Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationship-Management Assignment Sample

Assignment 1



You are working as a Customer Service Manager at a big telecommunication company Veptus and you are responsible for a team of 25 call centre representatives. One of your team members – Alisha, has made a complaint to the human resources department claiming she has been experiencing racial discrimination from her co-workers. She claims that her colleagues tease her about her accent and due to this she has been subjected to very offensive comments. She also says she has been isolated and even ostracised as no-one ever talks to her and when she wants to talk to anybody – they always say to her “oh, I don’t know what are you trying to say, it is so hard to understand you” or “you should learn how to speak English first before you start talking to us”. Alisha claims that these comments have caused her much distress and she even doubts her capabilities in relation to her being a call centre customers’ service representative.

Alisha has been employed in your company for over 2 years. She is from India and does have a bit of an accent, but this has never been an issue and customers that she has been serving, have always been very happy with her saying Alisha is a very patient, calm and polite person and she always explains things properly. She always participates in mandatory workplace training and she always receives good reviews from trainers.

Alisha reports directly to you, so you, together with the Human Resource Manager, need to follow-up and respond to the issue. In your response you need to identify the issue, recommend ways to resolve any conflict and promote the organisation’s cultural diversity within your team.

Respond to each of the following questions by preparing a report and presenting it to your team.

  1. What are the key issues relating to the situation and describe how they impact on Alisha’s work responsibilities?

  2. What are the steps you will take to manage Alisha’s complaint properly and describe how these comply with the company’s policies and procedures?

  3. Describe how you would ensure that consultation processes would provide opportunities for the affected team members to contribute to the issue in an appropriate manner?

  4. Describe how you would provide feedback to the affected team member and other staff on the outcome of the consultation?

  5. Develop an issue management process to ensure that the issues that have been raised would be resolved promptly and referred to relevant personnel. In the issue management process you need to include:

  • Symptoms – early warning signs of the issue

  • Facts – identify who is involved and establish the causes

  • Analysis – evaluate the extent of the issue, determine the potential implications, consider the interest of all those affected and ensure adherence to the organisation’s equal opportunity policy, conflict resolution procedure and legislative requirements

  • Options for resolution

  • Action plan – implementing the solutions and follow-up to ensure implementation

  • Monitor outcomes – describe the process of how you will monitor the outcomes of the action plan, including ongoing support and counselling to assist team members in resolving their difficulties in the workplace

  1. Describe how you display professional leadership behaviour through your own conduct, including:

  • Ways to gain and maintain trust and confidence of co-workers and external contacts

  • Methods to adjust your own interpersonal communication style to meet your company’s cultural diversity

  • Techniques to guide and support team members in their own personal adjustment process





Executive summary

The formation of an unfavourable environment in workplace makes an individual reluctant to work with more efficiency. It is essential to conduct frequent meeting and discussion session are essential to maintain a positive work environment along with effective analysis of various problematic situations it has been identified that in order to solve this critical problems the customer service manager and the human resource manager of the concerned organisation focus critically on proper implementation of Equal opportunity policy and Conflict resolution policy to form a conflict free healthy workplace.

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Key issues and their impacts in work responsibilities 


Reference list 


Management of the employees in an organised manner is essential for the management team of the company. This report sheds light on the case study which mainly deals with the employee facing racial discrimination within their workplace. This report aims to understand the various aspects of the problems that the employees are facing in her workplace and the measure is taken to avoid such a situation. The report also identifies the different recommendation that shall be beneficial for the business and shall also be helpful in proper identification of the policies that are enforced by the government in order to provide a proper working environment to the employees.


Alisha being an employee from Indian origin has to face a lot of problems related to the racial discrimination at her workplace. She is abused and even mocked for her accent and the employees are not willing to start any kind of communication practice with her. He has been facing continuous discrimination and has kept herself isolated. However, the customers that Alisha is handling are not facing any problem with her accent. They on the other hands are satisfied with the way Alisha handles situations. They found her patients and also mentioned that she explains the problem properly. The employees discriminate her and are not willing to consider her as one of their employees. They mock at her saying that they are unable to understand what Alisha says. However, the trainers are impressed with Alisha and appreciate her for her dedication towards the organisation. It is essential for the management team and Human resource management to find a proper solution to this problem.

Key issues and their impacts in work responsibilities

In order to work in the concerned telecommunication company Veptus Alisha has faced critical problems in her workplace. Her co-workers have teased her for her accent. As described by Chang, Liu & Lin (2015), formation of an unfavourable environment in workplace makes an individual reluctant to work with more efficiency. Thereby, Alisha becomes doubtful about her capabilities to be a call centre representative. Besides, it denotes lack of corporations among the employees in Veptus. According to the Equal employment opportunity policy (Policies.acu.edu.au, 2019) of the organisation it is regarded as the critical duty of the employees to avoid and ban any kind of discrimination. In this case study it has been seen that the other employees make Alisha bound to fall in an acute environment of discrimination and mental harassment.

Impact on work responsibilities

This kind of discrimination in workplace has critical effect on Alisha’s workplace responsibilities. In words of Goodman (2019), flexible work arrangement and friendly communication process are helpful to encourage an employee within a specific workplace. In order to face this situation Alisha had started to doubt her capabilities and she was falling into critical distress which made her reluctant and affected her work performance in order to deal with the customers.

Steps taken to manage Alisha’s complaint

In order to meet Alisha’s complaint effectively the customer service manager and human resource manager need to be careful enough. The probable steps can be as mentioned below-

  • The incorporation of Equal Employment Opportunity Policy by the customer service manager is helpful to equal opportunities for all of the employees in Veptus.
  • As mentioned by Hanse et al. (2016), formation of a harassment free environment is formed by the human resource manager which in turn, enhances the employee performance level.
  • The customer service managers of the concerned organisation focuses on potential problems of Alisha before they become the formal grievances.
  • Immense emphasis is need from the part of human resource manager to make efficient decisions considering the ramifications of the individuals as well as the organization itself (Jeske & Santuzzi, 2015).
  • Frequent meeting and discussion session are essential to maintain a positive work environment along with effective analysis of various problematic situations.
  • The customer service manager can incorporate a transparent problem solving method which is easily acceptable to all the employees and this is helpful to solve organisational problems with proper discussion.

Figure 1: Steps taken to manage complaint

(Source: Influenced by Lee Jr et al. 2017, p.310)

Opportunities provided by consultation processes

Maintenance of proper communication in a healthy manner is essential to solve the issue generated in current workplace. In the view of Mcdonald et al. (2016), proper discussion over the particular issue and providing benefits to the victim are effective for mitigating the problem by consultation. In the current scenario, the customer service manager and the human resource manager can be able to solve Alisha’s problem by making effective discussion.

It has been seen that Alisha has got good reviews as a trainee; hence it is obvious that proper encouragement is helpful for her to overcome the potential problem. The consultation process is helpful to solve the issue in an appropriate manner. It provides opportunities through some ways-

  • Open discussion process is helpful to know the actual requirement of the affected individual.
  • In this case, frequent communication with Alisha can be helpful to mitigate her accent problem easily.
  • Proper communication session is essential to reduce the turnover number of staffs which is created due to intra organisational conflicts.
  • As commented by Mitonga-Monga, Flotman & Cilliers (2016), open consultation is effective in terms of identification of critical issues along with making proper decisions for solving them.

Figure 2: Opportunities provided by consultation processes

(Source: Influenced by Moore & Piwek, 2017)

Way of providing feedback

Based on the current discussion the managers need to give proper feedbacks to the affected team members and it can be helpful for identify the exact outcome from the consultation. As mentioned by Robertson (2017), maintenance of positive views to the employees is beneficial to understand their motive. Thus, the essential ways for providing feedbacks are as mentioned below-

  • The customer service and human resource managers need to be very specific while giving feedback to the workers.
  • Face to face communication focuses on giving feedbacks through verbal mode.
  • As stated by Skeepers & Mbohwa (2015), providing actionable advice to the employees is important to criticise the ways to solve a major organisational problem.
  • Providing proper suggestion through verbal or written mode can be effective ways for encouraging employees within a particular workplace.

Thereby, the outcomes of a discussion process are greatly evaluated by making proper feedbacks for the participants. This, in turn, is also helpful to meet and analyse the demands of the workers.

Figure 3: Way of providing feedback

(Source: Influenced by Robertson, 2017, p.56)

Issue management process


From the given case scenario, it has been seen that Alisha is being distressed and starts to doubt her own capabilities regarding communication when all of her co workers teased her for her accent.


All of the co workers of Alisha in Veptus accuse her for her for communication skills and tease in various ways. Thereby, she becomes distressed and complains to the customer service manager.


In order to solve this critical problems the customer service manager and the human resource manager of the concerned organisation focus critically on proper implementation of Equal opportunity policy (Policies.acu.edu.au, 2019) and Conflict resolution policy (Business.gov.au, 2019) to form a conflict free healthy workplace. Moreover, a number of legislative policies are incorporated to take effective steps against the guilt.

Options for resolution

Implementation of organisational policies is beneficial to encourage the employees along with reduce the number of discrimination related to the employment. Moreover, harassment and any kind of cultural and social diversity are focused to be promoted in future.

Action plan



Completion date

Making effective discussion with employees

All the employees of Veptus



Human resource manager


Incorporation of healthy policies (Equal opportunity policy



Table 1: Action Plan

(Source: Influenced by Moore & Piwek, 2017)

Monitoring outcomes

This is helpful to develop a healthy business environment. Frequent counselling of the affected individuals and solving their issues are helpful to build up a conflicts free environment.

6. Ways for displaying professional leadership

  • Ways to gain trust of co-workers

In order to maintain a professional leadership a person needs to be efficient enough to meet the workers requirements. Besides, in a telecommunication company the leaders need to maintain healthy conversation with employees to gain trust and respect of the co workers.

  • Methods to adjust own interpersonal communication

In order to develop interpersonal communication style I have to be friendly with employees. Along with this, analysis of their problems and finding appropriate solutions are helpful to develop leadership skills.

  • Techniques to support team members

In order to provide support team members conflicts need to be reduced in an efficient manner. Moreover, implementation of employee friendly policies in organisation appears as greatly advantageous to have support from team members.


Hence, it can be concluded that the employees need proper monitoring with the introduction of strict policies within the organisation. The effective practice of communication shall be essential in the management of the employees and increasing the dimension of their thinking. Reduction in conflict and introduction of a proper adaptation of the team spirit is essential for the business of Veptus. The proper understanding among the employees and the adaptation of each other strengths and weakness is essential for the organisation to grow in an organised and systematic manner. The formation of action plans with the resource management team is beneficial for reaching an effective conclusion of the problem of racial discrimination in the business of Veptus in Australia.

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Assignment 2


  1. Using five different examples from your organisation, or an organisation you are familiar with, answer the following questions by completing the table below: (I)What types of information do you communicate within your organisation to support others to achieve work responsibilities (II)What is the purpose of the information?(III)Who is the audience?(IV)What methods do you use to communicate the information
  2. .What aspects must you consider while establishing a strategic consultation process
  3. List two consultation methods you could use to receive information and feedback from your team.
  4. While providing a feedback to co-workers you may experience a range of reactions. What might they include?
  5. What are the ways that you use to build trust and confidence of your colleagues

  6. Describe a range of strategies you follow for managing poor performance within your team.

  7. How can you use networks to build workplace relationships providing identifiable outcomes for the team and organisation?

  8. Give at least three examples of who you would network with and how they would benefit the team and organisation?

  9. Describe how you would present yourself at a networking event in a way that supports your individual and organisational outcomes (refer to positive and negative networking actions).

  10. For what reasons might your co-workers develop difficulties in workplace relationships?

  11. How would you provide guidance, counselling and support to assist co-workers in resolving their difficulties in the workplace?

  12. What are the dispute resolution principles? Briefly describe them.

  13. What methods may you use to resolve conflict in the workplace?

  14. Explain how systems, policies and procedures can support the development of effective work relationships focusing on interpersonal styles, communications, consultation, cultural and social sensitivity, networking and conflict resolution.

  15. Outline legislation relevant to managing effective workplace relationships.



1 Answer :-





Service efficiency

To improve the working efficiency of the employees

The staff of the organisation

Conducting meeting and discussions

Sales information

To motivate the employees to work better

The employees of the sales department

Discussion revenue and sales statistics

Production-related information

To improve the work specification of the production team

The management team and employees in the production department

Motivating the employees by giving examples

Information related to change in marketing techniques

To make marketing more successful and organized

The marketing team and management of the organisation

Planning proper execution of the marketing skills and techniques

Information related to the working conditions of the employees

To provide a better and safe working environment to the employees

The management team and the employees of the organisation

Formation of complaint and helpline desk

2 Answer:-

The qualities of the product sold in by the Good guys as well as their customer services are taken into consideration while the establishment of the strategic consultation process. As opined by Rezvani et al. (2016), the properly planned approach is essential for the business to operate in an organised manner. The marketing strategies of the organisation are also very vital for the proper formation of the strategies for the betterment of the business. The company aims to manage its employees in an organised manner to maximise their profit in long run

3 Answer:-

The proper use of complains desk is needed in order to receive proper information regarding the problems faced by a team or getting effective feedbacks. The organisation can also use

Social networking sites liked that of Twitter so that they can stay connected with the employees and receive proper feedbacks. As stated by Jafri, Dem & Choden (2016), the confirmation that the identity of the employees complaining about any of the authorities

Shall not be reviled in any case shall provide the employees with confidence to raise their voice against the unjust practice.

4 Answer:-

Conflict among the employees while providing feedback to the co-worker is common. The feeling of inferiority complex is very common among the co-workers. The feeling that the other employee is given more important usually reduces the performance of the employees (Ott, Dana, and Snejina, 2018). The employees may feel unimportant within the working environment which reduced their moral of working efficiently.

5 Answer:-

Introduction of proper discussion session so that the employees are able to know each other better shall be effective. The introduction of a friendly working environment so that the employees shall get proper space for interaction which each other. As opined by Van et al. (2015), the employees need proper time to interact with each other in order to build trust and confidence among their colleagues. The introduction of team spirit among the employees and the formation of culture where the team members are treated as the family will be effective in building trust and confidence among the employees.

6 Answer:-

Skill enhancement programs are very effective in improving the working efficiency of the employees. As stated by Smith (2017), the employees need to update their skills with the introduction of the new technologies and methods of service. The formation of the discussion session is important to understand the problem areas faced by employees. The proper identification of the problem is essential before taking up any strategies for improvement. Motivation is the major strategies that can encourage the employees in serving the company in a better manner.

7 Answer:-

The building of network is needed for the establishment of a better relationship at the workplace. The flexible approach towards the employees is beneficial for the proper understating of the problems that the employees are facing in the working environment. Possessing a friendly attitude among the employees as well as the management team is helpful in motivating by the employees to serve the customers beater (Vasudevan., Mahadi and Robert, 2017). Having patience and calm nature is also useful.

8 Answer:-

The flexible approach towards the employees helps the management team of the good guys efficient in adopting proper management techniques according to the arising situation.

The friendly nature enables the management team to understand the condition of the employees better and motive ate them to serve the company better.

The penitence and clam nature helps in solving difficult situations in a specific and organised manner.

9 Answer:-

Presenting one’s self in the event of networking is very important. It needs to be effective and organised. The person needs to be sincere with whatever his aims and objectives of going to the networking event are essential. As mentioned by Hussein & Goel (2016), the member needs to be intriguing and must possess the want to connect with other members. The person must be generous in nature and execute their point with efficiency.

10 Answer:-

In case the co-worker is not friendly and posses rude nature, the other worker might find it difficult to work or interact with the employees. The lack of adopting quality might be difficult for the worker as they will be unable to adopt them self to the changing working environment. As opined by Howard & Melhuish (2017), the lack of proper communication practice is an important drawback in building a proper relationship with the other workers. The use of one single language such as is English shall be beneficial for the employees to work in a proper manner without any difficulties.

11 Answer:-

The proper understanding of the origin and cultural background of the employees is essential in having a proper understanding behind the nature of the employees and shall be beneficial for the adoption of the proper measures to solve the situation (Mattingly & Kraiger, 2018). The introduction of proper communication session among the employees shall be ineffective measure by the management of the good guys. The organisation of different team activities will motivate the employee to work in a proper organ used manner with each other.

12 Answer:-

Proper identification of the origination of the dispute as well as careful listening of the agreement and disagreements is required. As stated by Onnis, Hakendorf & Tsey (2018), it is essential to analyse the behaviour of the employees engaged. Individual talking and understanding the point on views of the employees and then take effective measures regarding the dispute in the organisation is effective.

13 Answer:-

Effective communication practice among the employees shall be beneficial in reducing confusion and misunderstanding among the employees and reduce the level of conflict. The proper measures taken by the management team shall be effective in the reduction of the employee’s dispute or conflict. The introduction of the effective feedback and complain unit within the organisation shall be beneficial for the entire company to reduce the level of conflict among the employees and encourage them to work with proper coordination with each other (Mayer, Caruso & Salovey, 2016). The feeling of team or togetherness reduces the conflict level among the employees is essential. The management of the employees of the good guys are efficient and all the members of the business work in proper coordination and understanding with others. The conflicts are mild and are solved within the employees from time to time.

14 Answer:-

System: The systematic and organised execution of service and management of the employees enable in the development of effective work. The interpersonal style of execution of the services shall be beneficial for the Good Guys Company. The effective use of common language for communication practice is essential for the development of the business and their working culture.

Policies: The proper introduction of rules regulations and policies enforced by the organisation as well as the government of Australia is effective in the proper management of the employees and make sure that their rights are safeguarded. The consultation with the authorities with effective networking is also a vital policy of the business.

Procedure: The execution of the work in an organised manner and make sure that the proper conflict resolution is formed (Rezvani et al. 2016). The effective relationship building between the different members of the Good guy’s enabled the company to execute their work in an organised manner.

15 Answer:-

The use of the effective legislation in the business sectors enables the employees to work in proper coordination with which other without any major conflict. The legislation makes sure that the employees are treated in a proper manner and are not subjected to any biases mess or ill-treatment (Ott, Dana, and Snejina, 2018). The following laws by the Australian government are used by the managing team and authorities of the good guys

Fair Work act 2009 (Fairwork.gov.au, 2019)

Freedom to Information Act of 1982

Privacy Act of 1986

Competition and Consumer Act 2010

Assignment 3


  1. Explain the difference between emotions and moods.

Mood is something a person may not express, but emotion is something we express. Moods last longer. Mood of a person depends upon action of the other person. Mood does not needs and specific reason or situation.

Whereas, Emotion is object based and more extreme. As stated by Jafri, Dem & Choden (2016), emotions arose in an individual due to certain situation or objectives. Emotions are extreme in nature and the person needs to find proper ways to execute their emotions on an individual or object. The emotion can sometimes take up the image of out busting anger.

  1. Explain emotional intelligence principles.

Self awareness – It understands yourself and your emotions when they arrive. Self awareness helps especially handling emotional situations, but just everyday life as well. It is basically the self consciousness about your surrounding environment or people.

Self control- Learning this helps you react calmly to difficult situations by controlling yourself. It is especially useful in a conflict or when dealing with some other stressful situation. As stated by Smith (2017), control over ones action is essential in dealing with people in daily life and maintain proper harmony with them.

Adaptability – It is not getting too attached to anything really and understanding that everything is in constant change. Example: If we have a big goal in life and just go towards it, work for it 24/7 when we finally get there it will be disappointing because we see how much of life we have missed out. If you are adaptive you can still have big goals, but you able life to change them and don’t forget to enjoy the ride along the way. Adaptability also helps with problems in life, you are just more fluid, tolerate against others and yourself.

Empathy- It is a skill of listening without interrupting and judging. Understanding that everyone is different and being genuinely not criticizing to others. It is one of the biggest gifts we can give to others and it can help you make great connections.

Conflict management- There is too many people who enjoy being in a conflict or watching one because they have boring lives. Having conflict management skill means to observe and not getting emotionally involved. Great skill for finding solutions to conflicts is essential for the individual to work in stable working environment and avoid conflicts among each other.

  1. What are the most common workplace stressors? List at least five.

The most common workplace stressors are:

  • Work overload

  • Social relationships

  • Balancing personal and work life

  • Lack of job security

  • Work changes

  • Workplace violence

  • Poor equipment

  1. Describe some common signs of stress.

Low energy, anxiety, headaches, upset stomach, insomnia, frequent colds and infections are some vital signs of being stress. The person starts behaving weird and irritable with restless. They are unable to focus, changes in libido or appetite.

  1. What is a destructive behavior? Give some examples of destructive behavior and write what

can be a constructive alternative for such behavior.

  1. What are the aspects of a diverse workplace?

A diversification in the workplace simply means an organization that has wide variety of employment opportunities. There is huge variation in the age of the employs, their educational qualification. The organization also produces huge dimension of cultural diversity within the company. The liberty in gender and sexual preferences of the employees is considered as work place diversification. As stated by Van et al. (2015), the versions in the language used for the communication practice is also a part of diversification at work place. Religion, belief and spirituality, organization function and level, veteran status are some of the important aspects of diversification at work place.

  1. Describe how culture can affect emotions?

People from different culture interpret expressions differently; this can end up affecting emotions.

The culture and tradition of the people are closely connected with the execution of emotion if the people. As opined by Ott, Dana and Snejina (2018), The people coming from conservative and tradition background are unable to raise their voice against the unjust practice with the employs on the other hand the person coming from the liberal and western back ground are confident enough in protest against the improper practice among them self.

  1. Describe two culturally competent behaviors you display while working with others.

Good communication:

The practice of effective communication practice with the perfect knowledge of the other frequently used language is essential for the people from strong g cultural background to interact with each other and maintain a proper stability without creating and miss understanding or miss communication among each other in an organization.

Fitting diversity with business:

Introduction of proper communication session enables the employees to work in proper coordination with each other with the proper understating of the nature and behavior of the individuals. As stated by Jafri, Dem & Choden (2016), the effective understanding the origin of an individual enables the person to understand their culture better and enable the person to fit ion the culture better and contribute towards the diversity within the business.

  1. List two ways you prepare your lessons to suit individual preferences.

Communication and experimenting are the two important methods that are efficiently utilized in the personal preferences. As opined by Rezvani et al. (2016), the execution of proper communication with the person enables in the analysis of believers and morals of an individual. This also makes the motives of the person transparent. The experimenting on the other hand simply means the level of trust one can build on other person. The strong bond of two people and their stand with each other at the time of need is essential for perfect individual preferences.

  1. List and briefly describe 6 leadership styles.

  1. Which of the six emotionally intelligent leadership styles do you most relate to and why?

Authoritative – I possess the ability of motivating the entire team towards common goal.

Affiliative – I am very good in making people open about their needs and making different people connect comfortably.

Coaching- I have the ability of making people understand in an effective manner with proper planed approach.

Democrative- I have the ability of convening people to collaborate and motivate people to work in organized manner.

Pacesetting – I am goal oriented and work for the better meant of the organization for the improper execution of the aimed goals and objectives.

Commanding- I posses a good commanding nature and ensure that all the members are following the rules properly.

  1. Read the scenario and answer the questions below.

Anna is a floor manager at the big Department Store. One of her main duties is putting together work rosters to ensure everything runs smoothly and customers’ needs are promptly addressed. Anna has 5 full time employees and several casuals that only work during peak period.

It is two weeks before Christmas and Anna needs to prepare the roster for her staff. December is generally a very busy period, but Anna’s biggest concern is the Boxing Day as this is the day that requires all team members to be on hand. All members of Anna’s team celebrate Christmas so they all expect to have some time off to spend with their families. Anna realises that some team members will be very disappointed that they will have to come to work despite the higher rate of pay. To ensure the emotions of everyone are considered in making the decision, Anna proposes the following roster:

  • Staff who work on Boxing Day morning will have afternoon off and vice versa

  • All full time staff will get 5% discount on the goods offered by the Department Store

Anna shares the idea with the staff and invites them to participate in the decision making process by encouraging them to share their feeling in relation to her proposed roster. She also wants to give the staff a choice of choosing which shift they want to work as long as the whole day is covered. She hopes that including the team members in the decision making process and giving them a choice, will result in a positive outcome as the team members will feel included and partially

    1. Which of the six emotionally intelligent leadership styles was presented by Anna in the scenario above? Give reason for your decision.

I would say democratic, because she wants to give her staff some room to make decisions themselves. Anna also posses all the quality of a smart leaders who is efficient in handling difficult situation with the help of democratic leadership approach.

    1. What can you do to improve taking into account the emotions of others when making decisions?

Improvement of empathy skills is essential in order to make proper decision regarding the balance between the emotion and business related decisions

  1. List three steps you could take to improve your social awareness skills in workplace decision –

Making process

  • Improve your listening skills,

  • Pay intention to your interactions with other people

  • Identify people emotional states

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of helping your team members express their emotions in theworkplace?

  1. What could you do to encourage other to express their thoughts and feelings?

Make them comfortable maybe by sharing something personal with them.

  • Being an effective and active listener but not intruding

  • Asking for advice

  • Giving them your interpretation of their feelings and asking whether you are right, accepting if you are not

  1. What are the legislative responsibilities and obligations in relation to “psychological safety” at


  1. Explain the process of self-reflection.

Emotionally intelligent leadership styles emotionally intelligent leadership styles

  • Ask the right questions

  • Be truthful!

  • Attain clarity, analyze situation by writing an coming to a solution.

  • Making a decision and commit to it.

  1. Explain why it is important to encourage a positive climate in the workplace?

It is essential to encourage a positive working climate so that the people would love to come to work. Positive people are more energized and motivated which means they work more effectively. If work place is negative then people might get stressed which has lot of bad outcomes as I mentioned earlier. The positive working environment enables the employees to get motivated and contribute towards the betterment of the organization in an organized manner.

  1. Use the table below to indicate how well you believe you and your team demonstrate the seven

Skills required of a team operating with emotional and social intelligence, and then answer the questions below.


Very well To some extent Not at all
Identifying with the team x
Staying motivated towards achieving team goals x
Practising emotional awareness and empathy x
Communicating positively and effectively x
Developing appropriate stress tolerance levels x
Resolving conflict effectively x
Maintaining a positive mood x
    1. Which of the above skills you and your team DO NOT currently posses or apply to teamwork within your organization?

I am working right now with the most amazing team that works in great harmony.

    1. How could you improve these skills to ensure a positive emotional climate within your team?

Maybe if our boss would have bigger visions then our goals could be bigger. Maybe everything is going so well because our goals are not big enough and we are lucky. Struggled is a part of life.

  1. Think about your workplace and list at least 5 strengths of your team members and explain how

You can use those strengths to achieve workplace outcomes.

We are very good with people which help out with sales.
We are very positive which is addictive and makes people happy.
We are very driven which helps us reach our goals.
We are there for each other which make us stronger as a team.

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