Standards

I agree that Security Audit Standards regulates guidelines to banking sectors in order to protect data. As per international security audit standards guideline banking sectors protects their data from malicious software. As per my opinion, International audit standard has been set for the purpose of controlling over whole financial budgeting process of a banking industry and other retail industry ove5r a country. Security and data protection has positive impact on banking industry. Based on that data used in budgeting and accounting can be protected from theft. Along with that usage of strong passwords and security strategies information and data used in banking industries can be protected.

Malicious Software

Malicious software is kind of protecting software of all important information regarding budgeting and accounting of banking industry and other retail industry. Personally I believe that, whole operation process can be continued effectively. Due to which, it is important to focus on malicious software. I can ensure that with the aid of updating malicious software, intellectual property and record can be kept securely.

Data Protection

As per principles of data protection and international security standard, protection of all important information regarding budgeting and accounting are important to avoid issues regarding data theft. Personally I believe that, taking strategy regarding the way of protecting all systems and using strong password is the way of protecting intellectual property. I can describe that; online fraud and targeting on hacking of important information through official website have been enhanced over time. Injection attacks indicate process of hacking information from the corporate database through SQL web applications. Hacking of corporate website and extracting important information based on finance and accounting as well as budgeting for individual task is key aim of SQL injection attack.


Phishing is the way of gathering information regarding malicious code in the environment. I have noticed that criminals often target on hacking of intellectual property as well as financial records and personal information of all members.

SQL Injection Attacks

It is important to gather information related to SQL injection attacks based on which hackers extract information from different corporate database through strong web applications and software. I have noticed that, mass hacking campaign has taken advantages of the following technique in January 2008 due to hacking corporate information and intellectual property.

2.Questions that came up from the reading

1. How does security and data protection impact on banking industry?

2. What is the purpose of SQL injection attack?


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