Python-Computer Science Solved Homework Sample



1. [4pts] Nearest Neighbours and the Curse of Dimensionality. In this question, you
will verify the claim from lecture that “most” points in a high-dimensional space are far away
from each other, and also approximately the same distance.
(a) [2pts] First, consider two independent univariate random variables X and Y sampled
uniformly from the unit interval [0, 1]. Determine the expectation and variance of the
random variable Z, defined as the squared distance Z = (X − Y )
(b) [1pts] Now suppose we sample two points independently from a unit cube in d dimensions. Observe that each coordinate is sampled independently from [0, 1], i.e. we can view
this as sampling random variables X1, . . . , Xd, Y1, . . . , Yd independently from [0, 1]. The
squared Euclidean distance can be written as R = Z1 + · · · + Zd, where Zi = (Xi − Yi)
Using the properties of expectation and variance, determine E[R] and Var[R]. You may
give your answer in terms of the dimension d, and E[Z] and Var[Z] (the answers from
part (a)).
(c) [1pt] Based on your answer to part (b), compare the mean and standard deviation of R
to the maximum possible squared Euclidean distance (i.e. the distance between opposite
corners of the cube). Why does this support the claim that in high dimensions, “most
points are far away, and approximately the same distance”?
CSC411 Winter 2019 Homework 1
2. [5pts] Decision Trees. This question is taken from a project by Lisa Zhang and Michael
In this question, you will use the scikit-learn decision tree classifier to classify real vs. fake
news headlines. The aim of this question is for you to read the scikit-learn API and get
comfortable with training/validation splits.
We will use a dataset of 1298 “fake news” headlines (which mostly include headlines of articles
classified as biased, etc.) and 1968 “real” news headlines, where the “fake news” headlines
are from and “real news” headlines are
Each headline appears as a single line in the data file. Words in the headline are separated
by spaces, so just use str.split() in Python to split the headlines into words.
You will build a decision tree to classify real vs. fake news headlines. Instead of coding
the decision trees yourself, you will do what we normally do in practice — use an existing
implementation. You should use the DecisionTreeClassifier included in sklearn. Note
that figuring out how to use this implementation is a part of the assignment.
All code should be included in the file which you submit through MarkUs.
(a) [1pt] Write a function load_data which loads the data, preprocesses it using a vectorizer
extraction.text), and splits the entire dataset randomly into 70% training, 15% validation, and 15% test examples.
(b) [1pt] Write a function select_model which trains the decision tree classifier using
at least 5 different values of max_depth, as well as two different split criteria (information gain and Gini coefficient), evaluates the performance of each one on the
validation set, and prints the resulting accuracies of each model. You should use
DecisionTreeClassifier, but you should write the validation code yourself. Include
the output of this function in your solution PDF (hw1_writeup.pdf).
(c) [1pt] Now let’s stick with the hyperparameters which achieved the highest validation
accuracy. Extract and visualize the first two layers of the tree. Your visualization does
not have to be an image: it is perfectly fine to display text. It may also be hand-drawn.
Include your visualization in your solution PDF (hw1_writeup.pdf).
(d) [2pts] Write a function compute_information_gain which computes the information
gain of a split on the training data. That is, compute I(Y, xi), where Y is the random
variable signifying whether the headline is real or fake, and xi
is the keyword chosen for
the split.
Report the outputs of this function for the topmost split from the previous part, and for
several other keywords.


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trump says he did not record meetings with comey
donald trump executive order on syria and refugees
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millions march in opposition to trump across the us
cia director brennan warns trump to watch what he says
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donald trump health insurance payments obamacare
97yo vet protests against trump
australian trade consultant says president trumps
donald trumps inauguration
trump twitter tirade sparks congress chaos
trump says he has right to reveal classified information
constitutional lawyer warns trump administration
rex tillerson confirmed as donald trumps secretary of state
who is general mcmaster trumps new national security adviser
trump rushed off stage at nevada rally
trump dismisses reports russia helped him in us election
trump victory over clinton is a serious setback for women
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hillary clinton says julian assange helped donald trump win
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donald trump warns north korea do not try us
trump says comey knew he was going to exonerate clinton
donald trump hails f 35 fighter jets you literally cant see
donald trump says they came at each other with clubs
donald trump the democrats and the art of the deal
eu welcomes pence assurance of trump support
trump says he wasnt distracted by nfl protests
joe scarborough says trump asked for apology for coverage
trump delays moving us embassy to jerusalem for now
lgbt rallies in us protest against trump administration
china seizes opportunity after trump threatens to dump tpp
us appeals court rules on trumps travel ban
trumps stance means australia needs other trade
john mccain says trump order gives islamic state more propaganda
chinas xi tells trump cooperation is only choice
donald trump republicans are happy roy moore lost
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donald trump and hillary clinton race to white house
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donald trump and vladimir putin meet at g20
us election donald trump era begins in the united states
trump says hes not at all surprised by weinstein
trump visits florida praises very small number of
reddit ceo admits changing trump supporters posts
trump policies may be boosting numbers at north coast uni
donald trump mike pence kneeling football players attention
trump criticism prompts nosedive for us defence shares
donald trump says hell probably be named times person of year
tpp not dead after trump win advocate says
donald trump vows to rid washington of corruption
is trump facing impeachment
white house defends trumps tweet
q a panellist unleashes on trump
donald trump arrives in washington dc ahead of inauguration
donald trump expected to order temporary ban on refugees
 trump first press conference as president elect
trump visit would not be welcomed london mayor says
donald trump calls for death penalty for new york attacker
why turnbull should look to history as he prepares to meet trump
summer zervos comes forward with allegations donald trump
us election trump thinks its sad george w bush doesnt vote
q a trumps travel ban under fire as syrian refugees weigh in
donald trump nicole kidman clarifies comments about support
us election hillary clinton donald trump camps react to results
turnbull and trump had very cordial conversation
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constance hall on judgey women and donald trump
turnbull comments over agl meeting trumpean showmanship
donald trump sought deal with moscow while running for president
donald trumps travel ban due to be argued in court
trump drops steve bannon from national security council
australia urged to increase influence over trump on security
north korea to dominate donald trump xi jinping meeting
donald trump indonesian business partner wants run for president
barack obama speaks out on trump immigration order
abe to meet trump to talk trade
nsw parliament denounces donald trump
trump claims he ll be a big loser in gop tax plan
trumps israel announcement overshadows russia turmoil at home
trump muslim ban website glitch
trump divides but investor optimism cautious
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trumps stunt newcastle beach
barack obama acting like president donald trump should be
donald trump appeals court travel ban full ruling
the first day of president trump
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donald trump melbourne schoolboy barred from us gets visa grant
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donald trump rebecca ferguson inauguration strange fruit
trump presidency could provoke world disorder says ramos horta
how donald trump will push your mortgage rates higher
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trump snubs correspondents dinner to address
donald trump lawyer denies deutsche bank subpoena on accounts
trump pick rex tillerson grilled at committee hearing
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donald trump apologises for vulgar comments
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donald trump criticises judicial hold on travel ban
what kind of leader will donald trump be
is turnbull trump call making beijing nervous
trump mocked after senator tells people to alertthedaycarestaff
trump impressed with david petraeus secretary of state search
donald trump travel ban counter productive former adviser says
is donald trump likely to be impeached
us womens open golf may yet move from donald trump owned course
donald trump jr meeting with kremlin lawyer
donald trump sacks attorney general sally yates travel ban
trump transition team says mueller unlawfully obtained emails
donald trump wants to showcase military might in parade
donald trump holds press conference with bill clinton accusers
trumps people how did we get here
bhp boss tells donald trump to stay in paris agreement
donald trump formally annouces rick perry to lead energy depart
meet the affluent donald trump voters staunch in their support
finance week asx trump takes charge inflation focus australia
donald trump signs executive order to weaken obamacare
trump epa pick expresses doubt on climate at confirmation hearin
trumpkin trend lights up halloween
musicians join 30 days 30 songs protest against donald trump
donald trump sanctions venezuela vice president drug trafficking
paris waxworks caught out londons tussauds gets to work on trump
donald trump blasts rigged system
trump climate change agreement concerns dismissed by government
rex tillerson donald trump tough talk north korea
i think it was russia trump discusses us hacking
the cost of the trump trade wars
trump press secretary confirms australia refugee
trump wrong to pardon controversial us sheriff says paul ryan
trump clinton clash over economy in white house race
trump says intelligence leaks on flynn criminal
trump lashes back at clinton over us election campaign comments
donald trump week of biblical proportions in the us
donald trump legal challenges mount against travel ban
donald trump urges nfl fans to boycott games on twitter
top aides take turns piling praise on donald trump
ex trump adviser flynn seeks immunity for russia testimony
richard painter says if donald trump doesnt
trump steps back from brink of killing north american trade pact
donald trump ban chaos warning from two states
trump says mexico will repay us for funds spent on border wall
donald trump picks donald mcgahn for white house counsel
michael gunners message to donald trump visit the nt us aussie
travel ban order to spare green card holders donald trump
trumps talk of complimentary phone calls not true
anti donald trump riots in manila ahead of asia tour philippines
donald trump art
trump praises us australia relationship at 75th
qanda turns to donald trumps travel ban on syrians
donald trump watches solar eclipse
donald trump dear sad americans forget canada come to tasmania
trump very proud of military after afghanistan
bernardi warns liberals must learn lessons trump victory
share market has best day since trump elected
clinton campaign requests information russian hacking trump
donald trump told malcolm turnbull refugee deal was stupid
trump shows his ability to move markets with tweet
donald trump democrats deal for harvey aid package
donald trump take australia uncharted waters peter varghese
us soldiers widow says donald trump forgot her husbands name
whats in donald trumps speech to congress
trump appears to barge past montenegro leader
daughter of jailed vietnamese activist appeals to melania trump
trump wielding a sword joins in dance in saudi
charlottesville car attack suspect charged trump under fire
huntsman accepts trump offer to be ambassador to russia
resistance to donald trumps immigration ban
donald trump access to nuclear weapons should we be scared
donald trump obsessed by his own self image says republican
donald trump blasts arnold schwarzenegger for apprentice ratings
donald trump asia tour japan south korea china preview
trump invites duterte to the white house
trump jr i probably wouldve done things a little
the new resistance bruce springsteen talks trump
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why were melania and ivanka trump wearing black at the vatican
ivanka trump to become official white house employee
saturday night live parodies trump turnbull phone call
trump legal action against sexual assault allegations
french president emmanuel macron shakes hands with doanld trump
in trump us elites face consequences of their own attitudes
stay tuned for evidence backing trump vs female accusers
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us protests against trumps election
mcdonalds twitter calls donald trump disgusting excuse
zoe daniel on the spat between trump and nfl
eric trump stops fundraising for his charity after scrutiny
trump election has serious ramifications for australian security
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trump likened to a classroom bully after climate deal backdown
did donald trump just kill the paris climate change deal
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what will trumps new executive order look like
scouts boss prepared for trump backlash
germany merkel us trump row intensifies
us election trump working mans hero in logan county coal country
markets unmoved by trump tax plan unveiling
is donald trumps press secretary sean spicer on the way out
donald trump announces major review of skilled
donald trump impeachment marchers cross united states
what did a trump supporter make of the presidents
comedy in the trump era
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brexit trump is france far right next
richard painter says donald trump jrs russia ties
donald trump lashing out from his corner
is it illegal for donald trump to delete his tweets
san francisco protest against trumps refugee ban
volunteers clean damaged tombstones united states donald trump
trumps immigration plans hit wall days before spending talks
bali locals refusing to sell land for trump estate
wall street flat on lack of trump tax policy details
chris uhlmann defends scathing g20 report on donald trump
donald trump travel ban who is james l robart
donald trump warns united states will totally north korea
turnbull says dual nationals will not be affected by trump ban
senator chuck schumer parody donald trump cabinet meeting
donald trumps scouts address tackles fake news clinton congress
refugees angered by trump deal uncertainty
america is transfixed by the trump ascendency
donald trump insists 17 day trip to golf club not a vacation
trump makes early move on restricting abortions around the world
trump reacts to michael flynns guilty plea
asia markets trump election
elon musk quit trump advisory if us leaves climate deal
trump to nominate christopher wray to lead fbi
frances le pen echoes trump in presidential campaign
scouts believe in putting america first trump says
trump says us must be paid more to defend germany
donald trump poll numbers up after hurricanes harvey irma
donald trump mexico border wall prototypes to be tested
trump taps retired general kelly to lead homeland security
obama tells trump presidency is not a family
there is no one who knows what trump wants to do
republican wins congress contest seen as test for donald trump
comments from trump advisor causes us dollar to
donald trump us supreme court allows travel ban full effect
trump says he plans to dissolve his charitable foundation
trump puts iran nuclear deal at serious risk
charlie gard donald trump and the pope are right
donald trump trials and tribulations of being a young supporter
donald trump is good for news business nyt says
donald trump visits harvey victims hugs children serves food
protest against trumps visit to south korea
us nuclear general would resist illegal trump strike order
americans protest donald trump election victory
sarah sanders distances trump from robert mueller indictments
trumps framed time magazine cover revealed as fake news
donald trump promises wall while harvey rages on
trump denies immigration ban to blame for airport chaos
bob corker takes aim at untruthful donald trump
trumps trade policies easier said than done
trump addresses us troops in japan
trump could scuttle us refugee resettlement deal wh
donald trump business dealings in indonesia four corners
what happens now to us cuba relations fidel castro trump
donald trump attacks fbi over hillary clinton email probe
ukraine trump administration to provide lethal weapons
trump declares opioid crisis a national public
hasan minhaj roasts trump at correspondents dinner
trump plans to demolish and destroy isis
trump tax bill pitched at middle class but rich will take most
what happens when you use trumps severed head to
donald trump scandals how many more can he take
trumps mika brzezinski insults draw strong republican criticism
us house approves new russia sanctions defying trump
court refuses to weigh in on donald trump travel ban rules
donald trump receives christmas letter from vladimir putin
brian cox on malcolm roberts donald trump and space travel
bastille day celebrations mark donald trumps last day france
what does trumps travel ban mean for travellers
trump or clinton who will be the best for asia pacific region
donald trumps latest spat about race not sport
trump will conform or be removed former bush adviser says
janet yellen trumps trump us dollar rises
trump steps up attacks on republicans says shackle are off
donald trump says he met with president of virgin islands
trump scolds nato allies warns of long fight against militants
donald trump considering a plan to replace rex tillerson
trump advances controversial north dakota pipeline
snl recreates turnbull trump call
lebron james donald trump comments trash talk not locker room
donald trump phone call that rocked the special relationship
offensive grindr tweet on trump deportation policy ridiculed
donald trump takes credit for coining fake news
donald trump to visit asian countries focus on north korea trade
trump xi jinping meet for talks in florida
trump and clinton vote
trump asked comey to shut down flynn investigation reports
donald trump hits out at judge robarts again over travel ban
bruce wolpe trump the presidency west wing
donald trump hits warren with pocahontas jab at navajos event
trumps wall is more about symbolism than
donald trump says nfl comments have nothing to do
keeping up with kushner whats next in the trump russia saga
melania trump breaks from first lady mould
what will donald trump ask malcolm turnbull when they meet
donald trumps cia director announced as mike pompeo
donald trump murals by lushsux appear on west bank barrier
trump lashes out after reports of probe into obstruction
fbi james comey trump with great power comes great scandal
trump lawyer says president not informed of investigation
trump says north korea problem should have been
trump says un just a club for people to have a good time
trump criticises store for dropping daughters
obama offers accolades advice in farewell letter to trump
trump steps up feud with media
wall street sentiment boosted by trump tax plan
donald trump tweets russia clinton pardons
donald trump addresses us troops in italy
donald trump bob corker jeff flake republican civil war
donald trump backs one china policy
donald trumps syria attack doesnt spell end of civilian deaths
donald trump and putin hold telephone talks
us election trump pulls ahead of clinton live
donald trump tax returns revealed by rachel maddow
trump win sends gold and metals up
key moments from the donald trumps press conference
trump appreciates and honours us alliance with australia
george bush voted for hillary clinton over donald trump
daca dreamer says her world is destroyed by trump decision
david kilcullens analysis of donald trumps speech
trump says he will bring down price of wall on mexico border
trump tweet backfires shooting kirsten gillibrand to fame
business gauging fallout from trump travel bans
photo project puts trumps quotes on female bodies
donald trump climate paris deal exit effect
wall street us markets rally on concilliatory trump speech
trumps tirade a wake up call for australia us defence relations
president trump outlines national security strategy
trump clinton final presidential debate quiz
trump slams comey as republicans call for clarity
trump recites the snake poem in apparent metaphor
trump says he will see how things play out on election results
ny post says hackers sent heil trump april fools push alert
donald trump book reports literature parodies after debate
snl breaks the fourth wall in latest trump and clinton sketch
donald trump dismisses republican leaders calls to quit
trump claims illegal voting robbed him of us popular vote
trump knew for weeks that flynn was misleading over russia
donald trump shock result in alabama another twist trump show
senator gillibrand calls trump twitter post sexist
obama invites trump to stop whining
european leaders react to trumps attack on nato
trump says muslim states must lead in fighting radicalisation
turnbull defends meeting trump ahead of budget
trump says allegations of sexual harassment fabricated
nbc suspends billy bush the other man in the trump tape
donald trump protesters clash in phoenix
wall street has jumped 15 on trump
trump taiwan call a signal that geopolitics
us supreme court revives parts of trump travel ban
trump suggests challenging tv network licenses
anthony scaramucci donald trump loses three guys in 10 days
hawaiian judge blocks donald trump revised travel ban
5 landmark results from the us election that dont involve trump
what would it take to impeach trump putin
trumps communications director set to leave white house
donald trump says world should demand iran ends pursuit of death
us court blocks trump transgender military ban
trump makes appearance of sorts at correspondents
donald trump opens war of words with nba nfl lebron james
were not in kansas now a disaster trump is
original trump travel ban illegal and
donald trump european union foreign policy united states
donald trump signs new travel ban executive order
trump appears almost certain to become america
the nine year old suing president trump over his climate policy
what donald trump scandal will make us republicans stand up
donald trump says nation joined together in shock grief
donald trump white house bans several media outlets briefing
trump election linked hacker arrested in spain
trump says america should have had extreme
donald trump picks lobbyist dan coats as new intelligence chief
what chance does trumps scotus pick have of being confirmed
donald trump continues to unwind the legacy of
lock her up trump supporters cheer accusations
trumps next big agenda
miss america contestants take on trump
donald trump supreme court pick neil gorsuch
president trumps speech to congress intro
turnbull trump mid winter ball speech taken with good humour
donald trump holds meeting with silicon valley executives
from travel bans to the tpp how has donald trump
trump 100 coal miners happy with the president
zoe daniel second week of trump presidency
donald trump charlottesville remarks business councils disbanded
us farmers will welcome trump presidency
donald trump north korea crisis military option
trump pro energy may hurt australia
trump stance on taiwan a threat to bilateral ties with china
concerns raised about press freedom during trump
apec summit turnbull talks terrorism trade and trump with world
trump i believe he believes putin didnt meddle in
donald trump era puts sanctuary cities under threat
protesters in jordan vow to fight trumps jerusalem
protesters target trump campaign in phoenix
spicer offers no further comment on trumps tweet
farmers and exporters keenly await donald trumps trade policy
donald trump picks reince priebus as white house chief of staff
donald trump plan make america great again could cost economies
trump calls on congress to repeal and replace
the trump effect on investment
donald trump jeff sessions attack not winning president support
brad tucker on donald trumps plan to send man back
donald trump threats dangerous bluster
trump delivers afghanistan strategy us military was asking for
donald trump fires steve bannon as chief strategist
wall st us stocks fall as trump rally falters
donald trump under pressure not to leave dreamers in limbo
local reaction to donald trump israel capital jerusalem
what next for trade under president trump
trump campaign star conway named as his presidential counselor
donald trump loyalists children to steer white house transition
trump administration defends new refugee cap of just 452000
north korea says mentally deranged trump on
us attorney general sessions brushes off trump criticism
remember when trump and obama were civil
donald trump fans arrive in washington dc for inauguration
donald trump says judges block on travel ban will be overturned
trump presidency wont affect marines coming to darwin
donald trump has begun his own news updates on
trump hits
 back as more business leaders quit advisory panel
us election zoe daniel weekly wrap trump clinton ken bone
trump salman open counter terrorism centre
eric trump claims donald momentum with map of only male voters
trump bump rallies markets but investors nervous
trump names former rival ben carson as housing secretary
donald trump suggests major incident sweden
pollsters say trump has already lost 2016 presidential election
donald trump presidency could be short lived bond market
xi warns trump to avoid aggravating situation with north korea
donald trump tony abbott says us reflected in australia
transgender military personnel sue trump over service ban
trumps last night in sweden claim prompts questions from swedes
donald trump takes to stage to declare victory
un climate talks end with pleas for trump to join fight
donald trump nominates rex tillerson as secretary of state
donald trump administration week feels like a year
pheasant elect bird with trumps quiff draws crowds in china
trump declares inauguration national day of patriotic devotion
donald trump obamacare crackdown threatens opioid recovery
donald trump looks at eclipse without glasses
donald trump rushed off stage
donald trump driving a wedge with diplomacy
did trumps g20 performance indicate us decline as world power
trump continues to be coy on calm before the storm
donald trump malcolm turnbull meeting usyd analysis
trump to meet turnbull amid asia trip white house says
americans apologise to australia for tense donald trump call
donald trump uses inauguration to build case for change
donald trumps budget boosts military slashes climate funding
donald trump hits back at ceos over response to virginia
sydney housing market trumped canberra hobart
trump china tensions rise
trumps six months
trump press secretary says refugee deal will go
who is donald trumps new chief strategist steve bannon
puerto rican mayor worried about saving lives not trump
us president donald trumps time for talk is over
donald trump continues attack on fake news
gareth evans blasts donald trump urges pivot to asia
children making sense of donald trump presidency
us election shots fired at anti trump protest in portland
trump says its time to move forward with russia
comey says trump told him to back off flynn probe
g20 where countries rank on trump handshake index
donald trump mexico wall sparks concerns over avocado prices
erdogan trump hail ties amid tensions over kurdish fighters
trump defends giving daughter ivanka seat at g20 table
donald trump says alec baldwin stinks on saturday night live
trump stands by claim terror attacks are under
trump victory shows governments must listen to voters
donald trump declares opioid epidemic national health emergency
british pm criticises trump retweet
fbi raids former trump campaign manager manaforts home
philippines president greets donald trump at manila dinner
stephanie march on trumps north korea threats
ian verrender analysis donald trumps america first
donald trump mulls new order to replace travel ban
donald trump says new multibillion dollar air force one plane
north korea less worrying than donald trump say south koreans
trump accuses obama of office wire tap during election campaign
donald trump charlottesville comments republican backlash
donald trump george papadopoulos meeting russia probe
how does donald trump attack compare to previous us presidents
conservative us expert tips clinton win trump to
donald trump insists he had massive inauguration crowds
netanyahu looks forward to working with trump
former cia officer wants to buy twitter to stop trump
trumps racist immigration ban must be challenged tech giant
uk spy agency rejects trump wiretapping allegations
putin trump allegations worse prostitutes
liberals adam brooks dons a trump cap
miners lead australian share market surge after trump win
whos in running for top donald trump jobs
who is donald trump new chief strategist steve bannon
de niro wants to punch wants to punch trump in
imf warns trump spending plans could have global
donald trump and hillary clinton trade jibes at al smith dinner
how trump has become biggest influencer of global markets
trump new hire anthony scaramucci launches vulgar tirade
what president elect trump inherits
israel wants to build trump station near western wall
trump names conservative neil gorsuch for for
confusion after trump transgender ban
donald trump us politics white house transition
indonesia weighs in on donald trump executive orders immigration
trump supporters will still vote for him even if he lies
trump breaks with practice to speak to taiwans leader
trump hopes to avoid military action on north korea
us election clinton trump effect on markets
men deplaned who expressed displeasure ivanka trump onboard
democrats get support to block trump high court pick gorsuch
donald trump junior speaks out after releasing
what now for trumpcare
trump will pursue regional hegemony in south china sea
donald trump chris uhlmann americans defend president
trump calls for new un sanctions against north korea
us president donald trump meets greek prime minister
trump charlottesville condemnation included neo nazis whitehouse
donald trump what bob corker and jeff flake said about him
trump says electing clinton could throw us into crisis
trump tweets about travel ban in wake of london attack
donald trump climate protests mark 100 days in office
republican led us congress trump era groundwork
donald trump white house emails satire piece touting budget
trump to allow hunters to import african elephant body parts
trade likely to dominate talks between trump and
south koreans think donald trump is a bigger
donald trump touches glowing orb saudi arabia internet responds
trump administration imposes fresh iran related sanctions
trump picks loyalists for economic posts
trump will accept election results if i win
what does donald trump really think about nato and australia
anti trump protests in london
speculation over trump speaking out against one china policy
trump sends aussie dollar soaring
donald trump sacks fbi director james comey
donald trump says he is victim of political smear campaign
pyne flags immense opportunities if trump expands us military
president donald trumps first day in the white house
trump meets with the public in houston after
donald trump returns to podium after scare
american and world leaders react to donald trumps
us election trump and clinton clash in final debate
protesters rally against donald trump outside convention
donald trump gives wide ranging press conference
donald trump senator to skip inauguration for womens march
how college students feel about trump
donald trump says west under threat and recommits us to nato
donald trumps handshake making america great
donald trump anthony scaramucci vows to crack down on leaks
trump signs trillion dollar tax overhaul into law
donald trump one year since the election
saul eslake warns dangers trump win
warm phone call between duterte and trump
abbott supporting trump wing takeover nsw liberal party
donald trump visits hurricane ravaged puerto rico
trump defends administration vows to bypass media
trump phone call with taiwan president courtesy call pence says
shorten has some sympathy for pm after trump call
oscars academy awards farhadi slams donald trump travel ban
trump jerusalem move mike pence shunned by palestine president
mike pence for president trumps running mate has 2020 vision
miners banking on troubled trump trillion dollar infrastructure
anti trump protests erupt on the streets of major
pimco warns trump protectionist policies risk
donald trump is a walking satire balloon
trump edging clinton in electoral college race
donald trump scolds nato allies in brussels speech
obama says reality will force trump to adjust
poll do you think donald trump will make america
trump points finger at obama for continued protests
donald trump announces us withdrawing from paris climate deal
obama says he could have beaten trump at the election
trumps 1 trillion budget boosts defence
donald trump recap daca harvey irma
clinton leads trump by 6 points same as before fbi announcement
trump delivers first public condemnation of anti semitic threats
donald trump travel ban gets response from malcolm turnbull
donald trump the second president to sack michael flynn
italian robbers in trump masks
donald trumps devil horns entirely coincidental time says
trump denounces then praises fbi
trump clinton exchange words over tax affairs
pressure on trump likely to be intense at second debate
donald trump war with nba nfl stephen curry
donald trump isolated on climate change says al gore
south china sea donald trump australia fuel
could the tpp be reworked without trump on board
why democrats wore white to donald trumps big speech today
russia denies pre election contact with trump team
donald trump accused of inappropriate touching by two women nyt
women accusing donald trump of sexual misconduct
trump target of jokes after skipping white house press dinner
fate of tpp in trumps hands obama administration says
donald trump remembers call with widow because of great memory
donald trump emmanuel macron history of handshakes
johnny depp asks about assassinating us president trump
trump threatens to punish us companies for moving jobs overseas
trumps learning curve has at times been beyond vertical
trump named time magazine person of the year
donald trump eminem rap bet awards
churches weigh in against pokies channelling donald trump
trump says texas shooting a mental health issue
trumps biggest weakness is the power hes given his family
trump will totally accept election result if he wins
trump touts foreign contacts on twitter lashes media report
north korea kim jong un trump like dealing with psychopath boss
trump talks truth and lies with time
how donald trumps inauguration played
obama and trump meet at the white house
trump expected to soften tone in major speech to muslim nations
donald trump does have some opportunities to
trump advisors using private emails
donald trump is he the most unpopular president in history
trump tweet video beating up cnn supported by
daft punk medley appears to impress macron trump
donald trump blames barack obama for leaks
donald trump republicans unveil tax cut bill hard work awaits
trump cabinet meeting panned as bizarre draws ire on twitter
trump drops 220 spots on forbes billionaires list
donald trump reaches out to asia allies to discuss north korea
melania trump lawsuit brand once in a lifetime first lady
donald trump says cuba did some bad things
donald trump un debut president revers to campaign language
donald trump thanks violent vicious supporters in florida
donald trump violating constitution ethics lawsuit alleges
trump has to be tough on phone calls
is trumps decision to leave paris accord actually a good thing
donald trump decries greatest witch hunt in us history
us election trump thinks it sad george w bush doesn t vote
pence the critical conservative bridge for trump
all about donald trump in western pennsylvania
trump calls for increased military spending
trump the risk of reading too much into the rise of donald
trump thanks anthony weiner as attack over clinton
sugar shaken but stirred by trump election fallout
donald trump warns north korea should be very nervous
donald trump what we learned from us president in japan
donald trump rebuked by republicans
trump pays homage to ryan owens
donald trump supporters north eastern ohio mistrust democrats
trump offers michael flynn role as national security advisor
donald trump mar a lago north korea
abetz says trump victory another warning to listen to voters
las vegas shooting travis smaka describes carnage trump visits
new york times and donald trump
donald trump delivered two blows to obamacare today
trump lays out non interventionist us military policy
donald trumps journey to the white house
donald trump presidency could affect tasmanian exports tourism
is the trump gloss wearing off in russia
uber ceo quits trump business advisory group
trump committed to us japan security after abe meeting
trump fires scaramucci as communications director
donald trump says he agrees russia meddled in election
fear and loathing as europe faces trump
trump us formally tells un of withdrawal from paris agreement
betsy devos confirmed as us education secretary donald trump
donald trump dismisses reports rex tillerson leaving white house
government reassures australians amid trump trade shakeup
donald trump ignores angela merkel handshake suggestion
michael caputo says donald trump deliberately confrontational
eminem slams trump in freestyle rap for hip hop
donald trump defends twitter tweets key to white house victory
berlin audience boos as ivanka trump defends her
trump says japan could shoot n korean missiles out of sky
who actually writes donald trumps tweets
us election states won by donald trump and hillary clinton
donald trump mexico immigrant policies welcomed by border patrol
donald trump to settle trump university fraud case for 34m
who is trumps former deputy assistant sebastian gorka
us president donald trump announces missile strike syria
trump says negotiating with north korea is a waste of time
who is trump chief of staff reince priebus
trump turnbull meeting urged as soon as possible
trumps administration running like a fine tuned
donald trump immigration order roadblock us court ruling
trump blasts fake news on apprentice show
turnbulls trump impression drop the sanctimony
clinton tells rally love trumps hate
donald trump addresses us missile strike against syria
donald trump discounts sex assault accusations against roy moore
trump administration dominates markets apra tightens investment
q a trumps spreading of racist and islamphobic
us election is it too late for trump to rescue
peter dutton accused of seeking trump like powers visa reviews
donald trump says he should have left ucla players jail china
zoe daniel weekly wrap trump v north korea
what really happened on call between trump turnbull
donald trump inauguration 45th president united states
jerusalem christian muslim jew share views on donald trump
trump felt scaramuccis comments were inappropriate
donald trump set race relations back says brit bennett
donald trump hillary clinton grievances republican investigation
us election live coverage clinton trump in final push
americans in australia on why they re voting trump or clinton
key trump confidant roger stone says us president
trump declares war on the freedom caucus
trump says us deal with russia on syria will save many lives
trump 100 behind japan north korea missile test
trump says syria chemical attack goes beyond red line
trump says cyber attack claims a bid to de
trump vows to broker israeli palestinian peace
julie bishop would be taken aback by donald trump body comments
trump budget
trumps protectionist message appeals to working class women
mexico again says there is no way it will pay for trumps wall
donald trump afghanistan door open more us troops
donald trump turnbull confident us refugee deal will go ahead
trump promises quick decision on fbi boss
trump formally wins presidency
clinton successfully taunts predictable trump in
macron tells trump he will defend paris climate deal
hameed darweesh iraqi refugee detained at jfk after trump order
bhp billiton talks with president elect donald trump productive
trumps nordstrom attack standing up for his
trump says usps should charge amazon more for parcel delivery
trump to push china on trade north korea during two day visit
trump possible to be friends with kim jong un
donald trump paris climate deal reports withdrawing
trump renews tough rhetoric as north korea talks more missiles
donald trump says only one thing will work with north korea
donald trump makes claims about another us television host
trump bump wall street surging on hopes us
donald trump says james comey not doing good job
will the afghan attack affect donald trumps troops decision
protests break out in response to trump election
trump win to weigh heavily on world leaders at apec meeting
donald trump attorney general jeff sessions waterboarding
donald trump signs executive order obama climate policies
donald trump pete souza may be trolling president on instagram
why im marching against donald trump
paul ryan says trump tweet no appropriate comment
trump policies provide australia with business event opportunity
white house appears to soften trumps claim on wiretapping
trump team had regular contact with russian intelligence report
trump drops us insistence on two state solution
trump opens door to kim meeting as north hints more tests
trans pacific partnership could gain trump support ciobo says
astronaut whitson breaks us space record gets call from trump
donald trumps travel ban hurting us tourism domestic travellers
mississippi church burned vandalized with vote trump
trump signs executive actions on border security immigration
what does the free world make of trump as its
iran defends nuclear deal says trump can not undermine it
us election barack obama tells donald trump to stop whining
where is donald trumps economic plan
trump gives dramatic first official press
george clooney on harvey weinstein donald trump fox news
anti trump protestors march in new york
can twitter dump trump
trump seeks historic increase in us defense spending
trump presidency reinvigorates feminist debate
donald trump pleased with charlottesville comments
can donald trump redecorate the white house
donald trump trades insults with republican senator bob corker
world leaders react to trump presidency
us election donald trump says not affected by cyber attacks
trump avoids endorsement of two state solution in
us election could both clinton and trump lose
this week in finance trump tax cuts inflation to dominate
china tells trump to stay out of south china sea dispute
asx weak open wall st falls after trump warns north korea
celebrities urge electoral college to dump trump
americans on why they voted for clinton or trump
trump brexit a great thing eu to continue to break up
trump causes uncertainty at climate change conference frydenberg
trump ends deferred action for childhood arrivals program
trump orders review of h1b temporary worker visa
iran thanks trump for showing americas real face
president donald trump just invented the word of 2017 covfefe
donald trump is wielding the knife and governing with abandon
donald trump republican critics zoe daniel wrap
donald trumps fbi pick vows independence russia probe
trump will not derail paris climate agreement delegates say
north korea trump condemns rogue nations hostile action
why does donald trump hate the iran deal
us election world leaders react to donald trump presidency
behold the glory of the trump family lego set
trump says hes fairly close to deal on daca
steve bannon keeps a giant whiteboard of donald trumps promises
russias putin says ready to meet trump at a summit in finland
how will trump campaign translate into a
trumps australia day message
dont mess with trump and his sword
asx edge higher us bank stocks fall trump tax cut wall street
court rejects donald trump bid stop transgender miltary recruits
us markets fall on trump rate rise fears
donald trump arrives in israel
trump should not be allowed to address uk parliament speaker
donald trump retweets anti muslim videos from far right british
donald trump slams un bureaucracy during first un address
voters head to polls in alabama race with high stakes for trump
chinese australian love trumps cultural challenges
comey testimony trump encounters with hookers loyalty and russia
trump victory has exciting unimagineable possibilities
steve bannon returns to breitbart
 news after trump fires him
trump appoints dow chemical chief liveris to run manufacturing
candlelight vigil for dreamers held outside ivanka trumps home
batavia replica trumpet plays shipwreck site
donald trump transgender military personnel return fire
turnbull says australia doesnt owe trump for refugee deal
rocket man wall street shrugs off trump remarks on north korea
donald trump hits back at theresa may over far right group
donald trump and flights fights and disappearing tweets
donald trumps history in the middle east
trump powers on with agenda despite healthcare flop
clinton slams trump for comments on offensive in mosul
donald trump wants to send man back to moon and mars
donald trump signs executive order withdrawing us from tpp
donald trump says las vegas shooter stephen paddock sick
video shows trump meeting with associates tied to russia saga
trumps sliding approval ratings do they even
turnbull abe to push for tpp despite trump scepticism
donald trump orders new sanctions north korea
trump cambodian pm sympathises with media difficulties
mayweather defends trumps comments
donald trump presidency to be hopelessly conflicted
newest trump order to cut regulations on businesses
trump tells nato allies to pay their share
win for automakers as trump orders fuel economy standards review
trump questions impartiality of robert mueller
donald trump scrapping tpp has analysts fearing china row
north korea says trump on a suicide mission
donald trumps white house in chaos as steve bannon latest to go
donald trump slams unfair treatment michael flynn intelligence
unease over the trump immigration ban extends to
donald trump says north korea should be nervous if it targets us
men missing after investigation into ivanka trump shoes china
may and trump meeting to test us uk special relationship
trump revokes guidelines on transgender bathrooms
think again aid agencies urge donald trump not to turn
donald trump grants 11yo boys wish to mow white house lawn
trump says tpp a potential disaster for us vows
wall st snaps winning run ahead of trump speech
trump supporters turn out in phoenix
donald trump jr russia emails read full text
trump dossier on russia links now part of special counsel
donald trump jared kushner under fbi investigation russia ties
trump ends nine day overseas trip says it was a home run
donald trump us election rural vote
donald trump dictated sons misleading statement reports
donald trump carrier jobs headed to mexico despite promise
turnbull and trump talk about refugee resettlement deal
another big week in washington for us president donald trump
a republican case for climate action in the trump era
donald trump lashes out at own fbi in a series of tweets
wall st drives to fresh record on trump speech
when will trump be president explained
donald trump charlottesville comments praised by supporters
trumps new us immigration plan to be based on australias
trump presidency could bring range of economic disasters eslake
donald trump jerusalem announcement will shake middle east peace
getting to know donald trump
trump defends australia comments on us refugee deal
pena nieto congratulates trump promises to protect mexicans
hillary clinton how losing to donald trump changed her
trump adviser conway draws ethics complaints for touting ivanka
donald trump meets pope in vatican
hillary clinton takes on trump administration in latest speech
un warns of heat as climate talks seek action despite trump
trump warm embrace for turnbull and aussie health care
charlie gard donald trump offers to help terminally ill uk baby
opinion dave levinthal washington reels but trump faces battle
trump putin held a second undisclosed meeting at g20 summit
joe biden tells donald trump to grow up over us hacking claims
donald trump pushes refugee resettlement close to home regions
donald trump mika brzezinski joe scarborough respond to tweets
donald trump denies mocking reporter blasts meryl streep
donald trump may be worse for shares than markets think
ucla basketball players apologise after trump slams on twitter
trump picks mulvaney to be white house budget director
trump believes roy moore should step aside if allegations true
trumps business in indonesia will make it a
trump and merkel meet at white house
trump slams stein recount push as a scam says election is over
hinch takes aim at hanson over trump support
donald trump signs executive orders on immigration
trump warns israel about new settlements
trump calls on us to come together as one
what donald trump said to the new york times
washington protests turn violent as trump assumes presidency
donald trump orders review of post gfc regulations
trump to build up nuclear arsenal to be top of the pack
donald trump fires fbi director james comey
trump vows to withdraw from tpp trade deal
trump 100 per cent willing to speak under oath on comey
donald trumps press secretary sean spicer resigns
donald trump inauguration us president as it happened blog
trump challenges legitimacy of us presidential election
disney unveils trump robot
only stupid people oppose closer us russia ties trump says
trade in trump world what does it mean for australia
pm labels trumps decision to drop paris deal
trump 100 days yet to deliver promise to end war on coal
donald trump how the world has changed after 100 days
trumps travel ban
stephanie march on donald trumps north korea
trump thanks florida first responders for irma work
trump supporters and opponents clash in california
trump and nfl at odds on how to get players to stand for anthem
trump posts wrestling video of him physically beating up cnn
trump seeks debate atonement as video leaves campaign in crisis
donald trump says parts of border wall fence
donald trump pleased with presidential bid win lose or draw
protest music flourishes under donald trump
donald trump says boy scouts speech was greatest ever
debate highlights trump and clinton head to head
donald trump launches real news series on facebook
texas church shooting donald trump says mental health problem
shades of watergate in trumps week of scandal
trump white house calls for investigation into wiretapping claim
the west will never be broken trump
north korea fires another missile ahead of trump xi meet
trump says major major conflict with north korea is possible
trump netanyahu urge obama to veto un resolution on settlements
us media picks up pms leaked impersonation of trump
donald trump will recognise jerusalem as israels capital
trump thanks putin for remarks on strong us economy
trump and his many talents
donald trump election win shocked australian government
trumps transgender ban regrettable says catherine
trudeau arrives for trump visit
new yorks wailing wall against trump
donald trump begins asia trip in japan
trump says clinton policy on syria would lead to world war three
donald trump delivers a twist of optimism first speech congress
julie bishop comments on donald trump sos rex tillerson
wall st dives as trump impeachment speculation rises
donald trump deported veterans stuck on us mexico border
brexit trump not concerns in henderson janus
bruce springsteen jabs donald trump over malcolm turnbull call
trumps travel ban mired in legal challenge law
us election ohio residents choose between clinton trump
donald trumps america land of the free home of the brave
wa premier raises election concerns in wake of trump victory
clinton calls trump staffers private email the
anthony scaramucci who was donald trumps comms director
trumps g20 video includes make america great again anthem
why donald trumps supreme court pick matters
donald trump week pop stars prayers and a mysterious friend jim
donald trump threatens the press again
james comey takes aim at donald trump in senate testimony
donald trumps nafta could alter the future of us mexico trade
us president trump orders investigation into steel
introducing the donald trump themed bar
russia interfered in us election to get trump elected report
why does donald trump want to decertify the iran deal
what has donald trump promised to do
michael flynn resignation analysis donald trump
careful mr dutton donald trump might hear you
is it fair to call trump a fascist
former fed official criticises trump on paris accord decision
donald trump wont support iran nuclear deal
trump warns north korea of fire and fury
donald trump says he fired michael flynn because he lied to fbi
syria strikes why did donald trump target that airbase
president donald trump faces mounting questions
army chief sent to us to lobby trump team on refugee deal
can general john kelly get donald trump back on
trump supporters protest starbucks by buying coffees
trump to approve controversial pipelines
trump and clinton second presidential debate wrap
trump praised condemned after syria missile strike
donald trump prepares to address un
wall st edges higher as trump budget meets expectations
imf downgrades us economic forecast on trump
wall st tech stocks fall industrials rally on trump win
beijing tells donald trump one china policy non negotiable
reports donald trump calls for mexico to stop bad hombres
donald trump dismisses cia findings of russian
series 2 episode 18 tour de trump
donald trump job numbers sean spicer
what caused the qatar crisis and how is donald trump involved
north korean missile launched trump will take
who is trumps chief of staff reince priebus
scaramucci wants trump to be the president
donald trumps bromance with andrew jackson
us election why did 61 million americans vote for trump
trump tweets after charges reported russia inquiry
dodd frank wall street donald trump banking regulations
donald trump warns us may have to destroy north korea
donald trump plays down malcolm turnbull tension in ny meeting
donald trump appoints vaccine sceptic
trump needs clear china strategy says aspi boss
week in finance donald trump election buoys
 global markets
trump thanks malcolm turnbull for telling the truth
malcolm turnbull doesnt have to picking between trump or xi
trump and clinton face off in second debate
zoe daniel weekly wrap donald trump james comey
donald trump threatens nbc broadcast licence
donald trump supporters celebrate us election victory
trump condemns white supremacists after deadly rally
trump says hes smarter than tillerson but has confidence
kanye west trump meeting sparks talk of inauguration performance
brexit bowie trump ali take a look back at the
trump asks 50 senior obama appointees to stay on
syria missile strike did trump government break war law
conservative hindus see parallels donald trump narendra modi
a fine tuned machine trump defends
trump will deal with north korea if china doesnt pence says
trump decides to skip white house press dinner
morning markets wall street down on trump trade
trump receives both praise and condemnation after syria strike
twitter sues us over demand for records of anti trump accounts
trumps approval ratings his worst yet
trump is no saint so why do evangelicals remain
donald trump shakes up global economic outlook
ukrainian aircraft maker tweets air force one offer to trump
kathy griffin apologises over decapitated trump head photo shoot
donald trump backed luther strange loses alabama primary
donald trump unveils tax plan that could add billions to deficit
donald trumps ban lasting damaging effects on refugees
donald trump pressure from all sides sees messy paris withdrawal
vladimir putin thanks donald trump for cia tip terror attacks
who is joe arpaio the man donald trump wants to pardon
alec baldwin dressed as donald trump hugging african american m
donald trump jrs meeting requested by pop star emin agalarov
what will donald trump presidency mean for world
turnbull refuses comment on trump travel ban
mike pence for president trump running mate has 2020 vision
donald trump makes first address to congress as it happened
attorneys general decry donald trump immigration order
chinese gdp in the spotlight as us transitions to trump
donald trump supreme court pick neil gorsuch sworn in
trump top democrats agree on young immigrants
will trump deliver for the bible belt
supreme court nominee stakes out independence from trump
trump signs russia sanctions into law white house
donald trump vows to release further jfk files
trump comey confirms fbi investigating russia links
donald trump pena nieto mexico wall leaked call transcript
trump leak truth to power a war he can not win analysis
donald trump first week as president zoe daniel wrap
turnbull trump rant shorten wife net worth tops google searches
donald trump slams states uncompliant with voter fraud demands
donald trump promises historic relief with huge tax cuts
donald trump says blame on both sides for charlottesville
trump gives sessions attorney general job pompeo cia job reports
trumps plans for mass deportations send shock
trump openly called for unity healing and love
former us ambassador says trumps travel ban breaks the law
leaked documents link trumps commerce secretary to russia
hail trump holocaust museum alarmed white nationalist speech
trumps tax writeoff shows his genius at business advisers say
hanson thrilled by trump win
donald trump condemns portland oregon stabbings
donald trump jr hits back at reports about meeting
un general assembly what to watch in trump first attendance
animatronic trump joins disneys hall of presidents
sarah sanders calls president trump obama
donald trump warns of rigged us election
donald trumps inauguration in pictures
g20 hamburg family photo with donald trump
donald trump arrives in hawaii ahead of asia tour
us election markets clinton trump
trump hails passage of gop tax bill
snl comedy writer suspended after barron trump tweet
donald trump condemns charlottesville thugs protests phoenix
donald trumps malcolm turnbull meeting delayed and shortened
if donald trump had week this bad in business hed be fired
trump does not realise he is president of virgin islands
floyd mayweather defends donald trump locker room talk
donald trump charlottesville white supremacist response
donald trump makes no breakthrough on north korea
trump defends decision to settle trump university lawsuits
trump administration approves keystone xl pipeline
trump dismisses reports of russian hacking
donald trump says james comey testimony showed no obstruction
trump issues travel restrictions on north korea venezuela
trump aide subpoenaed to face us senate panel
world leaders react to donald trump us election victory
trump vs comey the super bowl of washington politics
donald trump says womens marchers should have voted
has trump been trumped
donald trump names james mattis as nominee for defence secretary
trump backs assange to cast doubt over russian hacking claims
indias pm goes in for a cuddle with mr trump
barack obama postpresidency first speech no mention donald trump
enrique pena nieto cancels talks with donald trump over wall
assad allies aim to seize all aleppo before trump takes power
has the print book trumped digital beware glib conclusions
donald trumps record low approval rating not bad ben knight
donald trump says will accept fence parts of border
hamas leader calls for uprising after trumps declaration
republicans rebuke trump
donald trump could he be setting early epic fails to rights
mexico call trumps bluff on trade international
donald trump endorses roy moore as senate candidate
bill shorten stands by barking mad trump comments
labor running trump like propaganda campaign against west
donald trumps far right britain first retweets shocks uk
donald trump inaugural address in full
barrie cassidy trumps victory to make global waves australia
trump makes statement about replacement of chief
turnbull and trump to meet says spicer
trump signs buy american hire executive order
wall street falls ahead of trump inauguration
trump in israel just got back from the middle east
trump directs pentagon to implement military transgender ban
anti trump pence demonstrators take to washington streets
trump twitter employee says deactivated account was a mistake
how much will it cost australia to walk away from trump
donald trump says puerto rico has thrown budget out of whack
turnbull rides in the beast with trump
donald trump says china has been caught trading with north korea
grahame morris on the trump experiment
trump administration fires top us prosecutor preet bharara
trump tower becomes dump tower on google maps
trump fulfils promise to restart us coal industry
trump undermines obamacare birth control mandate
house of cards season 5 can the show compete with donald trump
press secretary critical of trumps inauguration
donald trump jr and paul manafort to testify before committee
joseph kahn says trumps attacks on the press could
trump holds first rally as us president
attacking north korea surely trump couldnt be that foolish
entertainment at one of donald trumps
donald trump mission in asia not what allies want
donald trumps travel ban blocked again
mcdonalds blames hack for anti trump tweet
donald trump says both sides to blame charlottesville violence
pentagon joins intensifying probe of former trump aide flynn
donald trump calls accusers sick liars as new claims surface
us vice presidential contenders blast trump clinton
trump has no desire and no capacity to lead the
donald trump white house denies immigration national guard
sanctuary cities under threat in trump era
trumps lack of policy detail drags on share market
donald trump will the us ever recover from the presidency
donald trump says he tries to be kim jong uns friend
obama and trump meet at white house to begin power transfer
women tweet sexual assault stories in wake of trumptapes
what to expect from americas future first lady melania trump
trump hates refugee deal according to washington post
trump says paris looks like terrorist attack
trump jeff sessions on the attack against white house leaks
will trump allow release of secret jfk assassination papers
trump pick haward turns down offer to replace flynn
president trump has decided to decertify the iran nuclear deal
tpp trade pact dead buried cremated amid trump presidency
new york times donald trump james comey michael flynn inquiry
trumps national security plan pledges to put america first
donald trump says record low approval rating not bad
island leaders ask trump for a change of heart on climate
melania trump says donald was egged on in that infamous tape
appallingly ignorant trump fuelled entirely by
trump says north korea to be met with fire and fury
donald trump recorded having lewd conversation about women
donald trump says secret service did fantastic job
us election third presidential debate trump clinton
middle east reacts to trumps victory
britain to trump no vacancy for farage as ambassador
palestinian stabs israeli in jerusalem anti trump protests flare
trump warns he may cut aid to countries over un
jekyll and hyde trump reopens charlottesville wounds
tillerson denies resignation rumours but not trump moron remark
george bush takes veiled swipe at donald trump in speech
donald trump peter dutton refugee deal us
trump describes india as true friend and partner
taliban video australian hostage asks trump negotiate release
priebus ousted by trump in tumultuous days for white house
donald trump plans to recognise jerusalem as israels capital
all the promises from donald trumps first speech
donald trump praises north korean leader for wise decision guam
donald trump charlottesville legitimise violence right wing
cattle export concerns under trump presidency
dfat says one nation requested tickets for trump inauguration
malcolm turnbull discussed middle east with donald trump
north korea fires test missile in challenge to donald trump
us donald trump obamacare repeal fail leaves lessons
 to learn
trump calls for drug testing before third debate
donald trump wins in atlanta despite rolling scandals
reddit user apologises over donald trump wrestling video
trumps indonesian business deals unearthed
trumps sweeping tax bill approved by house of representatives
donald trump highlights power to move markets
one nation registering for tasmania state election trump effect
president trump accusing pakistan for providing a
covfefe act would preserve trumps tweets as official statements
donald trump us election wrap of week
clinton comments on trumps health
donald trump replaces reince priebus with john kelly
donald trump gives deposition against chef amid legal battles
donald trump malcolm turnbull refugee phone call transcript
tech company backlash over trump travel ban
top financial minds say trump presidency short term volatility
is trump making the right decision on americas
donald trump north korea says united states locked loaded
trump tillerson visits china south china sea north korea focus
trump counters criticism of his national security adviser
donald trump steve bannon military solution north korea
us election trump clinton presidential debate
diplomacy experts alarmed by donald trump remarks
donald trumps travel ban temporarily blocked
obama speaks after trump victory
trump blasts former aide at centre of russia probe as liar
holliday defends decision to sing at trumps inauguration
at long last americans choose between clinton and trump
something will have to be done about n korea trump
donald trump wins us election defeats hillary clinton
trump praises las vegas shooting first responders
under trump israel can reset middle east right wing says
trump sends cheque to family of war dead after june promise
japan rubber mask makers happy to face a trump presidency
rachel maddow releases donald trumps tax returns
trump named time magazines person of the year
trump inauguration let the era of unpredictability begin
melbourne school boy trump ban visa turnaround
trump putin discuss syria north korea in phone call
us election donald trump evangelical support flagging
morrison australia first policy after trump cancels tpp
us election republicans distance themselves from donald trump
donald trumps tax reveal was news american style
imf cites risks on trump spending plans but plays
another humiliating lesson for donald trump
barack obama letter to donald trump transcript
trump putin russia us relationship diplomacy going backwards
donald trump remains sceptical russia was behind hacking
donald trump twitter shares video hillary clinton hit golf ball
activists protest trumps racist
donald trump comey to testify in russian meddling probe
trump us designates north korea a state sponsor of terrorism
wall st us markets ease on trump political concerns
trump spokeswoman calls him obama in daca press briefing
trump xi committed to denuclearisation of north korea
trump is playing the obama card with wire tapping
russian lawyer who met trump jr ready to clarify situation
sean spicers top moments as donald trumps press secretary
donald trump fine tuned machine zoe daniel
donald trump blames congress for all time low in russia ties
trump picks exxon ceo to head state dept reports
cisco joins other us companies in slamming trump immigration ban
under trump us farmers find an advocate
is trumps win really a revolution
philippines duterte says will deal with trump in righteous way
can donald trump take credit for the us economy
donald trump climate of fear paris accord
donald trump news media coverage
world leaders react to donald trumps us election victory
donald trump welcomes children ahead of halloween weekend
donald trump inside while intruder scales white house fence
donald trump staff asked bakery to copy obamas inauguration cake
why has trump pardoned an ex cop facing jail
how chris uhlmanns g20 takedown of donald trump went viral
trump announces decision on paris climate deal
trump to end protections for haitians in us
donald trump welcomes egyptian president
james comey confirms fbi investigating trump russia links
donald trump arrives in seoul on latest leg of his
david frum says donald trump is trying neutralise
angry about the us result thats how trump votes have felt
trump slams north korea in seoul speech
ivanka trump draws boos defending her father in berlin
trumps new afghanistan strategy welcomed by nato
trump f 35 opinion fine but australia committed pyne says
donald trump slump could hurt us tourism industry
trump continues to dominate as markets become cautious
saudi arabia hopes donald trump will restore order middle east
trump supporters heading to dc
donald trump weaker on world stage after signing russia bill
donald trumps unpredictable style worrying political insiders
never bend to envy says trump
who is and isnt attending the donald trump inauguration
who is part of donald trump white house team
john kelly stunned broken hearted by criticism of trump
trump brexit clouding australias trade deal
trump plans new white house office for son in law jared kushner
donald trump apologises for vulgar comments but
clinton in book says trump debate stalking made her skin crawl
us house passes healthcare bill in major trump victory
trump to release jfk files subject to further information
donald trump did not pass russia secrets putin says
donald trump and the uncivil war
may and trump affirm uk us relationship
why the republican tax cut bill is a big win for trump
trudeau meets trump in washington
brothers suspected of robberies disguised as trump
donald trump administration chaos us can recover zoellick says
trump wall is more about symbolism than
china exploits donald trump isolationist agenda asia experts say
trump avoids commitment to two state solution with netanyahu
donald trump may have tweeted himself into trouble
trump denies daca deal with democrats
donald trump and hillary clinton bitter us election campaign
donald trump is at his zenith
testing times for china us relationship as trump
clinton campaign helped pay for scandalous trump dossier
trump and sanctuary cities
trump chooses governor nikki haley for un ambassador
how did we miss donald trumps election victory
trumps romance with china
donald trump treated unfairly by media
trump cake creator thrilled after global exposure
japan factory swamped by demand for trump masks
paris climate deal donald trump to lose elon musk as adviser
donald trump climate change stance be softener after paris
trump rolls back parts of obamas terrible cuba deal
hot mic captures us senator ripping on trump mocking politician
will president trumps us tax cuts deliver anything
us election trump victory a class backlash against economic ine
donald trump will take vote on jerusalem personally
trump european populists are a threat to human rights hrw
man arrested at trumps washington hotel after guns found in car
grattan one businessman to another turnbull trump talk
wall st ends fairly flat as markets weigh trump actions
donald trump warns of trouble if guam attacked
un human rights chief trump would be dangerous if elected
germany rejects trumps claim it owes nato money for defence
donald trump reportedly bragged to russian
how trump used the media to win the us presidency
trump says he could run his business and run the
donald trump holds back some jfk assassination files
imf cuts us growth outlook on trumps unmet promises
donald trump breaks ice with china in letter to xi jinping
malcolm turnbull youre not on your own my own call with trump
trump meets victims responders in hurricane ravaged puerto rico
trump team assets
trump administration officials may be deposed over travel ban
trump promises quick decision on new fbi director
trump warns sacked fbi director james comey
whats in donald trump jrs emails and what could they mean
donald trump white house email prank
donald trump made friends with democrats this week
trump helped sons russian meeting like any father would
syria refugees see dream of better life crushed by trump ban
japan and south korea applaud trump for brazenness in un speech
trump left hanging in handshake diplomacy
donald trump on the apprentice
donald trump says fbi destroyed michael flynns life
trumps arts council quits with hidden message in letter
donald trump mcdonalds binges screaming fits memoir reveals
donald trump in a minute
donald trump victory popular in pauline hanson heartland ipswich
donald trump escalates conflict with media
david taylor i went to school with a mini donald trump
trump snaps at san juan mayor over hurricane maria aid criticism
trump makes pocahontas jab at navajos event
no evidence of wire tapping at trump tower justice department
donald trump should ask congress to use force on north korea
key moments us election trump clinton presidential debate
mr trump jrs statement was true according to
just how big was donald trumps inauguration crowd
trump warns of consequences for us companies sending jobs abroad
trump teaches turnbull how not to play nicely
trump macron look past climate change differences in paris
trumps anti china rhetoric raises concerns in
screen actors guild awards trumps us immigration ban features
trump supporters expecting delivery on key promises
trump campaign officials who had contacts with russia and when
has donald trump been moonlighting
donald trump 100 days undocumented workers fear deportation
us companies pull funding of trump like julius caesar production
trump clinton and comey find out that language matters
trump blasts department store nordstrom
trump expected to roll back much of obamas
donald trump arrives in south korea
donald trump appointee andrew liveris remembers darwin roots
finance week ahead gdp bounce back as trump outlines tax plans
mixed signals from donald trump over climate
donald trump virginia election most important since november
despite some similarities not
 all brexiteers love trump
donald trump on stage at celebratory concert
donald trump nominates jerome powell as us fed
donald trump fans rally in jerusalems old city
trump impersonators washed off beach newcastle
donald trumps full statement on syrian strikes
trump signs executive order sweeping away obama climate policies
america first donald trump delivers his first
trump election looms over usa mexico world cup qualifier
donald trump presidential transition yuge task
australias day in us headlines after trump comments
minefield trump represents triumph of class over identity
rattled by trump arab leaders renew call for palestine
what will trump mean for the usas half a million homeless
putin says obama govt is working hard to undermine trump
donald trump slammed by media for fake news
donald trump bone spurs john mccain declines label draft dodger
trumps week of handshakes and lack of hand holding
trump calls his supporters violent and vicious
donald trump abc america interview
greg norman helped malcolm turnbull contact donald trump
believe me trump asks for blind faith despite trust issues
afghan moab evidence increasingly interventionist donald trump
trump is a walking satire balloon armando iannucci veep creator
trump blasts comey as acting fbi chief contradicts president
trump holds press conference before second debate
us election donald trumps triumphs in florida
how trumps plan to pay for mexico border wall would work
g 20 shut trump out on climate strike deal on trade
middle east protests against trumps stance on
donald trump labelled hater in chief over puerto rico tweets
trump insensitive condolence call johnson niger war response
theresa may wont be afraid to challenge donald trump
why donald trump has so much influence on
obama says dont underestimate donald trump in final interview
us tempers part of trump travel ban amid big protests
trump voiced concern over robert muller james comey
donald trump grand jury issues subpoenas in russia investigation
trump changes course on ripping up nafta
trump wont stop climate change action un ban ki moon hopes
who has left the white house since donald trump took office
experts say a president trump will change the us and the world
donald trump first 100 days two perspectives
donald trump gets election date wrong
why twitter wont delete trumps threatening north korea tweet
trumps north korea strategy will rely on sanctions negotiations
us election trump clinton presidential debate quiz
the trump financial revolution and how it might affect you
can donald trump control the courts
joseph kahn andrew olle lecture trump fake news
donald trump compared to mccarthy as republican spat deepens
donald trump visits cia
does malcolm turnbulls lampooning of donald trump
trump disputes war widows recollection says he
donald trump malcolm turnbull media criticism wasting his time
trump thanks putin for slashing us diplomatic payroll
barack obama urges donal trump to stand up to russia
donald trump conservative agenda with a vengeance
welcome to team trump
trump names jerome powell as new federal reserve chair
us china tensions could stretch australia after trump dumps tpp
trump denies misleading over armada heading towards north korea
analysts markets welcome donald trump bank regulation rollback
us major parties push white house to prove trumps
polls open in us election trump clinton live
donald trump travel ban stops iranian scientist returning to us
trump says n korea missile launch shows disrespect to china
100 days donald trump why does it matter
donald trump calls bridgitte macron beautiful during paris visit
us currency dips after donald trump says high
trump backed republican roy moore beaten in crucial senate race
trump repeatedly demeaned women on hit show the apprentice
trump draft order would halt syrian refugee processing
donald trump tells guam north korean threat a tourism boost
abc news quiz trump golden globes
cancel it trump says new air force one cost ridiculous
trump trade policies easier said than done
trumps voter fraud belief based on studies white house says

Clean Fake

trump warns of vote flipping on machines
this election is not about trump its about a giant middle finger to washington dc
more on trump populism and how it can be controlled by government
trump bollywood ad meant to sway indian american voters is an hilarious fail
dems could be up on charges for inciting trump rally violence
israeli supporters of donald trump rally at jerusalem forever event in israel capital city
whether clinton or trump tensions will escalate with china and russia under next u president
bernie sanders could replace president trump with little known loophole
prepare for 2018 donald trump landslide victory will usher in the coming global shaking
why donald trump must shut down the federal reserve and start issuing debt free money
the president of the united states of america donald j trump
must watch when people laughed at donald trump and anyone who said he would win
trump warns that by attacking assad us will end up fighting russia information
the media lost all of its political power last night thank you donald trump daily wire
why iranian american pastor held hostage in iran is voting for donald trump
according to activity on facebook donald trump will sweep 42 of 50 states in this election
julian assange predicts trump will lose still missing day 12
a trump presidency will have implications for nato
reporters stunned to learn trump fans lining up 12 hours before rally starts
they dont speak for me evangelical phd slams religious right leaders supporting trump
harry reid desperately accuses trump and fbi of violating the hatch act
commander in chief donald trump will have terrifying powers thanks obama
trump has hissy fit after reporter points out pausing campaign to open hotel is really dumb
trump on gingrich exchange with megyn kelly we dont play games
fans asked george takei to tweet something positive about trump he did and it perfect
world war 3 hillary v trump
the only strategy that could have stopped donald trump
no one tried to assassinate donald trump but austyn crites shows up in wikileaks 7 times
trump supporters booby trap polling place and spill blood of election volunteer addicting info the knowledge you crave
his fans are calling trump brave but here how hillary faced down man who stormed stage
trump says his favorite book is no longer the bible his new favorite book proves he a narcissist
russia warns us is now a colour revolution active zone due to trump victory
trump is usa antique hero clinton will be next president
breaking melania trump immigration records made public show trump ultimate hypocrisy addicting info the knowledge you crave
trump foreign policy is sane while clinton is belligerent
misogynist donald trump is hemorrhaging evangelical women voters
trump tower surrounded by dump trucks in anticipation of violence
trump llama a mantenimiento porque el bot n nuclear no funciona
trump repeats bogus claim that captain khan would still be alive if he were president
consultant tied to trump super pac promoted voter suppression against black female voters
kevin macdonald celebrates trump amazing victory
trump possible path out of ukraine crisis consortiumnews
trump is the lesser evil because he such a narcissist
a trump fan just put hillary in an electric chair on his front lawn
cnn calls sheriff clarke a terrorist after trump considers giving him an incredible new job endingfed news network
trump tsunami incoming what trump did in florida today will make him president
sonntagsfrage was sagen sie dazu dass donald trump tats chlich gewonnen hat
here proof that the iowa cop killer is a trump supporter
breaking trump just set washington on fire with new ruling that has lobbyists terrified liberty writers news
it harder for clinton supporters to respect trump backers than vice versa
newt gingrich goes berserk when fox news megyn kelly referred to trump as a sexual predator
bridging the black vote gap trump promises new deal for black america
breaking ivanka trump makes tragic announcement both donald trump and supporters are shocked prophecy
heureux et souriant il a la chance de toujours ignorer que donald trump a t lu le gorafi
trump warning the start of world war iii and isis
obama trump display unity in white house meeting
breaking watch in awe as melania trump gives most elegant speech ever given liberty writers news
watch trump get booed outside of his polling place in terrible start to his election day
trump slim chance for greatness
hillary attack dog david brock plotting with soros steyer sussman to kick trump ass
shock nyt goes gutter accuses trump of victimizing little girl
president trump has shattered jews american idyll information
russia tests nuclear capable ballistic missile but have you heard that trump grabs pussies
trump team begins making list of executive orders to erase obama presidency on day one
you wont believe the hilarious reason we havent seen any late night trump twitter rants
fbi just announced it looking into the trump campaign ties to russia
the trumpflation scam and the fiscal bloodbath ahead
crushed trump hollywood walk of fame star smashed with sledgehammer
donald trump landslide victory becomes 45th us president
watch megyn kelly almost cry on air when trump took the lead electionnight
chaos woman says trump raped her at age 13 schedules press conference then falls apart
inside the invisible government john pilger on war propaganda clinton and trump
is donald trump a victim of us propaganda
statistical tie latest breitbart gravis poll shows donald trump closes the gap with less than two weeks left
500 000 people sign petition asking electoral college to pick clinton as president instead of trump
hillary climactic trump putin oppo dump an epic fail
stocks and deby will trump bring morning or mourning in america
billionaire globalist soros exposed as hidden hand behind trump protests provoking us color revolution
trump declared the winner
kissinger trump need not keep positions taken in the campaign promises are pillow talk
the david duke show hillary treason and why trump duke will win
as of 6 00 am november 6th trump is leading in major national polls
trump fans rally in jerusalem
draining the swamp 2 0 trump versus reagan
breaking news podesta brothers pedo ring mr trump drain the swamp v the guerrilla economist
donald trump rushed off stage in reno after possible assassination attempt
is he having a stroke huckabee calls trump a car wreck freaks out when people laugh at him
the clean energy market trumps the war on coal
top aide to hillary clinton urges the fbi to disclose what it knows about trump russia ties
trump ex manager he didnt even know what a gold star family is
white trump bashing lib reprimanded on live cnn interview for using n word
this comment about trump win will make you think hard about the full horror of what just happened
trump calls for teaching patriotism in schools
election day in america the political earth could move trump route to 270
hillary clinton hits unfavorability high of 60 higher than trump
donald trump el pantano y el fuego katehon think tank geopolitics tradition
dear liberals trump is right
electronic voting machines caught switching trump votes to hillary trying to steal texas survival
trump first order anyone burning an american flag to be charged with treason conservative daily post
trump kills the gop with the lowest score in history of presidential leadership poll
7 reasons trump won daily wire
cartoon of the day what lurks in the swamp trump has promised to drain
vice president biden trump will support israel
nation top lawyers have had enough of trump tweets
professor who predicted last five elections says trump has 87 chance of winning
george soros trump will win popular vote in landslide hillary electoral victory is already a done deal
here what ivanka trump posted on instagram during her father biggest controversies
it looks like george soros is funding the trump protests just like he funded the ferguson riots
is trump winning the future of america depends on a few states
anti trump protesters are tools of the oligarchy information
cnn host scolds conway on trump treatment of reporters then she flips script with 1 big question
brian cloughley the greatest achievement of mr trump would be engage in positive discussions with russia and china
donald trump repeatedly warned anthony weiner was a national security risk
trump vows personal campaign spending will total 100mln by us election day
clinton isnt letting up as she hammers trump for pimping his hotel instead of campaigning
comment on donald trump to replace filipina white house chef with paula deen by mitch jalandoni
republican protester says he was nearly killed after trump says take him out
homeless trump supporter guards donald trump star on hollywood blvd
trump kicks african american protester out of north carolina rally calls him a thug
congressmen turned radio host joe walsh recklessly talks muskets if trump loses
riots getting out of control they are now shouting kill trump
anti trump crowd chants what better than 11 dead cops 12 dead cops three police officers ambushed the same weekend
classless obama refuses photo op of white house welcome with trump
revealed hillary sat on sex misconduct allegations against trump for months
twitter allows sick and disgusting liberal tweets of assassinate trump and rape melania
will an anti trump color revolution engulf the us
msnbc screws up interviews two african american donald trump supporters that destroy msnbc negative stereotyped narrative
the intercept outs neocon democrat smear against trump as putin puppet eric zuesse
if the christian evangelicals believe trump will save america
julian assange trump wont be allowed to win clinton isis funded by same money
trump finally plays antiwar card a little
trump advocates the american people control over u government
trump success shocks global
apparently donald trump has already activated the reset button with russia
markets panic over trump victory as fbi reopens hillary email probe harvey organ
limbaugh perfectly sums up why the left unwilling to face why trump really won
lol listen to yoko ono primal response to trump win
michael moo joe blow will vote trump as ultimate f you to the elite a human molotov cocktail
is trump psychic listen to his words one year ago look at what just happened
hillary endorsed donald trump for president according to wikileaks
trump announces massive expansion plans for nasa
what do russian experts expect from donald trump
julian assange makes very suspect post election announcement seeks pardon from trump
the left says i hate myself for voting trump while female i dont i just hate you daily wire
yuuuge trump leading 3 in ohio 14 florida 3 with independents whoever wins independents wins the election
former congressman has a back up plan if trump loses the election and it includes his musket
how donald trump is already indirectly helping russia and syria
i could sue you trump spokeswoman slanders angela rye on live tv gets epic smack down
play ball both mexico and canada say they re willing to redo nafta with president donald trump
speaker at trump rally says he hopes hillary clinton dies in a fiery car crash
secretary of state bolton advises trump to confront russia china iran and embrace war forever
trump no salary for me as president
snowflake colbert didnt want to write jokes about trump winning daily wire
trumpprotest communists mobilize to disrupt president elect trump inauguration
hillary implodes trump took everything paid nothing to support us
clinton insider confesses trump protests are just more pre paid soros riots to stir unrest
watch the exact moment paul ryan committed political suicide at a trump rally
trump supporters lose control violently harass reporters at rally
high ranking russian official confirms being in contact with trump campaign during election
queen claims 70 years of prince philip is perfect preparation for donald trump
a pimp just revealed trump also raped 12 year old girl threat to kill witnesses
ok it over we finally know the truth about trump word bigly
distrubing new video shows donald trump sexually assaulting miss universe on stage
more reports of votes flipping from trump to clinton in texas election officials dismiss concerns an ongoing cbs4 voter fraud investigation finds people voting twice
shocking nostradamus predicted donald trump rise to power
it literally hurts my brain to read the economic idiocy emitted by trumpkins libertarian
breaking trump dramatically rushed off stage by secret service chaos ensues
crushing hillary trump landslide by the numbers endingfed news network
after trump shocker one market is in freefall and what is happening in the gold market is unbelievable
donald trump threatens to jail hillary clinton
stop drinking starbucks now just wait til you see what they did to trump today liberty writers news
influential journalist nails it trump will be in jail soon but a clinton win means stalemate term
trump victory proves us political class out of touch with electorate ron paul
young turks finds out why trump is about to lose utah for republicans for first time in decades
president elect trump a new era of unpredictability awaits
number of accusers grows to 12 as former miss finland accuses trump of sexual assault
dillary trumplon this guy epic rap song just destroyed trump and hillary
for every argument the media make against trump hillary worse
trump tells media secret obama story behind 2016 election
the aftermath of trump election facing down fear panic and uncertainty
suicide hotlines get record number of calls after trump win phones have been ringing off the hook
trump jr thinks michael moore endorsed his dad moore response is hilarious
the color revolution against trump
watch shameless cnn reporter insults trump instantly regrets that decision
trump invigorates new american volk by formulating u einsatzgruppen
clinton claims us voters to reject trump divisive vision of america
texas official sees record breaking turnout and it all for trump
vorbild trump afd fordert ebenfalls mauer an grenze zu mexiko
harry reid blasts comey for misconduct drops bombshell fbi is sitting on russian trump info
civil war in the gop trump leading long experiment in populism new republican party
audio wayne allen root shocks trump on air with revelation about dnc lies
they are convening a grand jury trust me trump surrogate loses it over clinton emails
bazinga donald trump has ten point swing in polls before fbi reopened crooked hillary investigation
forget the trump clinton charade it time to wake up america
riots flag burning and open threats to kill trump follow hillary election loss
gov bill weld encourges supporters to stop trump
cnn van jones has some reality for trump if he were black we d call him a thug
trump seguir viviendo en su domicilio particular al considerar que la casa blanca es un cuchitril
trump team may well clean the syrian sewer new eastern outlook
emotionally f king pissed media blows embargo and lashes out at trump f ck him
maryland trump supporter they switched my vote to hillary
world in fear of trump following through hopefully no more soon
farage to act as go between for trump and nearest domino
tim allen hollywood bullies trump supporters
trump in the white house information
trump silent as iowa cop killer identified as one of his white supporters
trump is in the white house look at the shocking thing trump did to obama liberty writers news
october shocker fbi has explosive information on trump conspiring with putin
sanders calls trump political coward over voter suppression report
trump just got hit with massive 32 million fraud tax evasion lawsuit
fleeing a trump presidency not an option
clinton vs trump latest electoral prediction greg laden blog science and technology
texas official we are seeing record breaking voter turnout in texas and it all for trump
see trump run and win
la cor e du nord annonce avoir envoy un missile balistique de f licitation donald trump le gorafi
i m not voting for donald trump i m voting to stop the clintons from consolidating power
3 reasons why you should apply for a job in the trump administration
trump hating reporter nearly catatonic on air after o reilly proves she a fraud
the 4 biggest losers in donald trump stunning victory
gold spikes over 60 before pulling back after trump upset shocks the world but here is the real shocker
wall street hollywood the media and sjws fail to stop donald trump from becoming america 45th president
anti trump us color revolution includes soros and clinton purple takeover
african americans deserve new deal from republican party trump
not kidding colleges give students safe spaces to cry over trump win threaten students over pro trump chalkings
donald trump accepts the nomination public domain
stung by clinton allegations trump claims he used no undocumented workers in dc hotel
who will be in trump cabinet a few possibilities
trump rejects neocon turncoats russia launches aleppo campaign
donald trump new deal for black america has 3 points we should all be able to agree on
election 2016 nostradamus predictions 2016 for usa world war 3 donald trump predicted
news a new era donald trump just whispered hope you like to make ham motherfucker to a white house chef
mike pence is fine with trump sexual assault but offended by voter suppression
comment on trump considering a military general for vp by marblenecltr
britain hopeful that trump presidency and falling dollar will lead to more affordable marmite
retired 4 star general blasts trump for not supporting us troops
5 trump advisors who prove he more like hillary clinton than thought
a federal judge just ordered the rnc to reveal its voter fraud pact with trump
mind blowing live facebook poll comments show trump winning 95 90k comments this is proof we need if election is rigged
trump jokes that they should just cancel the election now guarantees win
malcolm x on hillary clinton and donald trump
why trump victory wasnt a surprise
top trump aide steve bannon virulent anti semite or ardent zionist
trump i d get electric chair for cheating on debates like hillary
we can not give trump a chance
homeless woman protects trump walk of fame star from violent leftists
trump accuses obama hillary clinton of founding daesh
anti trump violence sweeps the nation
speculation trump promotes nsa boss rogers to dni because he leaked the clinton emails
michael moore just brought every liberal to their knees with this epic rant proving trump will win michael moore admits he is right
america celebrates stock market average sets new record for businessman president trump
reset vladimir putin says that russia is ready to do it part to rebuild ties with america under trump
how donald trump changed the world of dating
putin congratulates trump says russia is ready to restore relations with the us
5 states hillary is set to steal from trump
george takei invited to thanksgiving at the baldwins to referee trump feud tweets video
2 reminders to ignore the trump is doomed polls
first effect of trump win al qaeda morale in aleppo collapses western campaign against russian bombing ends
fbi sees no ties between trump putin
why this orthodox rabbi supports trump
this professor devotes her life to countering dangerous speech she cant ignore donald trump
a defeated obama condescendingly mocks winner trump says he cant keep campaign promises
ex miss finland just accused trump of sexual assault
reward clinton hawkishness because trump foreign policy is uncertain
donald trump promised to bring edward snowden home
trump and the power of money
somebody kept driving over this trump supporter sign the trump supporter got revenge it awesome
experts just uncovered
 the top secret server trump uses to talk to russia
busted eric trump admits daddy started the conversation about obama birth certificate audio
donald trump is the candidate for americans not special interests
7 reasons trump supporters are making fox news is imploding all the rage on twitter
trump supporters didnt vote because of the economy it was racism and here proof
obama tells black voters trump would tolerate kkk support in office
trump huge rally crowds vs hillary clinton tiny crowds
why any wife mother daughter sister or feminist must vote trump
after trump win mexico issues statement on trump wall sounds like they re pleading redflag news
blowback journalists whine of victimization as trump supporters turn on presstitute media
the 1 reason why people are voting for trump
fbi finds no evidence to prove trump relations with moscow clinton thinks otherwise
trump israel is a ray of hope to the world
trump win a rebuke to the elites
trump rockets to a 5 4 lead over crooked hillary clinton
chart of the day the trump rally is all dow mind the divergences
lawsuits in 4 states accuse trump gop of voter intimidation
chicago hits back strips trump of honorary street designation
trump haters boycott ivanka clothing line because of father sexual assault accusers
trump shocked to discover women can vote
trump haters mow down signs black women for trump make them famous
watch how fast msnbc cuts black woman interview when she says this about trump
trump is the first president to truthfully describe our situation
ultimate white knight destroys trump walk of fame star to help lying slut hoaxers
it took less than 12 hours for eric trump to break the law on election day
assange donald trump wont be allowed to win clinton isis funded by same interests
7 things you need to know about trump and sex slave island
trump unleashes on media everyone at cnn is a liar you should be ashamed
lol british wife of lib actor who said there will never be a president donald trump warns americans about president elect trump
can trump deliver what obama didnt people wanted major change in 2008 they still want it
if trump loses i m grabbing my musket former congressman ready to go full revolution
donald trump kicks off final campaign day with fla rally
here is why the trump administration will be a force for peace james p pinkerton
fact check trump is right that clinton might cause ww3 eric zuesse
a lasting trump stamp on foreign policy
new poll just confirmed nobody cares about hillary emails except trump fans
now it is usa today lying to us that the anti trump protests are spontaneou
putin hillary clinton will start world war 3 trump wants peace
the top 5 conspiracy theories that were proven to be true because donald trump ran for president
ice cube trump america loves hill called us superpreditors the bern whatve you done
watch cornell university holding cry ins to mourn trump win
texas official bombshell massive group of trump voters pollsters didnt know about
worrying about trump reactionaries
media scoundrel trump bashing continues hot and heavy
comment on what is causing the strange trumpet sounds in the sky all over the world by mr randy douglas miller
a judge just declared trump new hotel bankrupt
is donald trump the new hitler
the media go insane over trump in every way that why we dont trust them
i dare you to restrain yourself from laughing at trump and hillary in a stronger hot show
how trump used alt right pawns to gain power before disavowing
the man behind the trump rally disturbance in reno
the path men took to trump
will there be riots in america the day after donald trump wins the presidency
if donald trump wins he will be 70 years 7 months and 7 days old on his first full day in office
the word 5 states hillary is set to steal from trump
the most durably democratic county in the country could go for trump
donald trump vs hillary clinton 2016 in their own words
israel settlements legal trump aide says playing anti iran video message on mount zion
denzel shocks libs by backing trump in beyond epic way he just shredded obama
trump victory take that you bastards
the clinton email investigation has shifted the poll numbers significantly in trump favor
state polls trump gains dramatically daily wire
trump tweets his reaction to meeting obama and it so f cking creepy
comment on gop presidential candidate trump you need a spanking by para kazanmak
trump russia and spies
trump will probably win and gold may rise 100 overnight jim rickards
dr macdonald dr duke expose the vicious war on trump by the jewish establishment
donald trump and the disabled reporter the whole truth and not the spin put on by the media
life finding common ground this white man and this muslim woman both have trump painted on their garages
comment on if trump loses i m grabbing my musket former congressman ready to go full revolution by lakshmima
shocking video machine refuses to allow vote for trump in pennsylvania endingfed news network
cathy fitts converts to trump best video in history
trump compares himself to veterans says he brave military explodes
the left must mobilize in the face of a trump victory
saakashvili reveals age long friendship with trump
right before hitler killed himself trump insider describes the trump campaign final days
trump says he d love to take on biden in literal dc beatdown
watch these are the 5 states hillary must steal from trump if she successful it will all but block trump from presidency
trump says go back we say fight back
in the first 19 days of october trump gave just 31k to his own campaign
trump hillary and the end of the us empi a russian view
michael moo people voting trump as ultimate f you a human molotov cocktail
hillary shows her guilt after hearing trump supporters chant 3 brutal words
evil hillary supporters yell f ck trump burn truck of daddy fishing with 2 yr son over of trump bumper stickers
donald trump whines because isis cuts off heads we should be able to waterboard
trump thanksgiving message from three years ago comes back to haunt him tweet new century times
michael moore shocks the internet if you make this go viral trump will win
approximately two million bikers will be defending trump inauguration
why trump won and why clinton lost
donald trump calls meeting with press dresses down real fake news networks everyone at cnn is a liar and you should be ashamed
how well the arab world is taking trump victory new eastern outlook
cdc scientist confirms donald trump is right about vaccines and autism
obama gets desperate tells americans trump will tolerate the kkk if president
implosion trump campaign insiders report think of the bunker before hitler killed himself
fbi director just admitted his new hillary probe is a smear to help trump gop
washington post anti trump scare tactics
trump needs two of these three states to win and he has a commanding lead polls show your neighbor is voting for trump
comment on texas police arrest trump voter for wearing deplorable t shirt by terry
hillary planning violent mob attacks if trump wins
donald trump closes gap with hillary clinton in michigan
last minute millions pour in from republican donors as donald trump surges towards the top
mainstream media ignoring 75 lawsuits against trump to focus on clinton emails
trump supporter screams at press uses anti semitic slurs brands them the enemy
milo at dartmouth college on donald trump real men and political correctness
donald trump nightmare comes true 10 days before election this could ruin everything
bill clinton when trump says make america great again he blowing a dog whistle tweet
this could be the funniest anti trump campaign ad you ll ever see
trump will beat hillary with these tricks
an fbi agent just admitted his bosses are pro trump hate antichrist hillary
historischer erfolg donald trump zieht als erster clown ins wei e haus ein
trump supporter attacked by hillary zombies
comment on 184 u generals and admirals endorse trump for commander in chief by tonya parnell
as trump opens limo door what spotted in crowd proves hillary is done
why donald trump is not as horrible as hillary clinton and why you should vote for jill stein
dml provides stunning analysis predicts trump will win presidential election
7 things you need to know about trump attorney general pick jeff sessions daily wire
louis farrakhan nation of islam agrees with donald trump about the need for extreme vetting of muslim immigrants
the political world after trump win
report trump votes tossed going online to confirm vote counted is vital
the fbi clinton email investigation has shifted poll numbers significantly in trump favor
why trump a quick primer for the world elite
donald trump wins the presidency in historic mandate victory as hillary clinton concedes
trump was asked what he has in common with his daughter his answer is creepy
trump cuts off fundraising events for republican party
donald trump and vladimir putin try to create world peace
trump just charged poor kids 20k to use his golf course for fundraiser he sponsored
trump begins to walk back illegal immigration promises daily wire
trump voter insane reason for voting for trump is making internet lose it tweets
shouts of not my president in california following trump victory
white supremacy elected trump
breaking trump takes lead in battleground state of florida
trump amazing victory against a stacked deck
donald trump en 5 dates le gorafi
to the hollywood and dc liberals who said they would move if trump won your train is outside
wow trump ties hillary to pervert anthony weiner in new ad american lookout
how they could steal trump win next tuesday with the electoral college slattery and shoaf
you might want to be sitting down michael moore explains how he can relate to trump supporters
donald j trump officially lays out his new deal for black america
what the trump skeptics got wrong
 you think there will be as many doom sayers if trump should get in office
ben shapiro destroys john oliver on abortion and trump daily wire
a noun a verb and donald trump rubio seeks to seize on murphy flaw
october surprise abc uncovers millions of payments from russia to trump
literally election fraud trump tells followers to vote four or five times to ensure race isnt rigged against him
donald trump and hillary clinton walk into a bar
anti trump pac files complaint against fbi for interfering with election
kellyanne conway loses it on jake tapper when he calls out trump bigoted fans
in hats and t shirts trump fans rally in jerusalem old city
blacks for trump rejoice trump has a plan to save you
donald trump a kgb spy
melania trump plagiarized her speech again and this time from the most ridiculous source possible
desperate trump supporter offers voters discount on horse semen if they vote trump
trump presidency creates mountains of salt from butthurt liberals
3 hags steal trump signs for hillary slapped with hilarious justice
nobody pisses trump off more than jon stewart so this beatdown will leave him shaking
trump economic program set for rough reality
hillary clinton calls trump to concede as historic race unfolds watch live
trump child rape victim just canceled press conference over death threats
why are cdc employees crying in the hallways after donald trump election
trump bored now
comment on it is happening again america voting machines are switching votes from donald trump to hillary clinton by donaldbreaux
erb trump vs clinton is finally here
trump election breaks chains of political correctness
did you know donald trump predicted hillary clinton downfall would be caused by huma abedin more than a year ago
wow whistleblower tells chilling story of massive voter fraud trump campaign readies lawsuit against fl sec of elections in critical district
the amish in america commit their vote to donald trump mathematically guaranteeing him a presidential victory abc news
polls tighten trump gains 2 7 percent in poll average in two weeks
trump the president what does that mean for the world countercurrents org
watch 13 year old girl breaks the internet with pro trump speech
america might not deserve trump but dems and hillary deserved to lose
trump crowd chants lock her up lock her up on cnn
trump prospects improve
kremlin putin congratulates trump hopes to work together major issues
trump kicks presstitutes teeth down their lying throats
reuters donald trump hollywood walk of fame star vandalized on video
trump new defense strategy on access hollywood tape blame the microphone
184 u generals and admirals endorse trump for commander in chief
anti establishment trump plans to appoint goldman sachs and george soros insiders
trump will be president how alt market predicted the outcome five months in advance
democrats plan to burn down u if trump elected
harry reid just accused fbi of hiding explosive info about trump putin
harry reid vindicated the fbi is sitting on info of russian operation to cultivate donald trump
mike rowe schools hamilton cast on lecturing pence and has a few notes for trump too
independents tilt decisively to trump
john pilger inside the invisible government war propaganda clinton and trump
i m a hispanic woman and i am voting for donald trump
lara trump implies fbi letter politically motivated my father in law forced their hand audio
putin pro trump online trolls just spilled the beans to samantha bee
boom math shows trump would have beaten obama in romney obama election
college classmate reveals horrific story of time trump hit his son in the face inside their dorm
note to america dont be so sure you ve put trump behind you information
the choice is trump or the oligarchy
now that obamacare imploding trump says he was always against it here what he said when it passed
msnbc makes huge mistake after trying to catch black family calling trump racist
fear of trump bush obama clinton all buying property in non extradition nations
new report uncovers secret trump server that repeatedly communicated with russia
one of trump deplorables escaped from his basket injuring poll worker in texas
world war 3 alert putin exposed america secret plans for russia supports trump
artificial intelligence system predicts trump victory
hillary clinton jumps the shark with trump secret russian server conspiracy theory
president elect trump proved me wrong about this election now i ardently pray he proves me wrong about him
trump supporter pulls gun on black man at polling station for refusing to vote trump gets arrested
whether trump or clinton wins the us election what follows is up to us
an influential pastor just nailed misogynist male christian trump supporters
former gop congressman goes full trump encourages armed revolt if clinton wins
hillary planning her escape after a trump win with a 1 8 billion money transfer to qatar
donald trump and his supporters are fighting a rigged system
first america first victory ford ceo calls trump to cancel plant move to mexico
busted trump decades old claim he donates to charities is bulls t
comment on donald trump ex wife ivana says he ll make the changes he promised by christian zionist
hillary clinton is brilliantly forcing broke trump to spend money defending arizona
trump and clinton assemble army of lawyers to contest election results
call him mr 306 michigan finishes it vote counting and certifies donald trump as the winner
just in republicans sued over trump call to intimidate minority voters
the resentments trump represents
mainstream media in shock after a solid trump victory clinton concedes will obama go quietly into the night
comment on philippines voids building permit of trump tower in makati city by shirley barnett
trump now praises poll that he said were rigged now that he up 2 points in florida
white house obama may leave the country if trump is elected
comment on list of hollyweirdos who say they ll leave u if trump is elected by bookooball
trump to deploy melania for major speeches could be surprise giuliani promised
nytimes editor defends paper coverage of trump claims fox news and cnn are bad for democracy
president elect donald trump eyes ovala office with plans to erase barack obama achievements
cnn predicts 2 swing states are now trending toward trump
after trump prediction was brushed off over a year ago it just came true
shock video hillary supporters attack homeless woman protecting trump star
still not over they are trying to flip the electoral college to block trump win
what donald trump victory means for men
watch president obama full speech on donald trump win
sean hannity loses his cool on air and goes completely nuclear on never trump movement
trump breaks from stump speech to admire beautiful trump mask
trump may or may not be aware of the plan a move on the chess board that others are not considering
disgusting celebrities unleash vulgar attacks on trump
democrats may get a 2 for 1 special as trump defeat could take out paul ryan
breaking judge issues restraining order against donald trump
artificial intelligence robot says trump will win
trump mistakes ex marine black supporter for protester calls him a thug tweet video
why trump already in trouble steve bannon rightwing statist
hillary clinton shuts down protester and trump divisive vision at florida rally
i m arab and many of us are glad that trump won
triggered lefty tries to run over trump sign gets perfect dose of justice
once trump takes office he can enforce the national defense authorization act for 2016 by detaining indefinitely without trial violent anti trump protesters who are domestic terrorists
trump voter beaten by black mob you voted trump you gon na pay for that sh t
breaking attempted assassination of donald trump
donald trump receives bay of pigs veterans association first ever endorsement breitbart
trump wins israel with 49 votes vs clinton 44
the fbi is trumpland anti clinton atmosphere spurred leaking sources say
trump appoints angry racist coffee mug to transition team
watch the 5 most ridiculous celebrity freak outs in response to trump win
if you think no other politician talked like trump here are other donald trumps from america past
will ferrell just came back as bush to destroy trump
trump voter listens carefully to call for national unity then sets up aryan website
donald trump appoints lord voldemort as chief of staff
franklin graham the media didnt understand the god factor in trump win
the bolton threat to trump middle east policy
it turns out trump put off investigators for 6 months while he destroyed emails
video trump voter dragged from his car brutally beaten and robbed by gang of hillary supporters daily wire
melania trump gives speech against cyberbullying apparently forgets who she married to
official online national donald trump polls updated in real time
the real reason why the clinton email scandal is back has nothing to do with helping trump
list of republicans opposing trump offguardian
democrat electors try to persuade gop electors to abandon trump
trump votes changed to clinton on machines some early texas voters say
donald trump pide que le encadenen en el tano de la casa blanca durante la superluna
cnn got complete list of questions for trump interview from dnc
proof that 100 years of voting for the lesser evil gave us trump and hillary
these celebrities just made an anti trump video for the ages
suspect in destruction of donald trump walk of fame star arrested
trump to clear way for oil pipelines
sanders calls trump a political coward over voter suppression report
trump gifts farage idaho
donald trump and hillary clinton walk in to a bar
trump will win november 8 election american professor
the trump effect jack in the box and obama change
looming behind the victory depressing economic realities that donald trump will inherit
 politicians scramble to delete old anti trump posts fort russ
busted pro trump pac rep admits to voter suppression campaign targeting blacks suburban mothers
donald trump hollywood walk of fame star destroyed by vandals
the african voters in the us who want donald trump as their president
hillary clinton is setting a masterful trap for trump to self destruct
trump protest feed clinton supporters take to the streets because their team didnt win
trump proposes canceling election calls black communities ghettos at ohio rally
donald trump wins the presidency in historic victory
watch trump promises to teach military experts about mosul tweets
donald trump bible prophecy and the coming global shaking that will shock the world
sparks fly as bikers for trump meet protesters
greens question trump victory
donald trump peacenik president information
trump catches what sick reporter snuck in interview has priceless response
palestinian un envoy threatens donald trump if he keeps promise to move embassy to jerusalem
trump and putin begin work on us russia reset
ap just confirmed melania trump worked illegally as an immigrant
the anti trump protesters are tools of the oligarchy
watch as a trump advisor has a hissy fit when asked about white supremacist supporters
shocker left wing msnbc commentator chris mathews has just endorsed donald trump for president
why did they vote for trump
comment on what donald trump just did is going to have social conservatives in a state of complete shock by live in the light
urgent donald trump just called out obama for his sickest crime yet liberty writers news
secret service rushes donald trump offstage in nevada as paid hillary supporter with gun attacks
donald trump tells uk you should make kate bush the new queen
just in trump camp caught on cam bragging of voter suppression against women blacks
freedom rider how not to protest trump
gallup americans more confident in trump since election daily wire
trump vp plane slides off runway at new york airport
donald trump le marais et le feu vid o katehon think tank geopolitics tradition
rigged election hillary and trump caught partying like bff with kissinger at jesuit gala
the media is getting desperate and pushing a bogus trump comeback story
trump campaign for celebrity
trump proposed student loan program makes him look more liberal than obama republicans fuming
donald trump uses beautiful scissors to cut ribbon on new d c hotel
lindsey graham wants trump to put ted cruz on the supreme court bench
trump opponents see normal americans as deplorables paul craig roberts
nc trump supporter hangs clinton in effigy at rally says she deserves prison
democrats urge obama to pardon 750 000 illegal immigrants before trump takes power
former miss finland accuses trump of sexual assault bringing number of accusers to 12
comment on are the obamas the clintons and the bushes going to seek refuge in countries that dont extradite to the us if trump wins by marlene
how donald trump moving the u embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem could trigger the psalm 83 war
cant trust obama look at sick thing he just did to stab trump in the back liberty writers news
badass patriot has massive surprise for thieves who stole his trump sign
13 year old girl rousing speech if donald trump had a brick for every lie hillary has told he could build two walls
tomi lahren has special message for celebrities who said they d move to canada if trump won
code red hillary clinton calling for civil war if trump is elected conservative daily post
donald trump destroyed as fact checker reveals trump lies 20 to 37 times per day
trump and roger stone were just ordered to court for voter intimidation tactics
experts obama helped trump with illegal database
memo to trump slash payroll taxes for workers not income taxes for the elites
clinton and trump offer diverse me scenarios
hillary thugs identified homeless woman protecting trump star gets justice
nyt fbi failed to connect trump to putin
iraqi christians hold first mass in over 2 years pray for trump to win
pin drop speech by father of daughter kidnapped and killed by isis i have voted for donald j trump
trump time to dream big
trump wins putin molodets michael mcfaul says
michelle runs her nasty mouth at trump then karma smacks her in the face
donald trump gives 10 000 to pastor family
trump jr suspiciously helps arizona woman push stalled car uses it as a photo op
comment on ny times trump supporters are threatening a violent revolution if hillary wins by richard johnson
video build the wall meet israel trump supporters
soros intensifies his funding for riots and unrest plotting to resist trump behind closed doors
next steps clean up the democratic party oppose trump
warning or threat hillary hints at second civil war if trump wins
how donald trump will be blamed for economic crash
trump adviser says israeli settlements not illegal
donald trump minnesota has suffered enough accepting refugees
trump posts report of clinton secret income immediately goes viral
donald trump hillary clinton rap song the oligarchy
another trump surrogate admits trump wont build that effing wall
watch they already know they ve lost as gingrich talks of 2020 trump party rematch
donald trump i m going to grab the world by the p ssy
henningsen us anti trump protests similar to soros color revolutions abroad
brad pitt shocks america i m tired of liberals taking my money i m voting for trump
breaking police catch iowa man who executed two officers and he a trump deplorable if you only news
attention donald trump voters what to do if you see vote switching from trump to clinton at the polls
game changer trump supporter charged in voter fraud case
watch rigged voting machine will not allow vote for trump pence stuck on clinton kaine
post trump liberal meltdown counseling cry ins therapy dogs and poetry
donald trump announces an urban revitalization plan for black americans as a counter move hillary clinton announces a free rap concert
russell brand brilliantly explains the trump election
german defense minister warns donald trump to stay away from russia and commit full to nato
trump tells gop rally in jerusalem he ll make israel u safe again
the look on chris christie face as he goes to vote for trump says it all image
a black church was just burned and spray painted vote trump
stop trump mixtape a protest song collection
iran warns president elect trump not to mess with their sweetheart nuclear deal from obama
billionaire donald trump presidential campaign is flat out broke
watch louis ck epic answer on trump vs hillary
1990 comic book predicted the donald trump campaign
trump rips press in private meeting with media honchos is that good or bad for conservatives
clinton lawyers push for recount in 3 key swing states that she lost to trump
iran deal tests trump independence
hillary i m sick and tired of the negative dark divisive dangerous vision and behavior of trump supporters
adolf hitler and donald trump similarities will lead to what outcome
comment on rachel maddow declares that a trump presidency could have radical effects on her chosen profession by anonymous
both trump and clinton went to jeffrey epstein sex slave island
the coming storm trump only won because the elites want him there
delete your account episode 24 president trump
trump reopening 9 11 reversing rome in bid to be greatest american steward
bernie sanders rises in the senate prepares to become trump worst nightmare tweets addicting info the knowledge you crave
donald trump moment will it last information
trump family say trump brand has not been damaged
memo to trump fire janet yellen now or the swamp will take you down
why trump won why clinton lost
sean hannity interviewing mike pence about obama claims on election fraud mr trump has recommended everyone watch this clip
bombshell report exposes fbi agents trying to get trump elected tweets new century times
james turk what donald trump faces is very different from what ronald reagan faced expect major market moves
former congressman joe walsh if trump loses i m grabbing my musket
america stunned mein trumpf storms into the white house
dear foreign friends here why trump won from a clevelander katehon think tank geopolitics tradition
more evidence george soros is behind the anti trump rallies magafeed
life preparing for change this woman is scrambling to experience as much human dignity as possible before the trump administration takes power
how cities can protect people threatened by trumpism
whether it john mccain mitt romney or donald trump democrats always run war on women tactic to destroy the republican candidate
a leaked memo just proved trump housing discrimination in new york city
donald trump hit with very shady voter intimidation lawsuit in arizona details
did trump make a secret deal not to prosecute hillary in exchange for her concession
trump finally outspends hillary on tv spots
bernie sanders says what the media wont trump is a gutless political coward
can trump save america like putin saved russia the saker
the trump campaign actually has a hillary voter suppression strategy with 3 key targets
trump world darkest side
watch giuliani crushes msnbc host foolish enough to call trump a racist
dr david duke with mark collett of the uk collett explains why duke trump victories would change politics forever
donald trump thanks infowarriors alt media for the win
trump wins presidency duke falls short in absolutely heroic effort
top russian expert on ukraine could trump replace poroshenko with saakashvili
did trump tv just get axed before it even hits the air
trump supporter comes up with the dumbest act of civil disobedience if hillary wins tweet
world war 3 begins trump elected
putin adviser takes credit for trump victory maybe we helped a bit with wikileaks
the simpsons react to their trump election prediction and they re not happy
 anti trump protesters are tools of the oligarchy paul craig roberts
nevada judge slams trump campaign lawyer for filing bs lawsuit against poll workers
donald trump promises to pardon snowden assange and manning
pres obama ruthlessly trolls trump after his own campaign grounds him from twitter
shock white house wont comment on obama plan to leave country if trump elected
idiot who destroyed trump hollywood star gets exactly what he deserves
watch fbi re opens hillary investigation trump immediately does this
breaking hillary just lost the black vote trump is going all the way to the white house
americans given historic opportunity to tell donald trump to go fuck himself
fox news reporter seeing trump rally crowds how could he possibly be losing endingfed news network
obama had the best reaction to a protester ever so trump lies and says he did the exact opposite
comment on respected journalist bill moyers is first high profile american to flee u after trump election by sue penn suepennontwitte
donald trump has won the 2016 presidential election
violent libs try to attack trump star again find fearless homeless man guarding it
dr david duke and dr slattery expose hillary treason and why trump duke will win
rancher yearns for trump wall on us mexico border
jake tapper fact checks the hell out of trump campaign assassination lie
trump bombshell i m reopening 9 11 investigation
fbi horrified as spy says russia has been supporting and cultivating trump for years
god has chosen trump
foreign affairs confronts trump populism
anti trump violence sweeps the nation ignored by media
profit from chaos elites have secretly banked on trump victory populist uprising
ibd tipp tracking poll trump leads clinton with 43 percent support
trump prepares for mass deportations 2 to 3 million undocumented immigrants with criminal records they re going to be gone
photo president elect trump grabs pussy at the white house
kanye tour cancelled after pro trump rants update kanye hospitalized
exposed blocks of george soros funded anti trump protest buses for paid agitators caught on tape
3 ways to find focus in trump age of distractions guardian liberty voice
trump targets democratic states in final assault
ron paul to trump dont listen to neocons
revealed trump financial backers paid a playmate 150 000 in hush money to hide affair
women everywhere cringe in horror watching donald trump sexually humiliate a woman for revenge
comment on trump election will be the biggest f you in history by dr eowyn
trump and clinton have both assembled an army of lawyers to file lawsuits and contest the election results
hillary to be indicted after election trump responds to fbi investigation
lady gaga protests donald trump outside of trump tower
top 10 scary list ghosts replaced by trump
jimmy kimmel children book for hillary clinton donald trump parody
trump convocar ma ana mismo las elecciones a primera dama
donald trump will be 70 years 7 months and 7 days old on first full day in office as president
fbi weiner probe reopens hillary clinton investigation clinton foundation pay to play for israeli pork is not kosher president trump will make america great again maga
american foreign policy in the post trump era
face it nobody cares about wikileaks because trump doesnt have the temperament to be president he scary
cnbc trump will win the election and is more popular than obama in 2008 ai system finds
photo of trump jr confronting woman with broken down car goes viral literally pushes it out of way
watch traffic reporter savage message to those who threatened to leave u if trump won
bad jewish losers lament trump victory on bbc newsnight
libertynews daily electoral projection tracking map now has trump at 259 clinton at 197
donald j trump 10 point plan to put america first a response
report megyn trashes trump newt then murdoch announces replacements are available
trump wrote a book about sexually assaulting women and casual racism
early voting results in key battleground states appear to favor donald trump
boycottcomedian robert deniro wanted to punch trump in the face supports anti trump rioters now wants americans to support his new movie
moby just destroyed trump in a passionate defense of hillary
13 year old if donald trump had a brick for every lie hillary has told he could build two walls
watch trump goes full on dictator says cancel the election
trump drops campaign surprise on melania during gma interview her expression says it all
8 more states legalize marijuana will donald trump let it stand guardian liberty voice
trump promises new deal for black america
fooling ourselves trump is not the new messiah includes video
badass trump chairwoman shreds michelle hillary favorite spokesman
ucla prof would rather vote for dog poop than trump
dilbert creator scott adams endorses trump says hillary is a bully
the libertarian party just gave up on winning tacitly endorsed hillary over trump
november 8th american spring reaches zenith with donald trump presidency
let the heathen rage anti trump protesters reveal their hatred towards america and liberty
trump is deadbeating on his campaign debts by refusing to pay his own pollster
trump and his supporters are fighting a rigged system
soros blames recent hate crimes on trump pledges 10m for opposition
trump campaign has a nervous breakdown after comey letter fails to swing the election
utah evan mcmullin endorses hillary clinton says his only goal is to stop trump
trump to star in the president a new reality tv show on fox
flashback hillary clinton kkk smear against trump was democrat strategy
gambling on the unknowable trump
mr trump here is a worthy perhaps final opportunity to put america first
trump busted for flat out financially scamming his donors campaign goes into last minute freefall
life the power of unity this trump supporter and clinton supporter held each other hair while vomiting out of election anxiety
black americans going for donald trump in record numbers as election day approaches
trump and brexit defeat globalism for now anyway
inside the invisible government war propaganda clinton trump
what does a trump victory mean for africa
texas ask for a paper ballot at polling stations where george soros electronic voting machines are rigged to switch trump votes to hillary
trump smiles waves starts rounding them up
rape hoaxer drops charges against trump no comment from lawyer
the real numbers in florida trump winning by 14 points
assassination attempt at reno trump rally
donald trump calls a black supporter a paid thug and kicks him out of his rally
hillary takes a cookie from a little person on univision gets tequila and a huge birthday cake practices spanish dances salsa and gets called a home girl in do anything bid to crush trump in florida
up in arms trump nation absolutely rejects mitt romney for secretary of state pick
sc gov nikki haley announces she voting for donald trump
opeds eric zuesse 34 reasons this bernie voter will vote trump
shameful obama legacy white man beaten viciously for voting trump
north carolina republicans sued for rigging the election for trump
obama departure is one reason to feel optimism for trump arrival
new details trump gaffe with khan family was even worse than we thought
the hatred that trump lies will leave behind
donald trump may not deliver on campaign promises
stock markets collapse in anticipation of trump win dow jones futures down 750 points
nevertrump radio host does 180 makes brilliant case for voting trump
huckabee responds to flag burning trump hater what happened to this country
black female attorney demolishes anti trump white tv anchors
trump victory a new political awakening
war breaks out between neo cons and libertarians over trump foreign policy
dr david duke and pastor dankof discuss the magnificent victory of donald trump against the globalist warmongers and criminals
nyt on trump rise whiteness is more than just skin color
breaking trump announces devastating cuts to social security his reason will make you vomit
trump i m reopening 9 11 investigation
canadian immigration website crashes as millions hear of trump victory
trump hillary clintons policy for syria would lead to world war three
apocalypse now trump voters warn of revolution if clinton wins
he is a pig says morbidly obese and tattooed model while wearing a dump trump t shirt in times square bare naked islam
comment on fbi no link between trump and russian government by christian zionist
report dirty reporter blackmails montel help us hit trump or we ll print your address
former classmate trump smacked his son so hard it knocked him to the floor addicting info the knowledge you crave
samantha bee who gives a f k about trump the dauphin of breitbartistan
peaceful hillary supporter destroys hollywood trump star
trump campaign says hillary supporter tried assassinating trump it was a republican with a poster
trump campaign admits they are trying to steal the election with voter suppression
when trump attacked the khans he didnt know what a gold star family was
top eu official disputes that trump could upend iran nuclear deal
taking a stand disney will add donald trump to i clickhole
hustle at hofstra with donald trump and hillary clinton
fbi officials no link between donald trump and putin
an alternate narrative on hillary clinton and donald trump
jordanian bedouin poet proposes to tiffany trump asks her to wear burka
10 things that every american should know about donald trump plan to save the u economy
sur twitter donald trump se f licite d avoir vot pour lui m me deux reprises le gorafi
putin if americans vote for trump they re voting for peace if they vote for clinton its war
wow watch trump turn to a cnn reporter tear her a new one in this epic 35 second video liberty writers news
trump panics as 28 of florida gop early votes go to hillary
love trumps hate gofundme to rebuild
 church torched by trump supporter shatters fundraising records
why the trump reflation trade is for chumps
trump releases new tv ad that uses anthony weiner to put clinton on full blast
blog if donald trump pardons me i would be honored to serve as secretary of agriculture
trump hillary clinton may be most corrupt person ever to run for president
trump follows through more soon unfortunately
biden i d take on trump behind gym
donald trump tells stephen colbert we have to have a wall in that wall we will have a big fat door for people to come in legally
david bossie desperately claims clinton enthusiasm gap is trump path to victory
trump avoids facts again wind energy wont kill all the birds
obama white house legacy at stake a president trump could nullify all of obama executive orders
pointing fingers over trump victory
trump voter arrested when officials see what his shirt says about hillary
cnbc just confirmed comey is abusing his power to help trump
donald trump hillary syria policy would lead to world war three breitbart
trumped liberal news outlet bloomberg poll concedes trump beating crooked hillary in florida
comment on new breed of crisis actors fake political protesters by clinton election cheating will trump muster the courage to catcall democrat disqualification moralmatters org
life we dont know how to take down these photoshops of bald donald trump so we ve stretched his face out all wide so nobody can recognize it him
signs of divine intervention in trump victory
dan savage on trump misogyny if gay was a choice trump would be
assange predicts trump will lose accuses clinton campaign of trying to hack wikileaks
11 very depressing economic realities that donald trump will inherit
comment on he is a pig plus size model tess holliday dons dump trump t shirt for new fashion ad by goldbug
like from a movie mike pence did something amazing at a trump rally today
julian assange says trump wont be allowed to win information
fantastic trump 7 point plan to reform healthcare begins with a bombshell
america primal scream david icke explains reason for trump election result
trump family already sworn to secrecy about faked moon landings more soon
gold prices grow by 60 as trump wins us dollar trashed
did you vote to draintheswamp take the trumppledge
florida designated terrorist group cair demands hate crime investigation of anti islam graffiti on mosque blames trump
video compilation pundits and politicians insist donald trump can not win election
trump not assassinated yet
breaking plot to kill trump revealed he needs your support
comment on 184 u generals and admirals endorse trump for commander in chief by 184 u generals and admirals endorse trump for commander in chief fellowship of the minds kommonsentsjane
how many of you will never vote again if trump is not elected
trump surging now tied with clinton in michigan as fbi wipes out hillary 13 point lead redflag news
will trump make america great again
trump just revealed he going to end all federal clean energy development
losing trump tries to fool voters with last ditch media propaganda scam
if donald trump wins the election it will be the biggest miracle in us political history
trump supporter whose brutal beating by black mob was caught on video asks what happened to america
alex jones declares trump landslide victory
trump threatens press in closed door meeting here are the terrifying things he said new century times
trump or clinton life or death
trump promises 100 billion to black and latino communities
electronic voting machines caught switching trump votes to hillary trying to steal texas
how deep will trump truths go
mexicans say they will build trump wall three feet high
a trump fan just hung two black dummies from a tree in his front yard
trump presidency and the future of us russia relations
why you should pay attention to the anti trump riots and how to prepare
media self destruct over trump
hot norpoth model predicts trump presidency
10 radikale vorhaben die donald trump sofort nach amtsantritt durchsetzen wird
just in aclu makes full page donald trump announcement via new york times image
the meaning of trump
paypal founder blasts corrupt media intolerant left defends trump
beyond the anti trump protests
breaking trump just gave obama horrible news check out what the pentagon just did
clinton foundation ceo goes missing after trump top money guru found dead
trump the great paul craig roberts
trump and the balkans katehon think tank geopolitics tradition
black trump supporters call hillary clinton a racist
female college students protesting because trump is a rapist
trump hollywood star vandal outs himself in shameless new video taunts police seeking him out
watch up mission impossible against voter registration to make trump win starts from indiana
how they could steal the election from trump even if he is announced the winner next tuesday
nuclear weapons how foreign hotspots could test trump finger on the trigger
meet the neocons 9 11 criminals and goldman bankers on team trump the corbett report
trump says alec baldwin impression of him is unfair he portraying someone mean and nasty
trump is being killed in the press for saying system is rigged here 90 seconds of democrats saying it
trump proudly declares most of the people i ve insulted deserved it
clinton camp claims media was pro trump blames them for devastating loss endingfed news network
pope francis takes backhanded swipe at trump those who raise walls label people
presstv sanders to trump dont target minorities
trump wins florida needs michigan to win it can he do it
trump new ad portraying every mother worst nightmare is nothing short of chilling
trump camp manager destroys hillary by pointing out 1 thing we all missed
trump supporters get last laugh after hillary disrespects them on radio show
trump gettysburg address against the new world order
female veterans release anti trump ad
election shock trump outperforms romney
latest short list for trump cabinet positions it a knife fight
netanyahu scuttles trump russian rapprochement new eastern outlook
the banishment of trump has begun as the american people are tuning him out
breaking trump jumps in fl takes 4 point lead in oh
donald trump may have broken the law to avoid paying federal income taxes
trump is keeping his promises cutting taxes building a wall repealing obamacare
trump calls black man at rally a thug kicks him out except there one big problem
trump national security adviser islam is a political ideology hides behind this notion of it being a religion
michael moore calls anyone voting for donald trump a legal terrorist
what trump did for a disabled child is stunning
media kikes 91 of trump coverage is negative
new play vicu a portrays trump in emperor new clothes tale
trump spokesperson katrina pierson caught in blatant lie threatened with lawsuit
netanyahu calls trump true friend of israel likud party pols call for u embassy move to jerusalem
all in in the hood for donald trump
game of thrones author just ripped trump endorsed hillary
trump brexit and the collapse of the liberal order
watch trump gropes humiliates miss universe just to get revenge
you re not alone we re with you video aims to help you adjust to new trump reality
donald trump el primer presidente naranja de los estados unidos
maga mania ford motor company calls donald trump to say they wont be moving to mexico
comment on maryland trump supporter they switched my vote to hillary by misterdawg
this is donald trump favorite thing he has in common with his daughter
trump campaign being sued for humiliating skittles candy by comparing it to syrian muslim infiltrators
breaking illegal alien causes 61 million in damage has been deported 5 times trump is pissed
obama just blasted fbi director for smearing hillary to help trump
trump has gotten the republican party sued for trying to intimidate voters
destruction of walk of fame star leaves donald trump down to his last six horcruxes
breaking since donald trump won the presidency ford shifts truck production from mexico to ohio
trump gets dumped on instagram by supermodel gisele b ndchen
how to live after trump
trump promotes world peace as hillary calls for war
cnn is over look what trump did moments ago to end wolf blitzer career liberty writers news
trumps hollywood walk of fame star destroyed with a sledgehammer and pick
dr david duke farren shoaf countdown 7 days left to trump presidency and the critical first primary to send dr duke to the u senate
trump true mission lance the boil
paid protesters planning to cause chaos in dc and block peaceful inauguration for trump
saudi arabia warns trump on blocking oil imports ft
voters report their votes switched from trump to hillary in texas
us officials fbi see no link between trump and russia
donald trump deutsche bank did clintons lean on us justice department
comment on are you on pace to reach your goals by 4 goals for the neomasculinity movement during trump first term
putin and trump on the phone in view better relations progress in syria
comment on bryan cranston another hollyweird actor who promises to move out of the us if trump is elected by dr eowyn
foreign policy names floated by trump transition undermine campaign promises
obama slams trump rigged election claims as dangerous
michelle obama next president after donald trump
trump makes special announcement after homeless lady attacked by liberals
comment on trump walk of fame star vandalized by methepeople
clinton campaign blames fbi director for loss to trump
nato goes on high alert to block donald trump presidency put hillary clinton in power
elites have secretly banked on trump victory
president elect trump invites an excited israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to come visit
trump suffers bizarre memory disorder says he always opposed obamacare
news crowning achievement donald trump has
 just accomplished his lifelong goal of kicking the nation most powerful black family out of their house
counting 100 over trump gets 306 electors media refuses to update maps
putin congratulates trump reset of us russian relations inevitable
noam chomsky why it a big danger to dismiss the anger of trump voters
trump in the white house an interview with noam chomsky
financial times fumbles trump central banking criticism
chris matthews sounds alarm on trump presidency in chilling warning to americans new century times
stephen king just got real with trump supporters
donald trump attorney searching for homeless woman who was attacked by clinton supporters for guarding trump star on the hollywood walk of fame
watch trump calls cnn reporter rude for question about trump hotel
michelle obama warns that playing around with a protest vote will lead to a trump win
civil rights icon all in for trump i m not looking to like donald trump i m looking at what he will do
will trump resist war hawks on iran
trump to deport everyone who is not native american
david fahrenthold strikes exposing donald trump false philanthropy
legend art cashin on a trump presidency the new world order gold brexit the great depression and why we will see panic
three african american hillary supporters attempt to murder trump supporter in broad daylight steal car afterwards magafeed
trump starts new youtube channel to combat fake news
new world order globalist soros is the hidden hand behind trump protests and riots
trump in gender transition confusion
after bashing trump for months george soros just got the worst news of his life big blue vision
seth meyers epic rant on the difference between trump hillary
boom canada and mexico cave ahead of trump presidency they are ready to renegotiate nafta trade deal
george soros on tape trump will win popular vote in landslide but hillary clinton electoral victory is already a done deal
ha ha look at arkansas today trump 28
trump sues trumpton
trump wins mock election of young people
the israeli trumpess
12 signs of extreme optimism in america now that donald trump has been elected
watch trump caught on tape saying he and daughter ivanka have sex in common tweets
clinton email investigation has shifted the polls significantly in trump favor
european america the whole world is counting on you his pro trump video is getting brigaded
breaking trump fires 500 obama staffers dems panic endingfed news network
trump a people new world order taking shape
john mccain to donald trump dont you dare make peace with russia
non mainstream poll shows trump poised to win with 76 chance
cnn breaking news trump tells supporters to vote multiple times
watch video leaked from obama 2008 campaign is every trump hater worst nightmare
remember when biden challenged trump to a fight trump just accepted
cnn catches trump making sure his wife votes for him twitter erupts in laughter
markets do not want trump
wow look at the huge crowd that showed up to see trump in michigan pics and video american lookout
donald trump construir un muro alrededor de cada mexicano
trump didnt win the establishment lost
news shaking up washington donald trump just appointed a cloaked man as secretary of the hook
if trump wants to fix the disaster of the pentagon he should clean up its nuclear lies
trump thug chants jews a at arizona rally
trump election heralds coming of messiah says deri
miley cyrus crying over trump victory
trump wants to nuke isis but says hillary would start wwiii wtf
dr duke and pastor dankof on trump america first foreign policy
texas police arrest trump voter for wearing deplorable t shirt
a tea party congressman just called for armed uprising if trump loses
comment on macy dump trump backfires as 30 000 irate customers cut up their cards by methepeople
obama meets boy after deplorable trump fans attack his wheelchair when he removed from rally
trump erupts at secret meeting with the press transition in chaos tweets addicting info the knowledge you crave
only trump can save america now if he can survive and follow in the footsteps of vladimir putin
trump whistles his dogs intrepid report com
donald trump is the 45th president of the united states guardian liberty voice
seth meyers schools idiot trump you dont even know what obamacare is
the week after trump win the reaction of liberal college students
trump tells the truth
watch six communists arrested after attacking trump supporters media yawns
topless protesters arrested at trump polling station
rigged to deny trump looks like elite trying to steal these states to block electoral path to 270
crushing hillary trump landslide by the numbers
black trump supporter we need somebody that loves america
trump teaches his supporters how to vote correctly
facebook nazi thought police editors threaten to quit if mark zuckerberg doesnt ban donald trump for hate speech
comment on dilbert cartoonist hypnotist scott adams in 2015 predicted a hillary health crisis by free the trumprolled
fierce homeless woman guarding trump star from future vandals flashes trump worthy reason for it
the blacks for trump guy is an ex cult member who thinks obama is the devil
mother and daughter remind msnbc reporter that trump has black supporters
the non existent trump mandate
black veterans for trump too
savchenko begs trump to strengthen anti russian sanctions
breaking we caught obama spending 30 million dollars against trump to rig this election endingfed news network
everyone to blame for twats like trump except the people who vote for them
trump would have beaten obama in 2012
trump says he d be neutral with israelis and palestinians
trump and brexit directed history proceeds apace
democrats are racist for calling black trump supporters uneducated red necks
trump elected president thanks to 4 in 5 white evangelicals
jewish home touts trump victory as sign of change
trump is ahead in zero national polls while the media continues close race narrative
judgment day the one reason why every christian and jew in america should vote for donald trump
trump wont mention that bush cheney deleted 22 million emails
video trump never mocked disabled reporter it never happened
this open letter to trump voters just told it like it is
will trump be rolled by the republican establishment
on trump an open letter to the brokenhearted
if you thought the trump child rape case in ny couldnt get much worse you were wrong
paul craig roberts trump faces assasination
lego refuse to build trump wall
anti trump protests are paid and staged craigslist reveals
president elect donald trump first televised interview since he won the election information
mexico richest oligarch loses billions on news of trump victory
breaking trump vp plane slides off runway at laguardia airport in nyc
donald trump impide que una mujer se haga con un cargo de responsabilidad
will trump presidency change the way america views russia
on trump victory
will trump erase the progress of the obama administration
mavs fans got mad at mark cuban for bashing trump his response is perfect
4 goals for the neomasculinity movement during trump first term
bernie sanders surprise speech outside the white house on rejecting dakota pipeline trump
homeless trump supporter posts as guard for trump hollywood star liberals lose it
trump leads independent voters in several early voting states
donald trump begs hillary clinton early voters to change their votes
the bond vigilantes are back just in time to stop trumponomics
president obama and president elect donald trump meet at white house
trump wrecks any hope gop had of taking advantage of clinton email investigation
media claim trump transition chaos trump way ahead of schedule daily wire
a veteran fbi spy just confirmed trump shocking russian ties
george soros funds anti trump riots similarly to how he funded the ferguson riots
interview green party presidential candidate jill stein on clinton loss to trump
melania trump meet your first lady america
irony alert first person arrested for voter fraud is a trump supporter
fake news about trump continues unabated
rising up to the trump moment we are the ones we ve been waiting for
ww3 averted putin congratulates trump
trump prepares to fill out security economy teams
trump won because of white people
donald trump to leave america for a younger sexier country
george soros begins his color revolution in america as moveon activists march against trump
new trump cia director let dump the iran deal
cnn reach new low call sheriff clarke a terrorist after trump gave him the most important job endingfed news network
will trump dump the wahabbi autocrats new eastern outlook
fear of trump bush obama clinton all buying property in non extradition nations will trump prosecute them
donald trump likely to end aid for rebels fighting syrian government information
trump campaign backfires as hillary clinton attracts millions of new voters
trump livid after beyonce and jay z support hillary explodes with rage
heartless trump cuts sweet old grannys water supply
trump reaches out to blacks blacks riot in philadelphia
alt right meeting full video replay people give hitler salute for donald trump
since donald trump won the presidency ford shifts truck production from mexico to ohio endingfed news network
watch 60 minutes full interview with president elect donald trump magafeed
arise president trump or why it not the end of the world as we know it
little loved by scholars trump also gets little of their cash
rwnj says trump didnt grope women because he one of the handsomest billionaires that ever lived
shell shocked by unprecedented election how trump will be used for what will happen next
chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee jason chaffetz says he will vote for trump
breaking trump moves to file charges against clinton
i dont rent to n smoking gun proves trump family
 racism addicting info the knowledge you crave
i m so tired of all these psychotics babbling anti trump propaganda
they re working anti trump protests send trump into humiliating twitter rage spiral
the art of the deal trump phone calls provoke hysteria in kiev and panic in brussels
israel just sent trump very clear message just weeks from election
fox biz reporter cant help but bash clinton rally after covering trump packed event day before
dilbert creator endorses donald trump for simple reason democrats are bullies
the hubris of democratic elites clinton campaign gave us president trump
confusion as clinton cards changes name to trump cards
donald trump names white supremacist as chief strategist alt right rejoices
surprise hillary receives devastating news on her poll lead over trump
nusra on the run trump induces first major policy change on syria
ukraine congratulates trump god bless america
video idiot destroys trump hollywood star gets bad news seconds later
hillary clinton planning trump russian agent lie since april
whether hillary clinton or donald trump world war 3 is coming
expert trump has already won election democrats stealing it
arab prince who gave hillary 50 million begs americans not to vote for trump
is president trump really going to revalue gold to this jaw dropping price
the libertarian party just gave up on winning endorsed hillary over trump
new york times warns that donald trump is stalking muslim kids in their dreams
is donald trump autistic
trump is already betraying his voters
370 economists sign letter urging america not to vote for donald trump
trump called edward snowden a traitor implied he should be executed
massive spike in obamacare health premiums could boost trump to victory
moronic trump campaign thinks reopened clinton email investigation will save them
teacher to 11 yr old i cant wait until trump is elected he going to deport all you muslims
despite gaining some in the national polls the electoral math remains dismal for trump
a trump supporter just held six children at gunpoint for dumbest reason ever
even hillary niece is voting trump
defeating white liberalism in the age of trump
everybody is telling me that trump is going to win so why do i have such an ominous feeling
voting machines switching trump votes to hillary clinton it is happening again crime all stars
election rigging and dirty tricks against trump and brexit slattery and collett
breaking trump set to break 50 year old record with black voters
trump walk of fame star smashed with a sledgehammer
us officials see no link between trump and russia
the big upset democrats go into shock as donald trump pulls even with crooked hillary in michigan
donald trump excuse pour toutes les minorit qu il n a pas eu le temps d attaquer pendant la campagne le gorafi
donald trump jr met with russian advocates about syria
bang what the globalists are about to unleash on trump will kill america
top black lives matter activist we will incite riots everywhere if trump wins
cnn exposed using own camera man for story as trump protester
thank you fbi the clinton email investigation has shifted the poll numbers significantly in trump favor
black mob viciously beats white trump voter
trump says fbi just righted the horrible mistake they made in july
places most unsettled by rapid demographic change are drawn to donald trump
congressman tells cub scouts he ll vote trump no matter what crazy things he says
msm polls gaslighting us voters with manipulated poll results trump is winning in adjusted average
video rude cnn reporter asks trump why he taking time off to open a hotel
are the polls rigged against trump all of these wildly divergent surveys can not possibly be correct
trump campaign was just ordered to appear in court for voter intimidation
from monster to mr president elect democrats grovel before trump information
cbs 60 minutes withheld trump appeal to stop attacking minorities and ignored reports of attacks on trump supporters
trump throws a fit when asked why he is promoting his hotel instead of campaigning
trump dont follow the bush obama foreign policy legacy
trump wants to appoint alt right propagandist steve bannon as his chief of staff
trump a wrench in the works to the nwo timetable for global control
there might be consequences for the gop presidential candidates who wont endorse donald trump
d k waving berlusconi knockoff late night host nasty trump attack dismantled by steven crowder
mccain to trump dont you dare make peace with russia
trump supporter busted committing voter fraud trump says polls are rigged so i had to
ivana says young donald trump was a cry baby has anything changed
hillary clinton betrayed by her own family we re voting for trump
trump supporter jailed for trying to rig the election by committing voter fraud
trump supporter got nuts on msnbc reporter covering anti trump rioters
obstacles to trump growth plans
trump heads to white house after stunning win clinton
welcome to the trump world order information
calling trump moscow favorite is nonsense created by media putin
comment on shock video hillary supporters attack homeless woman protecting trump star by tooney
trump tulsi gabbard factor
donald trump continues to lie about voter fraud claims officials will throw away mail in ballots
trump won because democratic party failed working people says sanders
ny elementary school calls off mock election because students were chanting trump and we dont want muslims here
busted trump supporters get caught creating fake badges to intimidate voters at polling places addicting info the knowledge you crave
donald trump claims the election will be rigged and critics have called that preposterous and dangerous
zulema rodriguez paid to incite violence at trump rallies proven
politics in the matrix trump wont prosecute hillary clinton
tug of war between nato and trump who will win
donald trump and the equilibrium to come new eastern outlook
trump swept to victory by fans of poor quality 80s action films
donald trump entire election victory speech
donald trump the next president of the united states of america
system breakdown trump chickens come home to roost
former u treasury secretary just warned trump could be assassinated
the results are pouring in donald trump will be the next president
in interview with bill maher obama warns america sitting out this election is a vote for trump
how trump happened
medvedev in jerusalem as putin waits for trump
should russia rejoice at donald trump victory
trump froh dass er sich ab morgen endlich nicht mehr zur ckhalten muss
must see welcome to the family why so many hispanic americans are voting for donald trump
new conservative media network sends out casting calls trump whistles with hands in pockets
watch as chris cuomo tells rudy giuliani you live in fact free trumpland
trump takes the kosher seal
trump reveals american muslim solution
hillary trump and sart how existentialism disrobes the major presidential candidates
donald trump elected 45th president of the united states
markets collapse as donald trump is projected to win
trump induces first major policy change on syria information
meet all the pundits pandering for a trump adminstration job daily wire
if trump loses i m grabbing my musket former congressman tweets
even if you hate hillary you have to give her props for making this race a referendum on trump
rigged election hillary trump caught partying with kissinger in jesuit gala
very concerned about islam sanctioned persecution of gays by muslim gays come out in force for trump
clinton policy on syria will lead to ww3 says trump
clinton coalition will trigger world war iii but who cares trump is sexist
hillary campaign worker busted defacing trump signs
state duma applauds to trump victory
congressman who said he couldnt look his daughter in the eye and endorse trump is voting trump
violent revolution if trump lets them down people remain poised for angry revolt roberts
nyt trump supporters are threatening a violent revolution if hillary wins
trump won because the democratic party failed not because the white working class revolted
trump melts down and accuses the us postal service of stealing the election for clinton
trump and putin we will destroy isis once and for all
donald j trump is now president of the united states of america
the most unqualified media personalities on tv people who never saw a president trump winning
einigung bei regierungsbildung donald trump leitet k nftig alle ministerien selbst
valentin katasonov america is in agony and trump is the doctor
lin manuel miranda announces new musical about trump university
reality slaps donald trump in the face as u economy roars back
slovenia attractions know more about melania trump birthplace morning news usa
trumped after deceiving the american people the new york times vows to start reporting honestly
massive list the times tolerant libs got violent with trump supporters
breaking ap finds proof melania trump illegally worked in u prior to getting work visa
ny times trump supporters are threatening a violent revolution if hillary wins
michael moo forget what i said before trump supporters are racists and rednecks
the blacks for trump man once belonged to a murderous cult
donald trump hillary clinton two figures in a derailed world
trump new ad portraying every mother worse nightmare is nothing short of chilling
reductress how am i supposed to explain this to my children asks melania trump
al gore offers to work with trump on climate change
5 ways the media responded with butthurt to donald trump victory
pussy riot released the perfect nasty woman answer to trump
assassination attempt donald trump rushed off stage in reno by secret service after protester flashes gun
watch ut students protest trump
twitter freaks out when white people spotted holding blacks for trump signs
la trump tower cambriol
 e les voleurs seraient repartis avec un myst rieux almanach des sports le gorafi
trump voter yells kill obama at victory speech only barron has decency to look shocked
trump presidential cabinet picks leak and they are terrifying
project veritas video 4 20k bribery to dnc chaos at trump rallies
trump votes are being flipped to clinton
man uses trump victory as excuse to call ex girlfriend
libertarian party vp insults trump practically endorses clinton
triggered journalist snowflakes scared trump supporters are turning on the media
will trump be different than hillary or obama sot 125
gay trump supporters getting death threats from gay people who support a candidate who receives multi million dollar contributions from countries that execute gays
obama gives trump a gift obamacare collapsing nationwide one week before election day
nobel confusion ramos horta trump and world disorder
homeless woman protecting trump hollywood star gets attacked by big fat guy
free market economic recovery with trump or global collectivism with hillary
fox news poll clinton leads trump by three points
trump surrounded by bankers wall st insiders banging on the door to get in draining the swamp
trump crushed by hillary clinton new powerful closing argument to women
the trump election life have mercy on us new eastern outlook
megyn kelly makes bombshell admission about trump and the media
rachel maddow shines the light on trump white supremacist support
lol remember when obama told trump he d never be president american lookout
news first steps donald trump has to go around the white house neighborhood letting residents know he is moving in down the street
anoymous the world war 3 will surely happen 29 10 2016 donald trump will win
trump received by massive crowd in albuquerque new mexico
after gingrich attacks megyn kelly over sex trump advisor threat against her blows up online
what hath trump wrought
sickening hillarist spics attack kindly negress trump star defender
homeless trump supporter guards trump star on hollywood blvd 20 million illegals and americans sleep on streets
trump and hillary work for the same organization
trump warns of world war iii if clinton is elected
baba vanga was right about obama presidency and the 9 11 attacks sees dire future for trump and the us
the toronto star published an unauthorized database of things that will infuriate trump addicting info the knowledge you crave
china warns trump against abandoning climate change deal increases climate change aid to developing countries to 3 1b
unhinged trump supporter holds children at gunpoint over damaged trump sign
presstv i cant punch trump now he president
with donald trump tanking a trump supporter waves her hillary in a noose doll at rally
does trump have a fighting chance against the establishment new eastern outlook
hillary clinton v donald trump in 2016
can trump survive the media onslaught
all we need to know about trump demise we learned from his campaign launch speech
comment on if elected president donald trump will not live in the white house by rebecca bennett
fbi debunks hillary conspiracy theory trump is not a russian agent
president trump man made global warming is a hoax
the fix is in nbc affiliate accidentally posts election results a week early hillary wins presidency 42 to trump 40
the intercept outs neocon democrat smear against trump as putin puppet
nigel farage held at heathrow on return from trump visit due to mysterious brown substance on nose
obama just did something to spite trump on the president elect very first visit to the white house
with trump elected world war 3 will not happen putin wants to restore full relations with the usa
it about time maryland school official declares end to student trump protests with no consequences american lookout
watch mass shooting occurs during trumpriot media ignores
trump is the nation abuser in chief
america post trump widening divide
dr david duke and adrian salbuch the international impact of a u president trump and u senator duke
gold signals trump is no different
question about the constitutional amendment that trump proposed
fox latinos are already crushing trump at the polls
world leaders congratulate trump putin anxious to improve relations with america
man who caused scare at nevada trump rally listed in wikileaks podesta emails
the strange disturbed history of the gop token blacks for trump man
busted trump campaign chief behind fbi review of clinton foundation
the complicity of obama democrats set stage for dangerous trump presidency
rigged to deny trump are they stealing these states to block electoral path to 270
la sortie du dernier livre in dit du gorafi clipse totalement la victoire de donald trump le gorafi
trump wont prosecute hillary dismissing things that sound like the campaign
clinton policy on syria would lead to ww iii trump
trump opens new hotel in dc on time and under budget shows how outsiders get things done in dc
donald trump the hero of the common man
what happens if trump loses the election what this means for america
latest poll shows trump with 4 point lead in florida
breaking donald trump makes major clinton indictment announcement details
no hate crimes have not intensified since trump election
who to blame for president trump


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Given : X and Y as 2 Independent uniform Random Variables in the interval of [0,1]. Z is a 
function of X,Y given as : Z = ( X - Y )2
Expectation of Z = E(Z) = E( X - Y )2
E(Z) = E(X2 + Y2 
– 2XY) = E(X2
) + E(Y2
) - E(2*X*Y) (AS : E(X+Y) = E(X) + E(Y) if X 
and Y are independent)
E(Z) = E(X2
) + E(Y2
) – (2*E(X)*E(Y) ) (AS : E(X*Y) = E(X)* E(Y) if X and Y 
are independent)
We know that E(m) = ∫ 𝑚𝐹(𝑚)𝑑𝑚 +∞
, And F(X) = F(Y) = 1/(b-a) = 1
E(Z) = ∫ 𝑋
2𝐹(𝑋)𝑑𝑋 + ∫ 𝑌
2𝐹(𝑌)𝑑𝑌 −
E(Z) = 1/3 +1/3 – ½ =1/6 
Variance of Z = Var(Z) = E(Z2
) – E(Z)2
Var(Z) = Var((X-Y)4
(X-Y)4 = X4
– 4X3
y + 6X2Y
– 4XY3 + Y4
(As : Var(X+Y) = Var(X) + Var(Y) if X and Y are independent)
Var(Z) = [E(X4
) – (4 (E(X))3 E(Y)) + (6 E(X2
) E(Y2
)) – (4 E(X) (E(Y))3
] – E(Y4
)] - E(Z)2
Var(Z) = 1/5 – (4 *1/4*1/2) + (6*1/3*1/3) – (4*1/2*1/4) + 1/5 – 1/36
Var(Z) ≈ 0.038888
Std deviation (Z) ≈ 0.197200
1 b)
R = Z1+Z2+…….+Zd
E(R) = E(Z1+Z2+…….+Zd)
E(R) = E(Z1) + E(Z2)+ -------+ E(Zd)
E(R) = E(∑ 𝑍𝑖 𝑑
E(R) = ∑ 𝐸(𝑍𝑖)
Var(R) = Var(Z1+Z2+…….+Zd)
Var(R) = Var(Z1) + Var(Z2) + ------ +Var(Zd) 
Var(R) = Var(∑ 𝑍𝑖 𝑑
Var(R) = ∑ 𝑉𝑎𝑟(𝑍𝑖)
1 c) Considering the diagonally opposite points of a unit cube A(0,0,0) and B(1,1,1)
Mean = 1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6 = ½ = 0.5 (let d=3)
Variance = 3 * 0.038888 = 0.116664
Standard deviation = 0.34156
Earlier the standard deviation was 0.197 but now it has increased to 0.341 which implies that 
as the dimensionality increases, the points start to scatter away from the mean far around the 
corners of the cube and the points in the middle ceases to exist. This is called the curse of 
dimensionality. Now since all the points lie at the corners therefore, we can conclude that the 
distance of the points from the mean becomes almost about constant and the distance function 
loses its functionality.

Ans 2.
CASE : gini Max depth = 10
CASE : gini Max depth = 20
CASE : gini Max depth = 30
CASE : gini Max depth = 40
CASE : gini Max depth = 50
CASE : entropy Max depth = 10
CASE : entropy Max depth = 20
CASE : entropy Max depth = 30
CASE : entropy Max depth = 40
CASE : entropy Max depth = 50
Consider 5 statements :

def compute_information_gain(y,x):

entropy = - (P(Real_y)*log(Real_y)/log(2) + P(Fake_y)*log(Fake_y)/log(2))

weighted_avg= ((no. of examples in left child node) / ((total no. of examples in parent 
node) * (entropy of left node))) + (((no. of examples in right child node) / (total no. of 
examples in parent node)) * ((entropy of right node)))

return (entropy - weighted_avg )

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