The Art of Studying and Learning Consists in Remembering the Essentials and Forgetting What is Not Essential -Research Paper Sample



Outline and Rubric Evaluation Instructions


  • To develop an outline. Outline will contain an intro, thesis statement, three study strategies (main points), sub-points, and a conclusion with two new strategies to try.
  • To evaluate your own work using a grading rubric.
  • To successfully submit a .pdf document and a shareable link.


  • Think about what study strategies have worked for you in the past and which ones have not been as effective.
  • Narrow your choices to three specific study strategies that have worked for you. These will be your main points. Examples would include flashcards, mnemonic devices, and reading aloud. Avoid broad topics such as test-taking skills or pre-reading strategies.
  • Utilize the outline template on the next page to create your outline. Your outline can be more detailed than the sample. Outline points and sub-points can consist of a phrase, sentence, quote, or reference; however, do not write full paragraphs. Be sure to erase any instructional text and insert your own content.


  • Use the rubric to evaluate your work.
  • Complete the “Points Earned” column for each section. Be honest!
  • Provide an explanation for points deducted and insights into what you did well.
  • Note: If you don’t like your score, fix the outline and try again!


  • Save your outline and completed rubric as ONE .PDF file.
  • Open the assignment link and attach the .pdf file.
  • Create a shareable link that gives access to anyone with the link. Copy and paste the link into the “Comments” textbox located right beneath where you attach the PDF file.
  • Submit the assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 5.


  1. Introduction
    1. Gain the reader’s attention with an story, anecdote, quotation
    2. Give details about previous experience. What strategies have/have not worked?
    3. Thesis statement – A one-sentence preview of your three strategies.
  2. Body – In this section, outline 3 specific study/learning strategies that you have successfully used. The supporting evidence will be how you used the strategy and how/why it worked for you.
    1. Successful study strategy #1
      1. Supporting evidence – How have you used this strategy?

      2. Supporting evidence – How/why did it work for you?

    2. Successful study strategy #2

      1. Supporting evidence – How have you used this strategy?

      2. Supporting evidence – How/why did it work for you?

    3. Successful study strategy #3

      1. Supporting evidence – How have you used this strategy?

      2. Supporting evidence – How/why did it work for you?

  3. Conclusion
    1. Final thoughts on study strategies
    2. Conclusions you have drawn from your readings and experience
    3. New strategies to try
  1. New strategy #1
  2. New strategy #2







The art of studying and learning consists in remembering the essentials and forgetting what is not essential” – Hitler, Mein Kamph

Studying is one of the most dreaded as well as maybe one of the most crucial part in the life of any person. Dreaded because in most of our childhood we were forced to study for which we had to give up a time we could have otherwise played. Though studying holds an unsavoury spot in the mind of most of the people primarily because of the above-mentioned techniques but still there are people who loves to read and study. Though some might have this liking on a natural level but most of the people who find joy in studying something new or learning generally stems from the fact that they used some different form or technique in their childhood to study things which might have made it easy for them and thus helped them to gain confidence not only in their classrooms but in society as a whole. Thus, on each day or minute if their studying they find an inherent pleasure or boost in their confidence which propels them to study and learn even more. I will in this article write about a few of the ways and techniques that I had used in my childhood and even now to study and learn things and that has really helped in becoming an individual who loves to read, study and listen to education material. Let me take you through a journey of the methods that I took tha made me into the person I am today.

Before going into depths of each of the techniques let me outline here the techniques that I used

Technique 1: Visual connection, creating a link or visual image of anything I learned and pointing out the unique points

Technique 2: Taking notes of every main points of any paragraph or article that I read with highlighting the main point or words in each of the sentence

Technique 3: Sound based learning, Learning using video and auditory courses.

Let us not deep-dive into the various techniques and how it helped me to learn and read with a greater efficiency

Technique 1:

This technique helped me to link anything that I used to listen or learn to something that was visual thus helping me to burn it in my memory. It helped me to build a storyline for anything that I would read. For example, when I read the history chapters comprising of the Mughal emperors invading the Rajputs I would try to imagine and visualize in my eyes how the Mughal army stood on the deserts, an ominous presence, with the sand blowing across the desert waiting for the Rajput army to come out of the huge fort in front of them. This not only helped me to retain this memory and write in an extensive paper on the same but also helped to actually garner an interest on the event and learn and read much more extensively on it. This not only helped in subjects of arts like History but also of science like chemistry where I would visualize the bonds between the various atoms and try to retain then in my minds in the form of images.

Technique 2:

This was a technique that would help me to read and revise at the same time. Also, the notes that I would take using this technique turned out to be the one step check for any revision that I would need to do. Colouring and highlighting any point also helped me on the same regard. As told in the earlier statement writing helped me to get a revision of whatever I just read as I had to memorize and then write. This was one of the techniques that helps me even now and is a simple yet extensive technique that anyone can follow

Technique 3:

This technique has recently taken a huge acceptance across the student community nowadays. There are many companies starting from Khan Academy and Unacademy that follows this type of teaching where videos are made by professionals which can be played and replayed multiple times till you are very sure about it. I followed the same approach where I would play and replay the teaching multiple times till I was completely sure about the point. Having it continuously fed through my ears also made me completely and easily memorize it at any given point and time and thus was one of those techniques that really helped me in my study regimes.

Having said all this it is quite obvious that there is a myriad of ways in which you can study or remember better. It is completely upon he individual which type of process best suites him and clicks with him.

There are quite a few study systems that I would like to try in the near future to check if they do click with me.

Technique 1:

Buddy System: By this approach you study in a group and question each other. You learn small parts of the material each and teach each other the rest of it. This is quite a novel approach and I would love to try it once

Technique 2:

Verbal Encoding: By this method people actually encode what they have learned as part of a song and keep singing it to themselves till it becomes embedded in the mind. This is a relatively new technique and is recently finding heavy acceptance among the masses

Having said all this at the end it only depends on how focused and dedicated you are for any of this technique to work. Without the right amount of dedication and focus no technique will ever be able to do anyone any good


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