Project Management Body of Knowledge Assignment Solution Sample



In this Assignment you are to focus on the following the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) areas:

Project Scope Management

    1. Scope Statement
    2. Work Breakdown Structure [WBS]
    3. Include all Deliverables
    4. Define a Change Management Process



 Project Scope Management Plan

1.1Product Description

The objective of the project would be to provide a better business listing website to the people in the town and the visitors in order to help them find the best solution providers for their needs. The website will try to make a breakthrough by finding the genuine service providers in the city and a lucid structure of content which will help the people find the right content at right place and time.

1.2Project Deliverables

  • A dynamic website creation which would contain the listing of the best businesses and services of the town for people
  • An informative content creation from the genuine source of data of all the events, products, and the services
  • A one stop destination for all the businesses in town to increase their digital reach and future ready through modern analytical tools

1.3 Project scope statement

  • Project scopes
    • Creating the design of the website
    • Content development
    • Social media platform connection
    • Mobile ready platform
    • Google Analytics
  • Out of the scope
    • Website Hosting
    • Photos and videos creation
    • Genuineness checking of information provided by the businesses
    • Collect the event listings

1.4 Work Break down structure

1.5 Scope Change Management Process

  • The project scope once approved will not be changed until and unless special requirements from the user or the authority comes.
  • In case of any requirement change which needs to be addressed should first be communicated to the project manager.
  • The project manager after finding feasibility of the change of scope should discuss with the team and verify it
  • The change in scope report should go to the General Manager CAPM for approval and then to the CEO

1.6 Plan modification rules

  • The project plan modification after changing the scope will be handled by the project manager
  • The Project manager should discuss with the team and take necessary steps accordingly
  • Any schedule revise after change of scope and plan should be taken in =to consideration and same should be communicated to the user and the authority
  • Prior approval should be taken from GM(CAPM) for plan change

1.7 Project Schedule

Milestone Completion date
Evaluation & recommendations 5th May 2019
Development of Project charter 25th May 2019
Submit Project Charter 27th May 2019
Review of Project charter 30th May 2019
Sign and roll project charter 1st  June 2019
Technical Specifications collection 15th May 2019
Content and informations 25th May 2019
User Requirements collect and freeze 2nd June 2019
Reporting requirements 4th June 2019
Establish Design Elements 12th June 2019
Layout design  creation 20th June 2019
Content graphics development 30th June 2019
Interactive design protocol creation and check 20th July 2019
Social media content check 30th June 2019
Social Media connection to website 30th July 2019
Events content variability 30th July 2019
Flash Element Mapping 5th August 2019
Browser Compatibility Check 10th August 2019
Social Media Testing 12th August 2019
launch event 20th August 2019
Google Analytics connection start 22nd August 2019
Website maintenance plan handover 28th August 2019


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