Marketing Management dissertation topics

We have listed 10 exclusive Marketing Management dissertation topics as given below to be used in your research, thesis, or dissertation.


  1. The impact of social media marketing on brand loyalty: This topic investigates the effects of social media marketing strategies on brand loyalty of customers.
  2. The role of influencers in shaping consumer behavior: This topic explores the power of influencers in persuading consumers and their impact on marketing campaigns.
  3. The effects of corporate social responsibility on consumer behavior: This topic studies how corporate social responsibility initiatives influence consumer behavior and their impact on brand reputation.
  4. The effectiveness of personalized marketing in enhancing customer engagement: This topic analyzes the effectiveness of personalized marketing strategies in increasing customer engagement and loyalty.
  5. The impact of virtual reality on consumer behavior: This topic studies how virtual reality technology can be used in marketing campaigns to influence consumer behavior.
  6. The effectiveness of cross-cultural marketing strategies: This topic explores the effectiveness of cross-cultural marketing strategies in reaching out to diverse target audiences.
  7. The role of brand identity in creating brand equity: This topic studies how brand identity can be used to create and enhance brand equity.
  8. The effects of mobile marketing on consumer behavior: This topic analyzes the impact of mobile marketing strategies on consumer behavior and their effectiveness in reaching out to target audiences.
  9. The influence of emotions on consumer decision-making: This topic studies how emotions can influence consumer decision-making and how this can be used in marketing strategies.
  10. The role of data analytics in marketing decision-making: This topic explores how data analytics can be used in marketing decision-making processes to enhance marketing effectiveness and efficiency.

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