Physical Hazards that can Happen in Workplace-Nursing Writeup Sample



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What are some physical hazards that you can think of in your current place of employment or a former place of employment? If you were the safety officer at one of these facilities, what are some actions that you might take to ensure that your coworkers remain safe from harm?

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.




I have worked in hospital in the past. This workplace contains numerous hazards, especially biological, physical, and chemical hazards. According to me, some of the physical hazards that can happen in this workplace are –

  • Cold and flu germs transfer from an infected person to a healthy person
  • Exposure to bloodborne pathogens for nurses and staffs
  • Slippery floors leading to physical injuries due to fall or slip
  • Noise in some of the departments
  • Inadequate ventilation for staffs and patients
  • Inadequate use of needles and sticks for the patients
  • Radiation zone in the hospital being used for specific purpose
  • Contact with the harmful and poisonous drugs

Nurses are more prone to physical hazards as compared to patients and doctors, as they are involved in the caretaking of patients. According to the BLS, nurses experience more than 35000 physical injuries each year.

Some actions that can be taken to prevent these can be –

  • Maintain properly cleaned floors with keeping a report on leaks and spills
  • Store flammables in approved and closed containers
  • Do not allow untrained and unauthorized people to enter radiation active zones
  • Wear hand gloves, shoes, and proper personal protective equipment while working
  • Maintain regular hygiene checkup for each department and provide necessary trainings
  • Store medicines and acids in proper storage system
  • Provide air masks for both patients and staffs to avoid any air borne disease
  • Maintain proper ventilation system and enough room for patients to be comfortable


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