Reasons for failure of fostering a Teamwork-HRM Assignment Solution Sample




Identify a leader that you have experience with that failed at fostering teamwork. Explain the setting of this example. Why did he or she fail? How do these actions relate to the concepts in Chapter 9?


Consider expectancy theory, goal theory, and equity theory. Which theory is most practical from your experience? Explain how you have witnessed this theory in action by describing its core concepts using an actual example in either your professional or personal life.


In Chapter 11, we cover creativity, innovation, and leadership. Assess the creativity, innovativeness, and leadership of Elon Musk. Please rely on a variety of sources to complete this analysis.


Q1. Reasons for failure of fostering a Teamwork

As highlighted by DuBrin (2015), cooperation theory is the main aspect that is being considered in case of successful teamwork. Collaboration among the team members enhances the productivity of the team which helps to attain the desired result. One of the main reason that hampers the collaboration in a team is the overindulgence of the team leader which does not allow the whole-hearted involvement of the employees which result in low productivity level. The creative and the innovative ideas that the employees are free to implement in other aspects cannot be incorporated in other aspects. For example, Caligula who was an overindulgent leader which lead to failure of his leadership. Another reason which leads to failure of leadership is not adopting the changes with the current scenario. This restricted the efficiency of the team members and had driven towards failure. Limitation of development opportunities are key factors that influence the fostering of team. Kay Whitmore adhered to the Research and Development advances and did not adopt the changes which impacted the organizational performance poorly due to lack of employee motivation and engagement which lead to the failure of the team. As highlighted by DuBrin (2015) it is very essential that a leader should be updated according to the changes that are occurring in the surrounding and bring about changes accordingly for the advancement of the company.

Q2. Most appropriate theory in terms of the personal and professional life: Expectancy theory, Goal Theory or Equity Theory.

As highlighted by Schoemaker, Heaton & Teece, (2018), the Expectancy theory is based on the individual performance of the individual and is predicted based on expectancy of outcome based on the efforts and performance. As highlighted by Kiruja & Mukuru, (2018) the equity theory is also based on the theory that the individuals are motivated to provide more input based on the quality in the workplace.

According to the professional and personal life, the most appropriate motivational theory is the Goal Theory. As highlighted by Schoemaker, Heaton & Teece, (2018), the theory provided by Edwin Locke establishes that it is essential to interlink the performance of an individual to the output of the performance. It states that specific and challenging tasks enhance individual performance. In the case of professional life, setting specific and challenging goals aid to enhance the input of the efforts that are required to accomplish the tasks. The degree of difficulty of the set goal also enhances the performance of the individual based on employee’s capabilities. The set goal in tasks increases the rate of success as it develops specific strategies to accomplish the task. This motivational theory also enables to evaluate the self-efficiency as it will assess the performance based on the goals and its degree of difficulty.

Q3. Assess the creativity, innovativeness, and Leadership by Elon Musk.

Elon Musk promotes the theory of transformational leadership which supports the situational changes that are required in an organization over the period of time for achieving the vision. This theory of motivation mainly focuses on four aspects such as influence of ideal leaders, stimulation of creativity, individual recognition in a group and motivation and ability to enhance the confidence. The changes that are brought about in an organization enhance the creativity and innovative ideas that are being implemented for achieving the vision of the company. This enables to develop the problem conquering solution by the individual. The aim of the organization of Elon Musk is incredible vision, perseverance, and dedication. The main reason behind the success of the organization is to believe that the followers had in the vision established by him. He encourages his workers for implying creative and innovative ideas for the accomplishing the set goals of the organization. For example, his organization had been developing affordable electric car. In order to expand the industry, he allowed the auto manufacturers to utilize Tesla’s patents of technology. This is a good example to establish the componential theory of creativity has three components such as expertise, creative thinking skills, and task motivation.

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