Week 7 Lab Summit Ridge Mountain Resort Case Solution Sample



Your manager could not be happier with the help you’ve provided to all of those departments requesting Excel assistance within the resort. He is now very confident handing over complex tasks to your capable hands. This week he is requesting that you exercise some expert skills. It seems he has some data that needs to be imported and cleaned up so that it is useful to the resort. He has quite a list of tasks he needs done with this data. Once the data are presentable, the analysis needs to be summarized in a short memo and placed on the last sheet in the workbook.

Additionally, your manager has also heard that macros can be added to a worksheet. He wants to make the X Games calculator even more efficient and foolproof for all those using it.

Just like traversing a double black diamond slope, you have the Excel knowledge to maneuver all of these tasks with excellence. This lab is for experts only.

After completing the steps below, turn in one Excel 2016 workbook. Rename the workbook with your lastname_first initial_Week7_Lab. xlsx. Example: If your name were Jane Doe, your workbook would be Doe_J_Week7_Lab.xlsx.

When submitting the workbook, provide a comment in the comments area explaining what you learned from completing this lab activity.

The grading rubric for this assignment is available in the weekly Lab assignment page. The most successful students always review the criteria in this rubric before uploading their lab. This allows them to check that they have completed all of the steps in the lab. It is a very helpful final review prior to submission.





  Summit Ridge Mountain Resort
  Text Import and X Game Calculator Macro
Author J Cooper            
Date 2/24/2019            
Purpose Utilize some of the “expert” features in Excel such as text importing,            
  cell protection and macro generation            
Gonzales Import results of the outstanding condo sales results for Jesse Gonzales            
X Game Calc The X Game Calculator sheet with a macro to automate the clearing of input cells          



Summit Ridge Mountain Resort – Sales by Gonzales
First Name Last Name Address City State Zip Unit Development Bed Bath Price Agent
Rose Tyler 124 Pine Street Wichita KS 67212 103 Rolling Meadows 2 2 $127,500 Jesse Gonzales
Leonardo Simboli 8521 Masterson Way Reno NV 89501 107 Rolling Meadows 2 2 $137,500 Jesse Gonzales
Elle Franks 9602 Broadway Alexandria VA 22301 206 Rolling Meadows 3 2 $236,000 Jesse Gonzales
Hollis Sciuto 2107 Grand Annandale VA 22003 209 Rolling Meadows 3 3 $267,000 Jesse Gonzales
Coyote Wild 1010 Acme Road Navajo NM 87328 305 Lakeview Apartments 2 2 $250,000 Jesse Gonzales
Edgar Todd 6514 Langsford Florissant MO 87005 309 Lakeview Apartments 2 2 $248,500 Jesse Gonzales
Amy Pond 545 Helen Blvd Troy MI 48099 310 Lakeview Apartments 3 2 $275,000 Jesse Gonzales
Caitlin Vance 619 Holmes Road Dover DE 19905 311 Lakeview Apartments 2 2 $259,000 Jesse Gonzales
Myra Lynch 690 Larch Blvd Choctaw OK 73020 403 Mountain View 3 3 $375,495 Jesse Gonzales
Lucy Pelt 1234 Schultz Parkway Plano TX 75025 406 Mountain View 3 3 $389,999 Jesse Gonzales
Mike Shepherd 2845 Mexicali Lane Kirksville MO 63501 408 Mountain View 2 2 $285,000 Jesse Gonzales
Jenny David 375 Prospect Bluewater NM 63032 503 Sunset Valley 1 1 $101,500 Jesse Gonzales
Tobias Jones 1255 New Field Road Pensacola FL 32501 505 Sunset Valley 2 1 $131,500 Jesse Gonzales
Abby Mann 221B Baker Street Eastoint FL 32328 603 Oak Tree Living 2 2 $315,450 Jesse Gonzales
Ziva Bishop 76 Totters Lane Arlington VA 22302 607 Oak Tree Living 3 3 $467,000 Jesse Gonzales


Total Sales $3,866,444
Commision Rate 7%
Commision Earned $270,651



Pivot Table

Lakeview Apartment

Development Sum of Price
Lakeview Apartments $1,032,500
Total Result $1,032,500


Mountain View

Development Sum of Price
Mountain View $1,050,494
Total Result $1,050,494


Oak Tree Living

Development Sum of Price
Oak Tree Living $782,450
Total Result $782,450


Rolling Meadows

Development Sum of Price
Rolling Meadows $768,000
Total Result $768,000


Sunset Valley

Development Sum of Price
Sunset Valley $233,000
Total Result $233,000




To: Jesse Gonales

From: J Cooper

Date: 24-02-19

Subject: Summit Ridge Mountain Resort sales


So far your work has been good for the company. The sells targets are being matched but more is expected from you.

We would expect you to increase the sales to 1.3 times the current value. Also it would be appreciated if you target foreign customers more.



J Cooper


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