Project Scope and Work Breakdown Structure-Project Management Sample


Project Scope and Work Breakdown Schedule


This portfolio work project focuses on the project scope, including a work breakdown schedule (WBS) for Cosmos, Inc. or your selected business. These are the next key components of your project management plan. 


For this assessment, choose either Option A or Option B. You do not need to do both. Your instructor will grade both options using the same scoring guide.

Option A: Based on the analysis completed by Cosmo Inc.’s task force, the marketing department must develop, implement, and test a new marketing campaign focused on maintaining current customer levels and increasing their customer base through the utilization of new technology. Refer to the Cosmo, Inc. Business Case document in the Resources for more information.

Option B: Choose a business of your own. The business must include (but is not limited to) the following criteria:

  • Clear business objective and a specific completion outcome.
  • Project team has at least three members (not including you, the project manager), each with defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Completion window of 180 days.
  • Cost estimates that serve as the basis for a budget are used as part of the plan development process.

Your Role

For both Options A and B, you are the project manager. 


Using the template linked in the Course Resources, include the following in the Project Scope and Work Breakdown Schedule sections of your Project Management Plan: 

  • Project Scope Overview
    • This describes the background and context for the project and why it is being undertaken. This is the business value of the work being performed.
  • Project Scope Description
    • Develop a scope section, including the types of deliverables, the life-cycle process, types of data, sources or databases, and organizations that are included in this project.
    • Explain what is in scope and what is not in scope.
  • Acceptance Criteria
    • Describe required work for successful project completion. This is to be only required work.
    • Identify project stakeholders and roles and responsibilities. What are the specific acceptance criteria needed for project success?
    • Analyze lessons learned from how leadership characteristics and behaviors affect project success. 
  • Deliverables
    • List deliverables to be performed and not performed as part of this project. Indicate constraints, dependencies, assumptions, and mitigation strategies. 
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    • Develop a work breakdown schedule. This includes an introduction and graphical representation of the totality of work identified in the Scope Management Plan. Note: Graphical examples may be created in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Visio and saved as a .jpeg picture to be inserted into your plan.

Deliverable Format

  • Utilize Project Management Plan template.
  • References: There is no set number of references required for this assessment. Use scholarly or academic sources where applicable.
  • Format:
    • Use the Project Scope and Work Breakdown Schedule components of the template provided.
    • The Project Scope and Work Breakdown Schedule are professional documents and should therefore follow the corresponding MBA Academic and Professional Document Guidelines, including single-spaced paragraphs. 
    • Use APA style and format for references and in-text citations.
  • Length: Utilize the template, including the title page and reference page.



Executive Summary (u10a1)

[Overview of Executive Summary

This report sheds light on power pack project that have been undertaken by TESLA incorporated in South Australian region. The scope of project and primary objectives such as provision 100 MWH power and utility of individual battery pods are being mentioned in the report. It also determines the basic acceptance criteria of project manager, project sponsor, project coordinator, supplier and relevant partner of the project. The participation of project partner for determining the success of project has been mentioned in the latter section of report. Work breakdown structure and other budget allocation are being considered for this report.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary (u10a1) 

Version Control 

Project Charter (u02a1) 

Project Title

Project Start Date

Projected Finish Date

Budget Information

Project Manager

Business Need 

Project Objectives 






Initial Risk Factors

Regulatory cost/impact

Roles and Responsibilities



Project Scope (u04a1) 

Project Scope Overview 

Project Scope Description 

Acceptance Criteria 





Mitigation Strategies

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) (u04a1)

WBS Introduction

WBS Graphical Representation(s)

Project Management Cost (Budget) (u07a1) 

Introduction (Intent) 

Project Budget 

Project Management Schedule (u07a1) 

Introduction (Intent) 

Microsoft Project Document

Risk Management Plan (u10a1) 


Risk Matrix 

Introduction and Legend (Intent) 

Project Quality Plan (u10a1)

Introduction (Intent): 

Plan Quality Management Processes

Manage Quality Assurance

Control Quality

Project Close and Lessons Learned (u10a1) 



Version Control

Version Number

Assignment Number



Project Charter (u02a1)

Project Title: Power pack project

Project Start Date: 29 September 2017

Projected Finish Date: 31 December 2017

Budget Information: Total cost of project was 66 million Dollars

Project Manager: Mike Hummel

Business Need

The primary requirement of this project was to deliver a high power lithium ion battery that can be utilized by South Australian region for generating high powered energy. This particular project can be linked with Tesla’s long term growth strategy. Since the provision of Giant battery in Australia can generate power up to 129 MWh, it can be used to influence major clients and customers. This particular project has the necessary elements that could be taken up to garner financial wealth for Tesla’s business. Therefore, such wealth generation approach can help Tesla to continue toward building a civilization over Mars.

Project Objectives

The primary objective of Tesla’s powerpack project is to implement Giant power grid that can help South Australian people to conserve maximum amount of usable energy. The project deliverables of powerpack project are:

  • Power generation of more than 100 MW in South Australia

  • Accurate report on steam turbine deployed in those region

  • Reduction in grid service cost by more than 90% (Lambert, 2018)


The project was managed under the guidance of Mike Hummel, the chief operating manager of power pack project in Australia. In order to have better grip over completion of project, expense over project material needed to be reduced. Fleming & Koppelman (2016) has commented that

reduction in external expense allows an organization to complete project before schedule. The management of this project can be narrowed down to PMI approach for effective evaluation


The power pack project had to acquire basic information of energy need in South Australia. In order to complete this questionnaire survey tool and interview of government agencies can be utilized


The planning was inclined toward lowering the cost of grid service so that Tesla can acquire better reputation in that region. In order to achieve this competitor analysis of South Australian must be conducted.


The execution of power pack project was considered to achieve minimum of one quarter of revenue within initial months. Tesla managed to garner more than 17 million Dollars within 6 months of initiation (, 2019).


The project was monitored to achieve 100 MW of power from Giant installed battery. In order to achieve this, advanced grid technology was utilized that could produce zero percentage of emission.


The closure of power pack project involved basic information of key deliverables and also carbon number that has been emitted on monthly basis.



  • It is assumed that power pack project of Tesla will only need individual battery pod for every grid

  • It is assumed that the project will be able to garner customer attention that can be utilized for monetary expansion of Mars exploration of Tesla (The primary project of Tesla).It is assumed that financial requirement of similar future prospects will go down due to heightened quality of grid technology.

  • It is assumed that the project will not entertain any further up gradation from Tesla.

  • Constraints:

    • The primary constraint was to occupy land that could be considered as installation ground for power battery. It was overcome by occupying land over desert region

    • The project faced intensive repercussions due to incessant hurricane and storms over desert region. This restriction was mitigated through intensive work environment that led them to complete project before scheduled date.

    • Power pack project of Tesla faced financial clashes with home builder as there was insufficient collaboration regarding land usage. It was resolved through reaching a consensual agreement over financial transaction by Tesla.


      • The project was dependent over the supply of fossil fuels that were utilized as high quality source of raw materials.

      • Tesla had to depend over political situation between US and Australia. It has been commented by Serrador & Turner (2015) that political favor helps an organization to achieve maximum efficiency in overseas project.

      • Since Tesla relies over solar power to run their equipments, they needed to install 80 MW of solar power to power up their equipment.

      • The project also had to depend over energy storage ramp that were controlled by Neoen (provider of renewable energy in Australia)

        Initial Risk Factors

        • IPO needs to be filed by Australian company before proceeding with any deal. This could have delayed the implementation of power grid. Mitigation: Joint stakeholder meetings could surface the benefits that can be garnered by Neoen.

        • The energy storage capacity of Tesla project had to provide power for more than 30,000 homes (Lamber, 2018). It needed seperate battery pods for every grid to conserve energy.

        • The overall cost of project was not more than 66 million Dollars where was they were not paid according to their requirements. It could stop any further operation of Tesla over Australia. In order to mitigate this Tesla recorded power generation and financial output of 17 million dollars to signify their claims.  

        Regulatory cost/impact

        [Indicate what regulatory impacts must be considered (i.e. SOX, HIPAA, GLB, SEC rules, local and state licensing, permits, etc.) and the cost / impact to the project.]

        • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is a government operated platform for managing and controlling the operation of new projects. This has allowed Tesla power pack project to limit their business approach without causing unwanted attention from authorities. Siami-Irdemoosa, Dindarloo & Sharifzadeh (2015) has verified that abiding foreign laws assists in achieve higher production capacity

        • The US led legislation through SEC put restriction over companies planning to sell securities or needed to form partnership with overseas companies in foreign land. This particular legislation did not only allow TESLA to amend the rules and policies of US government but also form appropriate business environment in Australia.

        • It has been noticed that companies seeking international projects need to comply with BUILD Act, 2018. This particular legislation has mandated that every international project has to register the details under Federal structure of US government (OPIC, 2019). TESLA power pack projects in other regions had to comply with this format of business to garner political support.

Roles and Responsibilities

The stakeholders that were involved in the completion of Tesla powerpack project are identified as:

Project manager

Project sponsor

Project coordinator

Project partner

Project supplier

Organization and Position
Responsibilities / Tasks on the Project
Contact Information

Project sponsor

Jerry Marizza

United power that was established in 1938. Position- Senior energy analyst

The primary responsibility was to fund the requirements of project. Kerzner (2017) has commented that project sponsors helps in rapid completion of project.

Project manager

Mike Hummel

Tesla Incorporated. Position- Chief executive of operation

The responsibility was to acquire information on Australian legislation and local support that can be garnered to control and manage power pack project.

Project Supplier



The task of Mark was to provide Samsung manufactured SDI battery cells that has the capability to generate more than 130 MWh of power

Project Coordinator

Alex jones

Sonnen group

The role of sonnen group has positively impacted Tesla in acquiring clean source of energy.

Project partner

John campbell


The contribution of Neoen in Tesla’s power pack project has allowed them to have better energy storage capacity and also acquire local support for better completion of work


Mike Hummel- Project Manager

Mark- Project supplier

Alex Johnson- Project coordinator

Jerry Marizza- Project sponsor

John Campbell- Project partner


Mike Hummel- The project was expected to be completed within a span of 100 days.

Mark- Tesla has always appreciated Samsung manufactured SDI battery that were utilized to power up their equipments

Alex Johnson- The involvement of Sonnen in Australia venture of TESLA assisted in cleaner energy

Jerry Marizza- Funding of immediate requirements of TESLA led power pack project assisted in completing the work before schedule

John Campbell- The utilization of Neoen manufactured energy storage devices helped proper generation of power

Project Scope(u04a1)

Project Scope Overview

The primary reason that could be cited for the construction of battery storage in South Australia is to provide better alternative of costly grid source of power. Baumann et al. (2015) has commented that finding an authentic source of energy for power consumption helps in better segregation of power on regional basis. The Tesla led power pack energy project is determined to provide more than 100 MW of energy from Giant lithium powered battery to not more than 30,000 Australian homes. This particular source of energy does not only maintained by Neoen but also acquire energy storage capacity through 16 separate battery pods for every generator ramps. It has been backed by Golini, Kalchschmidt & Landoni (2015) that success of any project can be determined only when there is proper evaluation of resources and similar projects being applied in other region. The fact that virtual power plant in balancing the grids over Europe helped in proper generation of power, steam turbines can be made to compensate the power loss from the grids. The success of power pack installation of TESLA energy storage has implemented only 730 Dollars for every KWH (Kane, 2018). The business revenue that were generated from first six months of installation resulted in 17 million dollars. This signifies that relevant partnership with Neoen has resulted in large reservoir of energy and also lessens the resource cost.

Project Scope Description

The scope of the project is divided on the basis of data, deliverables and other project life-cycle process that was included in the project and can be considered as scope as well as exclusion of things from project scope.

In scope:

  • The scope of power pack project of Tesla can provide accurate report over steam turbine in South Australia

  • The project life cycle needed to monitor the energy storage capacity and also lower the extensive cost of grid technology

  • The power pack project of Tesla could help in evaluating the database of customers by considering their daily power usage

  • The scope that can also be delivered through power pack project is by considering the partnership with Neoen that has helped in acquire relevant energy storage capacity for 100 MWH power


The primary deliverable of the project is to generate more than 100 MWH power for 30,000 South Australian home connections.

Another deliverable of project is to provide energy through advanced, cheaper yet quality grid technology services


Major constraints of the project were to overcome the issue of land occupation. Badewi (2016) highlighted that construction of new project require unused land for proper implementation of raw materials. It also faced huge setbacks from natural phenomenon such as incessant hurricane that disrupted the usual flow of work. Above all, Lithium powered battery needed to save extra generation of power which was later overcome by involvement of Neoen.


The project was dependent over the supply of fossil fuels that were utilized as high quality source of raw materials. Tesla had to depend over political situation between US and Australia. It was correctly said by Hornstein (2015) that necessary energy to run equipments and machinery helps in reaching the assumed deliverables of any project. The project also had to depend over energy storage ramp that were controlled by Neoen (provider of renewable energy in Australia)


It is assumed that power pack project of Tesla will only need individual battery pod for every grid

It is assumed that the project will be able to garner customer attention that can be utilized for monetary expansion of Mars exploration of Tesla (The primary project of Tesla). It is assumed that financial requirement of similar future prospects will go down due to heightened quality of grid technology

Mitigation Strategies:

The primary mitigation strategy was to acquire a local partner that can help in acquiring raw materials. It also required coming at agreement that can help in resolving land clash with home builders of South Australia.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) (u04a1)

WBS Introduction:

The work breakdown structure of power pack project involves initiation, planning, implementation and testing of elements that can help in acquiring necessary power of 100 MWH. In order to conduct this, it was required by TESLA to contact their Australian counterpart i.e. Neoen. The planning of the project was conducted by considering the primary objective of acquiring significant amount of revenue in less than six months (Kerzner, 2018).

WBS Graphical Representation(s):

The project scope includes acquisition of future prospects from other parts of Australia and also aspires to conduct business through cheaper grid service technology which is not only advanced but also functional. The project does include continuous source of energy as they are not solar powered and also does not follow company legislation of Australia.  

Project Management Cost (Budget) (u07a1)

Introduction (Intent):

The total cost of project was not more than 66 million dollars. Sánchez (2015) has stated that revenue generation model should cover every penny of sponsored money. It helped Tesla to pay off project sponsor that are united power.

Project Budget:

Refer to MS EXCEL file

Project Management Schedule (u07a1)

Introduction (Intent):

The primary deliverable of the project is to garner higher revenue and other projects of Australia. In order to reach appropriate generation of power, TESLA has engaged into group meeting of stakeholders to know about their acceptance criteria and other requirements.

Microsoft Project Document:

Refer to MS project file

Project Close and Lessons Learned (u10a1)

The project was initiated with key deliverables in mind that is to acquire 100 MWH of power so that the required customers can be provided with needed business approach. The opinion of Cohen & Balouka (2018) has helped me to understand that meeting with stakeholders can help in resolving major pricing issues. I also can suggest that constraints are considered to be the primary issue of this project. van der Hoorn (2016) has verified that project objectives can only achieved during proper coordination of resources that can help in mitigation of strategies.  


TESLA power pack project



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Acquisition of sponsors 1 $10.00 $10.00    
Determinjation of project cost   $11.00 $0.00    
2       $0.00 0.00%
Achieving project revenue target of 6 months 0 $12.00 $0.00    
Acquisition of customer information 0 $15.00 $0.00    
3       $200.00 40.00%
energy storage grid     $200.00    
4       $140.00 28.00%
Individual battery pods     $40.00    
Generation of 100MWH power     $100.00    
5       $150.00 30.00%
Testing of TESLA’s equipment     $150.00    
6       $0.00 0.00%
Total Project Cost Estimate       $500.00  

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