Variation of marijuana metabolites effect-Toxicology Sample Solution


More states in the United States are legalizing the use of medicinal marijuana. Some states have laws that classify a person impaired to drive if an illegal substance or its metabolites are in the body. Marijuana, when it undergoes biotransformation, metabolizes into two different metabolites, Hydroxy-THC and Carboxy-THC. The first causes impairment while the second, although it does not cause impairment, stays in the body for an extended period of time. Consider how marijuana’s biotransformation may vary depending on the individual and the varying ability of marijuana’s metabolites to cause impairment. Do you think that laws that prosecute regardless of the type of metabolite are justified to prosecute for a driving while intoxicated (DWI)? Have you changed any ideas you used to have on this topic?

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.


Variation of marijuana metabolites effect

I have started doing the research of Marijuana Metabolites effect and its variation on individuals. I found Marijuana is inhaled by three ways-Ingestion, smoking and injection. The main metabolites of Marijuana are Hydroxyl THC and Carboxy THC. Hydroxy THC is psychoactive and is responsible for producing the psychological highs of the metabolite. It occurs through the binding of cannabinoid receptors in brain with Hydroxy THC.

I found through my latest research that the amount of Hydroxy THC consumed is the highest in injecting, then in ingesting and then inhaling. However, the effects also vary due to the first pass effect on liver as it increases concentration of Hydroxy THC in blood. Inhalation of marijuana efficiently is also a responsible factor for producing the effects. Higher THC in bloodstream causes more impairments including adipose tissue accumulation and affects the urine formation process.

Laws for prosecution under Driving while intoxicated

I found through my last week research that laws for driving while intoxicated (DIW) includes mainly alcohol. Though the law officers have also engaged in special drug recognizing specialists to counter the effects caused by substance impairment in driving, in my opinion, the laws allowing arrest and suspension of driving license if found guilty should be in accordance with the dose of the drug taken.

Change of idea

As per the research was done in the past two weeks, I found that the effects of marijuana vary according to different consumption process. I also found that U.S laws regarding the same should be amended according to the dose. I need to research more on the topic in the upcoming days in order to get a more detailed review on the legislations and analyze them accordingly.

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