Movie Review of SPare parts 2015 Solved Solution Sample


  1. There are several instances in Spare Parts when the boys failed to fulfill their duties, such as when facing the difficulties building the robot, and when the meetings fell into chaos almost breaking up the group. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of discipline and incentives that their teacher used on them (Piscitelli Chapter 4). 2-3 references within intext


The spare part is a beautiful film that tries to portray that through the right kind of effort and perseverance with a tad of really good guidance it is truly possible to make any sort of situation advantageous and come out successful. It only needs an iron-clad will and the tendency never to give up to win and overturn completely hopeless situations.

In this movie, it portrays how following your heart, being disciplined enough to do the task day in and day out and also keep a straight-line goal can work wonders. In this movie, there are multiple parts that teach us how discipline and incentives can take you a long way. For example, during the first task when the robot lost the second 5 points the player unanimously decided to go ahead and bypass this task. This was because of the fact that they knew the strengths of their robot and were not afraid enough to go ahead with their decisions even though they may not be the most publicly accepted ones. It also showed how the team was able to hold their own even though there were a diverse set of skills with one of them being the leader, one brain and one the tether, how to help yourself which was amply showed when they asked help from individual experts who were more than eager to help them out. All in all, it showed that with the right incentives that are to prove their spot even though they are immigrants and beat the favorites MIT and with the right amount of discipline that the teacher imbibed in them wonders become possible.

In a nutshell, it when you show up for your passion and do the work day in day out with utmost dedication and willpower no amount of backgrounds or negative influence can hold you back.


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